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PrepScholar TOEFL online Prep Course ReviewUpdated March 28, 2021


Learning a new language is tough, and even if you feel comfortable speaking English in the real world, taking the TOEFL test to evaluate your English skills can still be very challenging. PrepScholar helps students prepare for the test through their TOEFL prep course, which provides students with a personalized way to learn the English language and get a guaranteed higher score on the TOEFL test.

PrepScholar is one of the top companies in test prep today, and their expertise doesn’t only apply to their popular SAT and ACT prep courses. They’re also experts at teaching students how to tackle the TOEFL so they can succeed in the most rigorous English-speaking workplaces.

Students who use PrepScholar TOEFL will take advantage of unique features that can bring their preparation to the next level. Of course, there are also certain aspects of PrepScholar that might make it an imperfect option for some students. Here, we discuss everything there is to know about PrepScholar’s online TOEFL course—from its content to its pricing and everything in between—so you can decide if it’s the best course for you. If you think there are other TOEFL prep courses that will be better at preparing you for the exam, you should look at our overview of the best TOEFL prep courses available today. There, you’ll see which courses are cheapest, which are the most expensive, and which provide the specific features you might be looking for. 

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1. Personal Curriculum

PrepScholar TOEFL Weekly Assignments

Out of all the features they offer, the one that sets PrepScholar apart from their competition the most is their personalized course system. Every student taking PrepScholar TOEFL online will have a different experience: they’ll create their own unique course schedule, receive a personal course study plan, and will work on different assignments at different paces. This is all done thanks to their CustomPrep technology, which starts working from the moment you begin your course.

When you first open PrepScholar, you’ll take a diagnostic TOEFL reading test that evaluates your current English reading abilities. As soon as the test is done, PrepScholar’s CustomPrep algorithm evaluates how skilled you are at different types of TOEFL questions. The course then creates a custom study plan for you. You’ll start off with the specific assignments that will increase your TOEFL score the most, before moving on to more difficult concepts that you are comfortable with.

Beyond the custom study plan, you can also personalize your course by creating your own schedule. You’ll tell the course what times you are available to study each week, and you’ll then receive notifications that remind you about your studying goals.

2. Speaking and Writing Review

PrepScholar TOEFL Writing Submission

There are several TOEFL courses out there that can increase your scores, but out of the major programs we’ve reviewed, PrepScholar TOEFL is one of just a few that provide both Speaking and Writing review.

The TOEFL iBT exam’s structure is made of a few different sections: the Reading section, Listening section, Writing section, and Speaking section. While all courses will test your reading and listening abilities, some won’t provide you with any feedback on your writing and speaking abilities. Grading students’ Speaking and Writing section responses takes more time, so companies that don’t have as many TOEFL instructors can’t provide these services. 

Without Speaking and Writing review, you could finish a course and only be prepared for half of the TOEFL exam. PrepScholar TOEFL covers all four sections to prepare you for the entire test. 

With PrepScholar’s 1-year or unlimited TOEFL plans, students can submit up to 12 speaking responses and 4 writing responses, which will all be reviewed and graded in about a week. The questions you’ll use for these responses range from basic to advanced, so you’ll get a variety of topics to practice with. If you know you’ll need a course with both Speaking and Writing review, there’s another top prep option you could consider: BestMyTest TOEFL.

3. 15-Point Guarantee

PrepScholar has some of the best higher score guarantees out there. Many companies use higher score guarantees to show students their products are worth the price. With one of these guarantees, you’ll get all your money back if you don’t score higher on a test after you’ve completed all the course material. However, if the guarantee only promises you a ‘higher score,’ you could raise your TOEFL score by only one point and not qualify for the refund, even though you didn’t see a great score increase. With PrepScholar, this isn’t a problem. 

Their TOEFL course promises you’ll raise your score by at least 15 points, or your money back. In some cases, 15 points could be the difference between getting into or getting rejected by your dream schools.

Of course, this guarantee does have certain conditions, so check PrepScholar’s website for more details on how to qualify.

PrepScholar TOEFL guarantee

4. Access Length

Preparing for a standardized test can take a lot of time, but there are plenty of major TOEFL courses that offer short access periods for their content. Some courses only last for a few weeks, while others last up to 6 months. Students often take a few months to study, but if you have more time to access your course, you also have more flexibility for your study schedule.

Out of all the TOEFL online courses available, PrepScholar has the best access periods, without a doubt. You can use their course for a full year with their Best-Selling package, or gain unlimited access with their Master package.

Access periods like that allow you to prepare for the TOEFL as slowly or as quickly as you need. You could even study for and take the exam several times to make sure you get the exact score you’re looking for. These access periods make PrepScholar a particularly valuable course for anyone with a busy schedule or for those who want to perfect their score no matter how long it takes.

5. Best Instructors

Another unique strength of PrepScholar’s TOEFL course is their team of instructors. You won’t be interacting with instructors daily as you take the course, but this team is still very important. They are the ones who design your practice questions, who explain complicated answers, who create lesson videos, and who review your writing and speaking responses. So, how does PrepScholar make sure they have high quality instructors?

Each PrepScholar instructor is required to score in at least the top 1% of all TOEFL scores. As 99th percentile scorers, these instructors are true experts when it comes to the exam. 

As you progress through your course, you’ll read explanations and watch videos from this team of pros. These explanations and lessons are highly detailed, and show off their extensive insight into the format, content, and structure of the TOEFL test.

6. Progress Reports

PrepScholar is great about providing its users with detailed progress reports. As you use their TOEFL course, you’ll always be informed about how you’re doing in each TOEFL skill area. You’ll see graphics and charts that show you how far you are from mastering a certain concept, or how much you’ve improved in a skill each day, or even overviews of your performance in all your recent lessons.

PrepScholar TOEFL Progress Report

Information like this helps you really improve your English abilities. On top of all that, you’ll also receive weekly progress reports through your email which will show you how you’ve studied throughout the week.

7. Group Options

If you’re a TOEFL teacher, this is the course for you. Teachers can take advantage of PrepScholar’s TOEFL group bundle to buy their course for large groups at discounted rates. The course comes in group packages for anywhere between 5 and 100+ students, all for as low as $37 a head!

PrepScholar TOEFL Group Bundle

Other popular prep courses don’t have available group bundling options, making PrepScholar the best TOEFL course for large groups of students. The course is also nearly identical to what you’d purchase as an individual student, and includes customized study plans and Speaking and Writing review for everyone.



1. Price

TOEFL prep courses come at a variety of prices. Some cost less than $50, while others can be nearly $400. If you’re looking for the cheapest TOEFL course out there, though, PrepScholar TOEFL isn’t the best option. Their Best-Selling course costs $187. But even though it is on the pricier side, it comes with plenty of features that you won’t find with cheaper courses.

Cheaper courses come with far shorter access periods (some as short as 6 weeks) and don’t include features like Speaking and Writing review or PrepScholar’s 15-point improvement guarantee. With all that in mind, PrepScholar can still be the most valuable TOEFL course for plenty of students. However, if you know you need something that will prepare you for the TOEFL for less money, we recommend you look at something like Magoosh TOEFL, which offers three full course options that are under $100.

PrepScholar TOEFL guarantee

2. Less Practice Questions and Less Content

When researching how much content a TOEFL course provides, you should look at their number of practice tests, lessons, and practice questions. PrepScholar has high quality material, but they don’t have as much content as other courses might.

For example, PrepScholar doesn’t include any full-length practice TOEFL exams. In comparison, BestMyTest TOEFL includes up to 20 practice TOEFL exams for you to take, so you can be absolutely sure that nothing will surprise you on test day. PrepScholar also has dozens of lessons and strategies for you to review, but other courses have more lessons and video material. Magoosh TOEFL, for example, has 140 lessons, and all of them include video explanations. The course with the highest amount of video lessons is Kaplan TOEFL, which has an impressive 190. Many PrepScholar lessons do include videos, but not all of them.

PrepScholar’s practice questions, lessons, and Speaking and Writing responses can still teach you everything you need to know about the exam’s content, but if you think you’ll need the most comprehensive course out there, you may want to look at other options.


When compared to other TOEFL courses, PrepScholar TOEFL is one of the best. PrepScholar makes sure that each student receives a custom preparation experience by using their CustomPrep algorithm, and students are guaranteed that their prep will result in big score improvements thanks to their top quality content. The course is fairly expensive, and lacks some of the content other courses might provide, but PrepScholar TOEFL’s many features make it a top option for anyone hoping to ace the test.


If you’re not convinced that PrepScholar TOEFL is the best option for you, there are plenty of other choices out there. Go to our page of the top TOEFL courses to see how all the best prep companies compare when it comes to pricing, features, and more!


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