Magoosh IELTS Review 2023: IELTS Preparation Course For You?

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magoosh ielts reviewRATING:

If you’re planning on applying to colleges or other education programs in English-speaking countries, you probably know that you have to prove your English language proficiency to the admissions officers. There are two standardized tests you can take to demonstrate these English skills: the IELTS or TOEFL. While these exams are both quite challenging–even for a native English-speaker–the good news is there are plenty of great IELTS prep courses and TOEFL prep courses to help you get the score you need for admission to your top school. 

If you’ve already decided that the IELTS is the best exam to take for your educational goals, you need to start preparing for it right away! To help you get your IELTS prep off to a great start and provide the information you need to make the right choice of IELTS preparation materials, we’ve put together this comprehensive Magoosh IELTS review. Why Magoosh IELTS? Simply put, this course is our unanimous pick as the best IELTS preparation program and tool to help improve your IELTS score. Now, let us show you why!

Please note Magoosh is one of our affiliate brands, and as such we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase this prep course. Only use our links if you find this review helpful.

Which Magoosh IELTS Prep Course Do You Need?

There are two different programs to choose from based upon your needs, Academic Prep or General Training Prep. Both of these programs will help you improve your knowledge base and confidence in reading, writing, and speaking English, while preparing you for success on either of the IELTS exams.

Academic IELTS Prep Course 

This version of Magoosh IELTS prep is focused on students entering an English-speaking country to begin a post-secondary degree or those who are about to enter into a professional organization. This program will be taught at a higher level to ensure students will be confident when gaining their further education or climbing their way up the professional ladder. It is for students planning to take the Academic IELTS exam.

General Training Prep Course

This second version of Magoosh IELTS is for anyone who is looking to enter an English-speaking country, but who does not require higher level education. It’s perfect for someone looking to emigrate, visit, or find work in an English-speaking country, and is designed to prepare you for the IELTS General Training exam.


Magoosh IELTS Prep Course Features

Before we jump into the more comprehensive Magoosh IELTS review, here’s just a small sample of some of the best features the course has to offer and how they will help you improve your IELTS test score and study more efficiently.

Magoosh IELTS Features How It Will Help Your IELTS Preparation
1,000 IELTS Practice Questions Most experts would agree that the single best way to prepare for any standardized test is by taking practice tests–the IELTS is no different. With 1,000+ IELTS practice questions, you’ll have plenty of exposure to the kinds of tasks you’ll encounter on the actual exam.
120 Video Tutorials Each video walks you through the most important aspects of the exam and provides useful tips and strategies on how to approach each type of question. 
Progress Tracking By tracking your progress through the Magoosh IELTS course, you’ll be able to adjust your study plan according to the areas you most need to improve in. This will help you prioritize your IELTS prep for best results.
IELTS Study App With the Magoosh IELTS Prep app, you can maximize your study by having the option to review, watch videos, and answer practice questions no matter where you are.

Magoosh IELTS Pros

1. Affordable

Whether you’re looking for a quick brush up or a long term engagement, there are low pricing opportunities for you. Magoosh IELTS offers a couple of pricing options to choose from, depending on how long you expect you’ll need the service, as well as which other perks like graded essays and score guarantees you require. No matter what your needs are, Magoosh IELTS has an affordable option for you, and you can find out more about these pricing and subscription terms later in this Magoosh IELTS review.

2. Customizable Learning Options

There are two options you can choose from with Magoosh IELTS: Academic Prep or General Training. If you’re looking to gain admittance to a university or qualify for a career in an English-speaking country, you should sign up for the Academic Prep program. Throughout this course, you’ll be led through a rigorous set of lessons and practice questions that will prepare you for the kinds of tasks you’ll encounter on the IELTS Academic Prep exam. 

On the other hand, if you’re planning to travel, emigrate, or find work in an English-speaking country, the Magoosh IELTS General Training program is perfect for you. Through this training, you’ll gain the confidence to have a conversation with native English-speakers and thrive in any English-speaking country.

3. Mobile and Easy to Use

When you’re looking for IELTS preparation tools and programs, 24/7 access is a must! Magoosh IELTS offers constant accessibility to their platform on both mobile devices as well as desktops. Their platform is supported on most platforms including: Mac, iOS, PC, and Android. 

What’s more, Magoosh IELTS even offers an excellent and user-friendly IELTS prep app that syncs with your Magoosh desktop account. This way, you’ll be able to practice from wherever you are whenever it’s convenient, and the app will still track your progress. This is a major benefit of Magoosh over other IELTS prep courses, since you’ll have the freedom to get in some IELTS prep whenever it’s convenient for you, without ever losing track of your progress.

Magoosh IELTS videos and app

4. Variety of Learning Experiences

When you become a Magoosh IELTS student, you gain access to 120 video lessons about the process of learning English including specific detailed concepts, common mistakes to avoid, as well as shortcuts. More importantly, though, the lessons provide essential instruction and advice on how to perform well on the IELTS specifically. You’ll find strategies and hacks that will give you the utmost confidence when you sit the IELTS. Each of the lessons also includes corresponding questions to test your knowledge. With 600 practice IELTS questions plus additional writing and speaking prompts, you’re sure to walk into your IELTS exam fully prepared for whatever the test throws at you.

Magoosh IELTS Video Lesson

5. Newly Updated Content

Magoosh is dedicated to providing their students with the most up-to-date and applicable learning experience. You’ll notice that all of their content is reviewed and edited as necessary for improvements and any updates to the exam. They are also committed to providing the best learning experience possible, so they incorporate research-based study materials and questions. All this will allow you to prepare for the IELTS exam with proven and effective learning strategies and approaches.

6. Access to Tutors

You’re not alone when you are preparing for your IELTS with Magoosh. If at any point during your studies you are confused and need help, you can send an email to the Magoosh IELTS tutor team. Magoosh is also very open to feedback, so as you move through a lesson or set of practice questions, feel free to send in your opinion on improvements they can make. The Magoosh tutor team is incredibly responsive and always return messages in a timely manner, so you won’t have to wait long to get an answer to that burning question you have.

7. User-Friendly

When you login to the Magoosh IELTS prep platform, you’ll find all of the necessary learning materials right at your fingertips. The main dashboard is where you can find lessons, customizable practice modules, quick practice modules, review information, a practice test, easy grading (where you can submit one essay to be graded), a quick link for communication with a tutor, and visuals of your progress. Compared to other test prep platforms, Magoosh IELTS is second-to-none. Even the least tech-savvy folks can easily figure out how to use the foolproof user interface.

Magoosh IELTS Lessons

8. Personalized Learning Experiences

The entire program is broken down into sections to allow you to decide where your precious time should be spent studying and reviewing for the IELTS.


There are two main sections to the lessons: 

  • Exam Lessons: The IELTS Exam lessons provide important information on how to take the exam. They go into detail about the types of questions you will run into, as well as how to tackle them. 
  • Grammar Lessons: These are all about teaching you the key elements of the English language—more specifically, how to read, write, and speak English well. 

Both types offer video lessons and practice questions to put your knowledge to the test.

Customizable Practice Sessions

An especially useful feature the Magoosh IELTS prep course offers is the option to create customized practice sessions based on your personal needs. You can choose which section and subjects you want to focus on. From there, you can choose one of two experiences: practice mode, where they explain incorrect answers immediately, or quiz mode, where you can review all of your answers and explanations at the end.

9. Simulated Exam Prep

When you purchase one of the premium Magoosh IELTS prep options, you gain access to 4 full-length practice tests. This exam will be timed and provide you with a similar experience to that of the actual IELTS exam. You can also submit a practice essay to the tutors, who will provide feedback and a grade. Both of these features allow you to further your knowledge and confidence when it comes to taking the IELTS, as well as formally writing in the English language.

Magoosh IELTS Practice Exam Question

10. Money-Back Guarantee

If you start either the Academic or General Training program from Magoosh IELTS and find that it isn’t the right fit for you, you have seven days to request a refund. This is especially nice because you might not know initially if the program is going to be best suited to your learning style. Luckily, you get a week to try it out and get your money back if it’s not the best training program for your needs.


Magoosh IELTS Cons

1. No Live Lessons

The lessons provided through the Magoosh IELTS programs are pre-recorded video lectures. They do provide the capability to pause, rewind, and move to various points in the video, but you will not have direct access to a teacher or tutor on-demand. You can send an email to their tutor team who will respond as soon as possible, but not always instantaneously.

2. Four Practice Exams

When you purchase one of the Premium options, you will have access to four Magoosh IELTS practice exams. Although this is competitive with most of the competition, one competitor in particular, BestMyTest, offers more practice questions and practice exams. We should note, however, that although BestMyTest IELTS boasts 20 full-length practice exams, only two of them are unique exams. That is, for BestMyTest IELTS, you get two full-length exams with new questions and 18 full-length exams comprised of recycled questions from throughout the rest of the course. 

3. Magoosh Basic Option

Magoosh IELTS does offer free access to their lessons and some other Magoosh IELTS study materials, but you will not gain access to some of the most important learning experiences, such as the option to email the tutors or take a practice exam.

Magoosh IELTS Pricing Plans

Magoosh IELTS Prep Pricing and Subscription Options
Course Access 1 MONTH 6 MONTHS
Price $109 $129
Features ALL Magoosh Features ALL Magoosh Features
Graded Essays None 1
Score Guarantee +4 Points +4 Points
Refund Guarantee 7 Days 7 Days

Who Should Use Magoosh IELTS Prep Course?

Magoosh IELTS Prep is an ideal option for anyone planning to take either the IELTS General or Academic exams. But it might be best suited for those who learn best from video instruction. While the videos aren’t flashy–their basically slideshows with recorded lectures–they are still quite engaging and are incredibly thorough.

Magoosh IELTS is also great for anyone who needs to get their IELTS test prep materials on a tight budget, as it’s a more cost-effective option than some of the other IELTS prep courses available.

The only kind of learner who might not benefit as much from Magoosh IELTS Prep as, say, BestMyTest IELTS, is the one who really needs to focus on taking a lot of practice tests. While taking practice tests is crucial for any IELTS test-taker, it’s especially important for those who need a bit more practice with implementing test-taking strategies and need to become more comfortable with the testing conditions.


While it’s smart to shop around to see what other IELTS prep courses are out there, we highly recommend Magoosh IELTS Prep. It simply has the most user-friendly functionality, feature-rich learning platform, and high-quality instruction. We believe anyone planning to take the IELTS–either the Academic or General–would greatly benefit from this outstanding program from Magoosh.