Kranse Institute SAT Review 2020

kranse institute act prep course review

Updated February 3, 2020 RATING: The Kranse Institute SAT Prep course is one of the newer options for prospective test takers, but it is backed by a lot of credentials. The creator of this prep course, Dr. Shaan Patel, worked himself up from a 1760 – a moderately above-average score – to a perfect 2400 […]

Testive SAT Review 2020

testive act prep course review

Updated February 3, 2020 RATING: Founded in 2011, Testive has arrived onto the test prep scene in full force. On our comparison chart of the Best SAT Courses of 2019, Testive offers the third-most practice questions and the most full-length practice tests. While Testive’s platform focuses on online self-paced study, it also includes weekly individual […]

Magoosh SAT Review 2020

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Updated March 18, 2020 RATING: Magoosh is a newcomer in the test prep industry, compared to services like The Princeton Review and Kaplan. But older does not necessarily mean better. Magoosh has quickly become one of the more popular SAT test prep course providers. Their aim is to make test prep affordable and effective. Their […]

SAT Registration

SAT Registration information

Updated January 19, 2020 Registering for the SAT As soon as you start thinking about college, you probably also start thinking about entrance exams. You may be deciding between the ACTs and the SATs or you’ve already decided on the SAT.  Most of your thoughts have probably gone into the test itself and what you […]

The Princeton Review SAT

The Princeton Review ACT prep course review

Updated March 15, 2020 RATING: The Princeton Review is known for its high-level test prep for students that need to get a score in the 90th percentile or higher in order to get accepted at a top-tier university or for merit-based aid. Their method is to prioritize the most important parts of the SAT and […]

What Is a Good SAT Score? – 2020 Ultimate Guide

SAT scoring guide

Updated: December 31, 2019 The SAT, or Scholastic Assessment Test, is one of two tests that are almost universally accepted and often required for admission to colleges and universities around the world. It is administered by the College Board. There are a few test-optional schools or test-blind schools, but these are the exception, not the […]

ACT vs. SAT – 2019 Ultimate Guide


Updated December 9, 2019 Should I take the SAT or ACT? When applying for college applications, is the SAT or ACT better? The simple answer is that most colleges have no preference for either the SAT or ACT as both scores are used to determine admission and eligibility for merit-based scholarships. The decision to take one […]

Best SAT Prep Courses of 2020

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Updated March 18, 2020 SAT scores are one of the most critical elements in your college application. They can make the difference between an application that gets accepted – or rejected – from your dream school. There are an overwhelming number of SAT prep course options out there. Whether you like to walk yourself through […]