Magoosh SAT Review 2023

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Magoosh sat prep course reviewRATING:

Magoosh is a newcomer in the test prep industry, compared to services like The Princeton Review and Kaplan. But older does not necessarily mean better. Magoosh has quickly become one of the more popular SAT test prep course providers. Their aim is to make test prep affordable and effective. Their online-only, flexible courses with high-quality material make them a great choice for most students.

They offer friendly support and video-based instruction with one-, three-, and twelve-month plans. Each course offers a personalized, efficient way to study for the SAT. In addition, Magoosh now offers live classes available in conjunction with 12-months of access to their premium content and features.

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1. Price 

With any Magoosh SAT prep course, you get over 200 video lessons with over 1,750 practice questions, as well as email support, all for only $129 for a full year. You also get access to their highly rated mobile and flashcard apps. This is one of the lowest priced options available.

If you are a student that also wants to take the ACT or needs to take the TOEFL, Magoosh offers a discount to their already inexpensive courses if you sign up for additional courses.

If you’re a student who benefits from live instruction and guided learning, then the ability to add live classes is a game changer. At $399 for 16 hours of live instruction, along with 12 months of access to Magoosh content, it’s still an excellent value. That’s just under $25 per hour for a 99th percentile SAT instructor versus $1000 or more for an in-person prep class.

There is also a seven-day free trial if you want to take a test run before committing to a Magoosh SAT prep course.


2. Online Only 

Magoosh’s SAT prep courses are entirely online. Many test prep providers started with in-classroom and book-based test prep, and then added an online option later. Not Magoosh. When the founders started Magoosh, they built the platform with an online experience in mind. They prioritized user-experience and flexibility, and in doing so, created a test prep course that is simple to use and allows students to get right to studying, the moment they login. They made it possible to study anytime, anywhere.

Magoosh also has some of the highest-rated apps available for SAT prep.

3. Personalized SAT Prep 

When the Magoosh founders designed the SAT prep course, they had the user in mind. One of the issues that they saw with the existing test prep courses was the cookie-cutter course offerings. They decided that they wanted their courses to be much more personalized, making it easier for students to study what they need at their own level. Their goal was for you to be able to efficiently use your test-prep time without wasting it on topics you already understand or questions that are overly challenging for your current level.

Immediately upon logging in, you’ll notice your dashboard. Your dashboard shows suggested lessons, your progress, and how you are doing compared to other students. From here, it is easy to navigate the rest of the system.

Magoosh SAT Personalized course

When you are ready for a practice session, Magoosh offers you the ability to customize it based on difficulty, topic, timing, and if you want “quiz mode” or “practice mode.”

There is also a detailed performance analysis that allows you to see a summary of your past answers, and filter by subject, question type, and difficulty. You can use this to determine what to study next, rather than wasting time figuring out what subjects to work on. Once you have answered a question or reviewed a lesson, you can take notes for reviewing later.

Magoosh SAT Personalized course filters

Each course comes with a personalized study plan. It recommends study materials and tasks to keep you on track. It also tracks your progress as you complete lessons and levels you up when you need it during practice quizzes.

The ability to study exactly what you need at the difficulty level you need is one of the best features of the Magoosh SAT prep courses. You are able to learn the subjects that you need to, without wasting precious time on topics you already know. The Magoosh SAT prep courses were designed with this type of efficiency in mind.

4. Live Classes

Magoosh has now joined the ranks of other test prep companies by offering an option for live, interactive classes along with access to the rest of the self-paced prep materials. These classes are essential for students who benefit from a little extra support and like to be able to work through example questions together with the instructor.

The live classes are made up of 16 hours of instruction in two hour increments and are limited in size to ensure individualized instruction. Classes are led by 99th percentile SAT instructors who are experts in writing and teaching SAT prep materials. Each class includes personalized homework to give students extra practice in the topics that were covered in the lesson.

The classes are super interactive, with the ability to ask questions and participate in the live chat throughout the lesson. Not only will the instructor guide you through how to solve each problem or question, they’ll also provide you with tips and tricks for strategy so you’ll know how to tackle each question type.

Another advantage of the live classes is the “On Demand” option, which is great for busy students who may not be able to commit to the 2-hour classes twice per week. With this feature, you can purchase 16 hours of instruction and view the recorded lessons at your own pace. That way, you still get the benefit of personalized instruction and you can see the questions other students ask, along with the instructor’s responses.

5. Email Support

For each practice question or quiz problem, Magoosh provides a text explanation and a more detailed video explanation. If that still isn’t enough, Magoosh offers additional email support. You are able to reach out to a Magoosh SAT tutor regarding your questions and will receive an answer in about 24 hours.

6. High-Quality Course Material 

When you enroll in a Magoosh SAT pre-course, you have unlimited access to over 200 video lessons, 1500 practice questions, and up to three full-length practice tests for the term of your enrollment. Each practice problem comes with a video and text explanation, a transcript of the video, and additional resources related to the topic.

The quizzes can be hyper-focused to the topic and level you need so you are easily able to master one topic at a time or work on an entire subject area.

They also offer you personalized study schedules and email assistance from their tutors. Each video lesson is designed to help you improve your performance quickly and effectively. Their materials and study plans are based on the performance and feedback of thousands of students before you and are designed to ensure that you get the most out of your time studying.

7. Video-Centric Learning

If you are someone who learns better by watching videos than by reading, a Magoosh SAT course could be a great option for you. Magoosh SAT prep courses are primarily taught using video, with over 1500 explanation videos and 200 lesson videos. There is a video lesson for every topic from simple math to more advanced reading and writing.

Every practice question also has a video explanation, one of my favorite parts of the Magoosh SAT prep course. They usually go further than the text-only explanation, discuss the why behind the problem and offer alternative solutions. The videos discuss concepts and shortcuts related to the topic as well.

magoosh sat video lessons

8. Impressive Score Guarantee

With each course, including the one-month course, Magoosh offers a 100-point score guarantee, one of the more impressive guarantees in the industry. If your score does not improve after completing one of their courses, you may be eligible for a full refund.

This guarantee is also applicable to the SAT live classes, where you can potentially qualify for a refund on the test prep or free enrollment in another live class if you don’t see at least a 100-point improvement on your official SAT score.

9. Additional Resources 

Even if the Magoosh SAT prep course isn’t for you, you should take a look at their website. They offer quite a few valuable but free resources to help any high school student with their college preparation. Their blog includes SAT tips and tricks, and a few free lessons. They also offer information on college admissions packages, studying abroad, and school-specific tips.

From their website, you can get assistance in setting up an SAT study schedule. There is also a question of the day and video explanation, which gives you a taste for the format of their video explanations. If you like the style of the question of the day’s explanation, you will like the way the Magoosh SAT prep course is set up.  They also offer a free copy of the Magoosh SAT flashcard app.



1. No Essay Grading 

One of the downsides of not having an actual instructor or tutor for your SAT prep course is that you do not get essay grading. They will offer you assistance and tips in writing your essay, but do not have a way for you to submit your essay for a score or feedback.

2. Limited Number of Practice Tests and Quiz Problems

Each Magoosh SAT prep course comes with up to three practice tests. This is because their practice tests are based on the pool of unused quiz problems. There are no exclusive problems set aside to make up individual practice tests. The entire course has about 1500 quiz problems, and if you answer all of them, there will be none left to make up a practice test.

While getting through all 1,500 questions is unlikely for most students, it is not uncommon to exhaust a certain topics’ questions if it is an area that you need a lot of practice on.


If you are an independent, self-motivated studier that needs flexibility built into your SAT prep, Magoosh SAT prep courses are high-quality, affordable options that could work well for you. The video-heavy courses are entirely self-paced, which is perfect for the over-scheduled high schooler.

For a little more structure and support on the topics you struggle with the most, you can consider adding the live classes to get individualized instruction, personalized homework, and the opportunity to ask questions with an expert instructor.

The Magoosh SAT prep course is one of the most economical courses on the market. If cost is important, Magoosh is definitely worth taking a look at, even if just for the seven-day trial.

If it doesn’t sound like a Magoosh SAT prep course will work for you, take a look at our chart comparing other SAT test prep providers that might be a better fit.