Manhattan Prep GMAT Review

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Manhattan Prep GMAT Review offers students a number of specialized course packages that can help to home in specific areas of focus as well as provide some unique extra features. Options range from instructor-led courses in person and online, tutoring plans, to self-guided packages. All of these include access to Manhattan Prep’s award-winning reactive software, Interact.

A free trial lets you try any of the courses for before you buy, and even gives you the option to attend a class for instructor-led packages. Extra features also include Boot Camps (2-3 week high intensity courses) and help with admissions to specific schools, but be aware that these high-end features come with high price tags.

Overall, the Manhattan Prep provides enough options that every student can find a good fit, but those in search of a comprehensive plan may find that the Manhattan Prep runs outside of their price range. Time commitment and price will factor heavily into the choice of purchasing a Manhattan Prep GMAT review course, but here is a quick rundown of the pros and cons across the different packages:

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 1. Award-Winning Platform 

Manhattan Prep boasts an online instruction software that has been named one of the best in the business. At the 2016 Reimagine Education Conference & Awards, their Interact software took home the Digital Content Silver Award out of 527 submissions.

Interact is an entirely engaging experience that is meant to replicate the empathy, expertise and guidance you would normally get with an in-person instructor. Video lessons are detailed, react to performance with tailored explanations or harder questions, and are often whimsical in a way that keeps students locked in. All of the video lessons are written and delivered by Manhattan Prep teachers, all of whom have scored in the 99th percentile on the GMAT.

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2. Free Trial

With so many course options, it can be difficult to narrow down which is the right one for you. To help a bit with this, Manhattan Prep allows students to gain trial access to their online platform or attend a trial class with one of their talented instructors.

manhattan prep gmat free trial

The free Interact trial goes a long way to showcasing the power of the software. Video lessons are full of options for you to provide feedback on your needs, study habits, and other details that help the system tailor itself to work the way you need it to. The video instructors react to your responses in a really comprehensive way. If you are unsure how interactive video lessons function, or if the tone and style of Interact is right for you, the 5 free trial lessons will go a long way to helping you make an informed decision.

3. Boot Camps

Manhattan Prep Boot Camps are among the most intensive packages on the market. On the surface, these courses can appear a bit intimidating. The Manhattan Prep website itself admits that they are not for the faint of heart: they require 2-3 weeks of full-time, daily commitment to GMAT study. With that said, however, they do no sacrifice content or quality, and for those with the time and money to afford this type of commitment, you may find that it is a truly effective plan of attack. Here is a breakdown of the two Boot Camp options and what’s included:

Boot Camp:

  • $2699; 35 hours of instruction; 3 hours of online office hours; 6 online GMAT practice tests; Full access to GMAT Interact; 10 Manhattan Prep Strategy Guides

Boot Camp Plus:

  • $5199; 35 hours of instruction; 3 hours of online office hours; 6 online GMAT practice tests; Full access to GMAT Interact; 13 Manhattan Prep GMAT Strategy Guides; Pre-course game planning session; 12 hours of one-on-one tutoring; 6 hours of foundational math instruction

Boot Camps are offered in person (only in NYC or London) and online and combine classroom instruction with personalized attention. Price is definitely a factor to consider, so be sure to compare these options to similar packages offered by other top GMAT Prep Courses. Boot Camps are meant for students with a good deal of both time and money to devote to their GMAT studies, but can this can lead to a great payoff when it comes to test results.

4. Self-Guided and Instructor-Led Options 

Manhattan Prep offers students a wide variety of courses, including three Self-Paced options and the Live Online or In-Person Complete Course. Here is a quick breakdown of each option as well as recommendations for who each course is best for.

GMAT Complete Prep Set, 6th Edition:

  • $289; More than 900 retired GMAT questions and answer explanations; 100-question diagnostic exam; 6 Computer Adaptive Practice Exams; 9 Online Question Banks including over 200 problems of varying difficulty levels; GMAT Navigator to analyze performance and prioritize studies; Foundations of GMAT Math & Verbal Homework Banks
  • Ideal for self-motivated students who want affordable but in-depth GMAT Prep.

GMAT Interact:

  • $999; 6 full-length computer adaptive practice tests; Manhattan Prep’s GMAT mobile app (available on iOS & Android); Interactive online syllabus; Navigator™ online practice tracker; Challenge problem archives and question banks; Essay grading software, eBook downloads; 10 strategy guides
  • Ideal for students who are looking for video lessons and practice questions that can be accessed online, on-the-go, and on your own terms.

Self-Study Toolkit:

  • $499; 6 Computer Adaptive Practice Exams; 9 Online Question Banks including over 200 problems of varying difficulty levels; Complete Strategy Guide set, 6th edition; Foundations of GMAT Math & Verbal Homework Banks and strategy guides; 5 GMAT Interact lessons
  • Ideal for students who are self-motivated and willing to take your GMAT prep fully into your own hands.

 5. Mobile App

Manhattan Prep is proud to offer students a dedicated Mobile App that allows for on-the-go studying and review.

manhattan prep mobile app

The mobile app provides 1,100+ practice questions, tracks your progress and proficiency in specific subjects, and comes equipped with explanations for all of the included materials. Typically mobile apps tend to function as platforms for studying flashcards, so it is a huge plus that the Manhattan Prep provides mobile instruction as well as practice. If time constraints make mobility an invaluable asset in your GMAT preparation, you can also check out our review of Magoosh.

 6. mbaMission Partnership/Admissions Guidance

One of Manhattan Prep’s unique features is a partnership with mbaMission, one of the world’s leading MBA admissions consulting firms. In conjunction with mbaMission, Manhattan Prep offers a number of course options with access to mbaMission admissions guidance added on.

By the nature of combining multiple individual guidance tools, these Admissions prep packages are the most expensive options on the market. With that said, each of these programs is designed to walk with you every step along your MBA path: pre-application tips, your choice of Manhattan Prep class or Boot Camp, essay writing and interview tips, and even career consulting. Take a look at the available options to see if the cost is worth it for you:

GMAT Course + Pre-Application:

  • Enrollment in any In-Person, Live Online, or Bootcamp GMAT course; 8 hours of admissions coaching from a Senior Consultant; Support to help you plan ahead when you are 12-24 months from applying; Create a long-term plan and benchmarks

GMAT Course + 1-School Package:

  • Enrollment in any In-Person, Live Online, or Bootcamp GMAT course; Unlimited one-on-one assistance with your MBA application; Includes candidate assessment, essay editing, interview prep, and more

manhattan prep mbamission partnership prices

You are also given the option to focus on one specific school or branch out to others and learn how to have the best chance at being accepted at each individually. Of course, as you expand to consider more schools in this way, the price will also rise. 


1. Expensive

As we’ve said above, Manhattan Prep offers courses with some really unique opportunities for personalized guidance and highly intensive study, but all of these features really ramp up the price. If you’re studying on a budget, Manhattan Prep may not be the right choice for you but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of options! Check out Magoosh, our #1 recommended and most cost-effective GMAT prep course, or the Princeton Review for a more affordable alternative that still offers extensive Live and Personal features.

2. Limited Availability of In Person and Tutoring

In-person prep courses are limited in their usefulness by the availability of classrooms in any given student’s locale. Although this is a factor for all companies across the board, Manhattan Prep’s In-Person opportunities are a bit more restricted than others. Most GMAT Prep options tend to offer In-Person classes in a majority of college towns, but Manhattan Prep is a bit more restricted to major cities. Keep this in mind if you’re someone who really is looking for a physical classroom experience.

 3. No Guarantee 

Manhattan Prep is the only one of our that doesn’t offer students any type of score improvement guarantee. While this is not necessarily a reflection on the content of their lessons, it is something that is important to keep in mind. With the fact that most of the Manhattan Prep courses involve a substantial financial investment, it would be reassuring to have that investment backed by a money-back or performance guarantee.


Manhattan Prep GMAT prep offers students a plethora of options, a number that can sometimes feel overwhelming to student shoppers. While it is likely that you will find a package that fits your particular needs, you may find that that package is a bit more expensive than comparable plans from other companies.

With that said, however, the luxury features offered by Manhattan Prep are truly tough to beat. For students who can afford the initial investment, a joint program with Manhattan Prep and mbaMission can set you up for decades of career success that is sure to repay itself. Also, if you have the freedom to dedicate 2-3 weeks to full-time study, you might find that one of the Manhattan Boot Camp options is your best bet.

As with any decision, your unique needs will dictate which program is right for you. Manhattan Prep offers packages that work with certain availabilities and budgets, so make sure that you consider all of your options if price and time to dedicate to study are factors in your GMAT Prep. See how Manhattan Prep compares to the other Top GMAT Prep Courses in 2023, and use our in-depth reviews to make sure you CRUSH the GMAT!


Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. How Much is Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep?

Manhattan Prep offers packages that can begin at $249-599 for Self-Paced classes, $1399 for Live Classes, $225/hour for Private Tutoring and an ywhere from $3,000 to $11,000 for comprehensive study and admissions guidance packages.

  1. Does Manhattan Prep GMAT Prep have a Mobile App?

Manhattan Prep GMAT does offer a dedicated mobile app that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The app offers practice questions, customizable and personalized instructional responses, and comprehensive feedback.

  1. Who is a good candidate for Boot Camp?

As discussed above, the GMAT is for students with a great deal of time to dedicate to GMAT study. Manhattan Prep recommends Boot Camp for students who already have some familiarity with the GMAT, whether having taken the test once already or done some amount of studying beforehand. If you don’t have 2.5 hours to devote every day to homework, then perhaps consider one of the Self-Paced or Live courses instead.