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top 7 praxis prep courses Updated April 21, 2021

Before you get a U.S. teaching certificate, you may have to take a Praxis test, an exam that’s designed to measure future educators’ content knowledge and instructional skills before they enter their own real-world classroom.

To become a teacher, you’ve got to prove that you know not only the information you’ll be providing to your students, but also how to provide that information in an effective way—the Praxis measures both.

This test is administered by ETS, the same company that administers the intensive GRE and TOEFL exams, so you know that the Praxis means business. States and professional organizations around the U.S. use the Praxis assessments to determine whether teachers are fit for a teaching certification, and while many states have different certification requirements, the Praxis is one of the most widely-accepted testing options, making it a great choice for educators who might end up teaching in multiple environments.

Preparing for the Praxis is no easy task on your own, though. To help you reach your scoring goals for the commonly-used Praxis Core (5752) version of the exam, we’ve put together this review comparison page of all the top Praxis courses, so that you can see how their prices, course features, access periods, and study formats stack up against one another.

Below our comparison chart, we’ve got some detailed overviews for each course so you can see the pros and cons of each Praxis offering, and at the end of the article we answer some FAQs about the Praxis exam as well.

And if you aren’t looking for a Praxis Core (5752) course, don’t leave just yet! Most of the companies featured below also have courses for other versions of the Praxis, so if you find a prep company on this page that you like, you can probably still get the prep you need from them.

Please note that several of the links included below are affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, we may earn a referral commission if you use one of the courses below. Only use the links if you have been helped by our review!

Praxis Online Prep Course Reviews & Exclusive Discounts


GRE Prep
Magoosh Praxis Mometrix University Praxis Kaplan Praxis prep course review 240 Tutoring Praxis ed2go Praxis Praxis Teachers Test Prep Praxis
RANKINGS #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
COMPANY Magoosh Praxis Mometrix University Praxis Kaplan Praxis 240 Tutoring Praxis ed2go Praxis Praxis Teachers Test Prep Praxis
STARTING PRICE $99 $59 $399 $39 $149 $59 $155
PRACTICE QUESTIONS 350 700+ 2,000+ 500+ N/A N/A <1,000
PRACTICE EXAMS N/A 5 3 1 1 30 1
GUARANTEE 7 Day Money-Back 7 Day Money-Back Higher Score Guarantee Pass Guarantee None None Pass Guarantee (Exc. Quick Core)
SELF-PACED ONLINE PRICE $99 $59 $149 $39 $135 $59 $390
STUDENT SUPPORT Chat Support, Email Support & Forum Chat Support Email & Live Chat Support Email & Live Chat Support Chat, Email, Phone & Forum Support Instructor Email Support Email Support
ONLINE ACCESS 6 Months With active subscription N/A With active subscription 3 Months With active subscription 6 Months
MORE DETAILS Read Overview Read Overview Read Overview Read Overview Read Overview Read Overview Read Overview
GET STARTED Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now

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GRE Prep Course Rankings

Magoosh Praxis (Rank: #1)

Magoosh Logo


Online Mobile Prep: Magoosh is one of the biggest names in online education today because their platform is incredibly effective. Your Praxis prep will include top-notch material that is accessible from nearly any internet-connected device, features an easy-to-use interface, and includes great customer support.
Instructor Support: When you’re using the Magoosh mobile app for your Praxis prep, you’ll have 24/7 support from experienced tutors that can answer just about any Praxis question you might have. Having access to a live instructor through your course is a premium feature—you won’t find it everywhere, and it can make all the difference when you come across difficult concepts.
Best Value: Magoosh’s high-quality features don’t come with a high price tag; you can get half a year of access to their Praxis prep resources for $100. At less than $17 per month, this is by far the best value-for-money product of all the Praxis classes we’ve reviewed.
Longest Access: With 6 months of course access, Praxis test-takers will have plenty of time to prepare for and take the test several times over. Everyone studies differently, so it’s great to have the flexibility to drop your prep schedule and pick it up whenever works best for you, without worrying about your subscription running out.
7-Day Money Back Guarantee: If you try out their course and find it isn’t the best option for you, you can cancel your purchase within the first 7 days for a full refund, no questions asked!

Bottom Line: Magoosh Praxis Prep is hands down our favorite offering on this list. They have a well-established test prep platform that brings proven results at a rock-bottom price, and their emphasis on instructor support gives you access to top tutors that can help you work through concepts whenever you need. You really can’t go wrong with this product.


Mometrix University Praxis (Rank: #2)

Mometrix University Logo


Subscription Model: Mometrix University’s Praxis course comes in a subscription format, so you can tailor your course length to whatever you need and cancel your subscription as soon as you’ve aced the test.
Good Practice Material: Mometrix offers a great variety of practice material, including video material, flash cards, 5 practice tests, and written lessons, which are based on the well-known Mometrix Praxis study guide.
7 Day Money-Back Guarantee: If you’re unsure of whether Mometrix is your best option, there’s no harm in trying their course out for a bit; you can cancel your purchase within the first 7 days of your subscription for a full refund with no strings attached.
High Monthly Price: Although Mometrix’s $59 price tag is cheaper than the starting prices of other courses, it’s actually the highest cost per month of any Praxis course available. This makes it not as budget-friendly in the long run, but the course still has great value for anyone who can finish studying in a month or two!

Bottom Line: Mometrix is well known for the quality of its print Praxis study guide, which translates to well-rounded practice material in this subscription-based service. Even though it has the lowest starting price available for a Praxis course, Mometrix still offers a solid 7 day guarantee so you can try the course risk-free: great for anyone who wants to make sure they’re making a good investment.


Kaplan Praxis (Rank: #3)

Kaplan Test Prep Logo


Most Material: Kaplan provides the most Praxis study material available. They include over 2,000 practice questions and a free print Praxis study guide with their online course, not to mention 3 full practice Praxis exams that will give you all the training you need to prepare for the test.
Higher Score Guarantee: If you’ve taken the Praxis already and didn’t do as well as you’d hoped, this feature is exactly what you need. Kaplan’s higher score guarantee means that after taking Kaplan’s Praxis course, you’ll either score better than your previous attempt or you’ll get your money back.
Course Options: Kaplan’s Praxis products come in a few different flavors: you can get their standard Praxis Prep course, but they also offer a cheaper Math Foundations package that focuses in-depth on mathematical concepts, or the Praxis Prep PLUS package which provides the standard Praxis course plus Math Foundations.
No Mobile App: Sadly, Kaplan’s prep course doesn’t come with a mobile app, so it’s not as easy to prep on-the-go using your smartphone, a feature that would be nice considering the course’s premium price point.

Bottom Line: With a print Praxis study guide, thousands of practice questions, and available course add-ons plus 3 full practice tests, Kaplan Praxis provides an immense amount of valuable material to help future educators prepare for the test. If you want to learn everything there is to know while going at your own pace, this is the course for you.


240 Tutoring Praxis (Rank: #4)240 Tutoring Logo


Pass Guarantee: The Praxis is one of the few standardized tests to use a pass/fail system, and 240 Tutoring is one of the few prep companies to offer a pass/fail guarantee; take this course, and you’re guaranteed to earn a score that will make you eligible for registration in a wide selection of states.
Cheapest: 240 Tutoring has the cheapest starting price of any course on our list—if you only need one month to study for the Praxis, you can’t go wrong with their $39 price point, though it might cost you more than other courses on this list if you subscribe for several months instead.
Subject-Specific Courses: 240 Tutoring has a great selection of subject-specific Praxis courses that include more detailed, focused material on the Reading, Mathematics, and Writing sections of the Praxis Core exam. If you only need a refresher in one subject, this is a good course for you!
Limited Material: When compared to other courses on our list, 240 doesn’t have the greatest selection of practice questions or practice tests, so if you’re one of those test-takers who likes to exhaustively train for your tests, you may want to look at courses with more questions and tests to drill with.

Bottom Line: 240 Tutoring offers a stellar pass guarantee and several course packages at a decent price point. If you know you don’t need to spend a lot of time or money on a comprehensive Praxis course, 240 Tutoring can help you focus your prep on what works best for you.


ed2go Praxis (Rank: #5)

ed2go logo


Instructor-Led Option: Ed2go is the first company on our list to offer an instructor-led version of their Praxis course, which can be a lifesaver for those who want to dive into the exam with a set schedule and guidance from a trained professional, rather than be left on their own.
Emphasis on Video Learning: With both their self-paced and instructor-led classes, ed2go includes lots of video material that you won’t get with a study guide or even some self-paced online courses. With their instructor-led option, the video material is released according to a schedule that maximizes your engagement with the material, while the self-paced course gives you access to all the video material at once.
Quickest Course: The self-paced version of ed2go’s Praxis course consists of only 24 hours of material, which could make this the best option for anyone hoping to prep for the Praxis in a short time frame. If you’re focused enough, you could learn everything there is to know in just a week, or even a handful of days!
Less Course Material: Ed2go doesn’t provide the longest course access period or the most course material when compared to other courses. With only 1 practice test, there’s a chance you’ll wish you had more opportunities to train for the full-length exam.

Bottom Line: Ed2go offers a digestible self-paced Praxis course that can be finished in just a few days, plus an instructor-led version for those who want to dive deep into the Praxis with professional guidance, making it a great option for students with a time crunch or for those who want a more structured Praxis prep experience.

TAKE ME TO ED2GO Praxis (Rank: #6) Logo


Most Practice Tests: uses a practice structure that includes loads of practice questions for each concept in the Praxis, giving you perspective on your progress, strengths, and weaknesses throughout the course with detailed analytics. However, these practice tests aren’t full-length assessments designed to perfectly simulate the Praxis experience, and instead function like long quizzes.
Subject-Specific Options: is a subscription-based company that includes plenty of subject-specific Praxis options. If you know you want to focus on one part of the test—or on other versions of the Praxis— will likely have a specialized course for you.
Bite-Sized Lessons: The lessons included in’s Praxis Core curriculum are designed to take only 8 minutes to work through. This makes a good option for anyone with only a bit of time each day to dedicate to their Praxis prep.
Limited Features: While includes practice tests and nearly 250 lessons, the test doesn’t offer the guarantees, instructor-led classes, or flashcard systems that many other courses use.

Bottom Line: offers plenty of Praxis prep course options with a monthly subscription model and loads of practice questions. Although there are similar Praxis courses with more material and better features, their course works especially well for anyone who wants to take their Praxis prep in small doses.


Teachers Test Prep Praxis (Rank: #7)

Teachers Test Prep Logo


Comprehensive: Teachers Test Prep is a teacher-focused prep company with intensive, comprehensive courses for the Praxis Core test. Their premium course offerings dive deep into the details of the Praxis test’s individual sections, and even include 1-on-1 tutoring options with trained Praxis experts.
Instructor-Led Options: Out of the Praxis courses we’ve overviewed, Teachers Test Prep has the most variety when it comes to instructor-led options. You can use their Core Plus Programs and Golden Apple Programs to get instructor-led preparation for each individual section of the test, even though other courses usually provide instructor-level prep for the test as a whole.
Good Guarantees: Although this guarantee doesn’t apply to their Quick Core programs, Teachers Test Prep offers a pass guarantee for each of their section-specific Core Plus and Golden Apple courses, making them a great option for anyone who can’t afford to take chances with their Praxis score.
Outdated: Teachers Test Prep is a well-established company, but their platform is pretty outdated. Although their course is guaranteed to bring results, you may find that their prep website and materials are less optimized for online use than others.
Most Expensive: Teachers Test Prep charges a premium for their courses, even though they only cover specific sections of the test. To get instruction for every section of the Praxis, you could be paying over double the cost of other comprehensive Praxis courses.

Bottom Line: Teachers Test Prep is a well-established company that provides serious detail when it comes to the ins and outs of the Praxis exam; if you’re looking for the most intensive material, 1-on-1 guidance and loads of practice options, this is a great course for you. Due to their high pricepoint, however, most other students will get more value out of other Praxis courses.



What is the Praxis Core?

The Praxis Core is one of the most widely used versions of the Praxis series of tests. In the Praxis series, there are dozens of test options that focus on different content areas and teaching skills, and each of these tests works best for teachers going into a specific grade level or subject area.

Rather than focus on one area, the Praxis Core provides a general assessment of overall ability in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics, making it a very popular test for state teacher certifications across the nation.

When it comes to Praxis prep resources, many companies offer lots of different Praxis course options: you can take courses like Magoosh Prep’s Praxis Core course that cover the entire exam, ed2go’s Praxis Core courses that cover specific subjects, or a variety of other Praxis testing courses, like the ones you’ll find from Mometrix University and 240 Tutoring.

How much does the Praxis cost?

The combined version of the Praxis Core Skills test (5752), which includes Reading, Writing, and Math sections, costs $150. If you’re only taking one section of the Praxis (Reading, Writing, or Math), you’ll pay $90 for that test instead.

That means that if you have to take more than one section of the Praxis—even if it’s only 2—the most cost-effective option for you is to take the full combined test. But that may mean taking a section that you’re rusty in and don’t want to study for. For example: if you’re great at Reading and Writing exams but struggle with Math, it may be worth the $30 of additional fees to take two individual section tests rather than the combined test with the Math section, even though it’d be cheaper.

There are also plenty of Praxis Subject Assessments in specific academic areas like economics, foreign languages, and the fine arts, in addition to tests assessing your abilities in one broad subject (like math) according to a certain grade level (like elementary vs. high school mathematics). These tests range from $60-$160.

Lastly, you’ll have to remember that changing your Praxis registration or ordering additional services will probably incur a fee. Changing your Praxis test center/date costs $40, ordering additional score reports costs $50, and requesting that someone review your scores again costs $65.

As always, the most important thing to keep in mind when deciding which Praxis test you’ll be paying for is that you’ll need to take a certain test to get the specific teaching position or certification that you’re after. Make sure to do some research and find out which tests are required!

Is a Praxis prep course worth it?

As with any standardized test, you can’t expect yourself to do well on an exam just because you’ve done well on different class assignments or because you enjoy the material. Whether we like it or not, getting a top-notch standardized test score often requires a unique knowledge of test-taking strategies and skills.

With that in mind, taking a Praxis prep course is the best way to ensure that you not only understand the content, but also that you understand the test’s format and strategies. The Praxis’s unique pass/fail grading style makes this extra important, as most of the American tests you’ll be used to don’t have that same scoring system.

There are plenty of standardized tests, like the GRE, GMAT, SAT, or ACT, where a ‘low’ score can still open up opportunities at plenty of colleges. A ‘low’ score on the Praxis, however, is a failing score, which can cripple your hopes to get a teaching certification.

Considering its pass/fail system and the need to learn test-taking strategies, a Praxis prep course is a great option for any test-taker, especially if the course includes a pass guarantee, like the ones from 240 Tutoring or Teachers Test Prep!

Top 10 Best Praxis Courses of 2022

Praxis Courses Feature Course Price
Magoosh Best Value $99
Mometrix University Lesson Material Variety $59
Kaplan Most Material $399
240 Tutoring Lowest Price $39
ed2go Quickest Course $149 Bite-Sized Lessons $59
Teachers Test Prep Most Comprehensive $155
Varsity Tutors 1-On-1 Instruction N/A
Khan Academy Free Material Free
Urban Teachers Residency / Fellowships Free