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A-List Powered by Testive SAT review

Updated March 22, 2022


Founded in 2011, Testive has arrived onto the test prep scene in full force. On our comparison chart of the Best SAT Courses of 2022, Testive offers the third-most practice questions and the most full-length practice tests. While Testive’s platform focuses on online self-paced study, it also includes weekly individual work sessions with a personal coach. Although Testive recently merged with A-List and rebranded as “A-List powered by Testive”, it continues to offer the same services today with the additional beneits of A-List’s offerings.

Unfortunately, Testive doesn’t provide users with a dedicated mobile app, nor does it have any options for live instruction.

But with so many practice tests, a technology that adapts to meet your skill level and helps you push beyond your comfort zone, and a system of organization and professional support to keep you on task and productive, Testive provides one of the best options for online SAT prep. Even more, Testive includes a full ACT prep course in every SAT study package. That means that anyone planning on taking both tests before applying to college needs to only make one purchase.

Keep reading to see a breakdown of the pros and cons of choosing Testive for your SAT prep and let us help you decide if it’s the right choice to help you CRUSH the SAT.

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1. Personal Plan

Organization is key when making sure that you have the best chance to succeed on an upcoming test. At the very beginning of your interactions with Testive, you will find that the company is focused on making your time spent with the platform as efficient as possible. This begins with a free practice test and phone consultation to assess your starting point and find the right coach before you even register.

Once you decide to go for one of Testive’s coaching plans, you will first be asked to fill out a calendar inside the online platform or complete this task with your coach. This calendar lets you choose which days you want to study, how many questions you want to answer per day, and even predicts the amount your score could improve over 3 months if you stick to your schedule.

testive sat study schedule

You can even sign up to get text and email reminders if you forget to log on. A live scoreboard will always be visible on your calendar to show you how many questions you have answered in a day, how far you are from your goal, and what your week looks like.

2. Professional Coaches

If you’re going to get advice on how to tackle a test, you want someone teaching you who has been there before. The great news about Testive’s professional coaches is that this is the case for all of them: Every coach has scored in the 99th percentile on the SAT and many used that success to go on to study at Ivy League schools. Regardless of the school they attended, Testive coaches all graduated with academic distinction.

The deep roster of coaches who work at Testive also ensures that you can find a coach who is a good match with you and your family. As Testive says, they want students to “click” with their coaches, and there is a lot of time spent upfront in consultation calls to decide on that perfect match.

3. Adaptive Technology

Without offering any live classes, Testive really relies on the quality of their online software to make sure you are getting quality instruction. Luckily, this is definitely the case, because Testive provides a slick platform that is easy to use and adapts to your performance.

The key is thousands of video explanations that show how to get to the right answer for each question and reinforce lessons that you are learning along the way. You can see why you missed the question and leave notes to yourself on how to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

testive sat adaptive technology

The software will also react differently when you get questions right or wrong. Answer correctly many times in a row, and you will be presented with tougher ones. Start to struggle, and questions not only get a bit easier, but focus on the area where you are having trouble. In this way, it’s almost like having an instructor there looking over your shoulder and tailoring lessons to fit your specific needs.

testive sat adaptive technology review

4. Personal Coaching

Every Testive plan includes at least one weekly half hour-long session with your dedicated coach. This time can be used to strategize, ask questions, make sure you are sticking to your plan, or even double-check that your original plan is the right course of action. Being able to access a personal SAT coach is a feature that not all self-paced courses can offer, so Testive has really put together a great package by including this type of interaction standard.

testive sat weekly coaching sessions

But don’t feel like these sessions put all the responsibility on you to carry the conversation. In fact, your coach is able to monitor your work and progress throughout the week, which means they’ll come into the session with a plan already in place for advice on your next steps.

5. Eight Full-Length Practice Tests

Let’s face it, taking the SAT is a long and stressful process, but the reality is that nothing will prepare you for test day itself quite like making yourself sit down for the full 3+ hours and work through a test in its entirety. Realizing this, Testive has provided students with the most SAT practice tests on our list.

You can download the tests as PDFs and then either print them along with an answer sheet for a truly authentic practice experience, or access them digitally. You’ll need to upload all of your answers by bubbling a digital scantron, which can be a bit tedious after you have already gone through a full test, but the added realism of taking the practice test with pencil and paper makes up for the extra time spent.

testive sat full-length practice tests

Testive also offers a FREE practice test to everyone! This one is even done completely online, so no need for pesky printers, and it provides quick feedback on where you stand. If you want to get a quick measure of your readiness, visit the Testive website and get started on your practice test and then consider calling for your free consultation.

6. Three Course Options

Even though Testive does not offer anything other than self-paced online courses, they still give students a choice of three plans. Each has its own merits. From packing a lot of content into a short amount of time, to providing an extra weekly coaching session, if self-paced is your preferred style, you’ll find a package that fits your needs here.

A-List Powered by Testive Pricing

Bootcamp: $799; includes a 4-6 week intensive course that is perfect for last-minute studying; two weekly coaching sessions, personalized lesson plans, 3,000+ practice questions, 50 hours of video explanations, email and phone support, interactive online platform and score improvement guarantees.

Coaching: $399/month; includes a weekly coaching session, personalized lesson plans, 3,000+ practice questions, 50 hours of video explanations, email and phone support, interactive online platform and score improvement guarantees.

Coaching Plus: $699/month; includes all of the features from the coaching plan, plus an extra weekly coaching session.

7. ACT Prep Included

More students these days are coming out of high school having taken both the SAT and the ACT. Testive recognizes that changing reality and, in response, offers a full range of prep materials for both tests in the same package. This means that any purchase of a Testive SAT Coaching plan will give you full access to the ACT materials, which provide the same amount of content, questions, and coaching time.

testive sat and act package

To make it even sweeter, a simple toggle button lets you go back and forth between SAT and ACT study materials in a flash. It even remembers your calendar settings for each!

8. Score Improvement Guarantee

When it comes to paying for any test prep course, it’s always great to have an added layer of security to know that your investment is protected. Testive offers customers two separate money-back guarantees. First, if you are unhappy with the style or content of the platform, you can get your money back within the first 14 days with NO questions asked. Two weeks should be plenty of time to decide whether a course and teaching style are comfortable fits, so this is a great option for Testive to include.

If you finished the course and completed at least 80% of the assignments from your coach and were present for every meeting with your coach, but your score doesn’t improve from previous tests, you might be eligible for the Testive Score Guarantee. You have two options at this stage: You can either opt for up to two months of complimentary coaching for an upcoming SAT, or receive a full refund of all payments made to Testive since you took that first baseline test.

Whichever way you go, Testive shows with its guarantees that they are confident in their product and want you to feel that your money will be well spent.


1. No Mobile App

As more and more content moves towards mobile platforms, it is disappointing that Testive does not offer students a way to access their platform in a mobile app. The ability to practice on-the-go is valued by a lot of busy students who need to squeeze test prep into tight spaces and tight time frames throughout their day. Unfortunately, Testive’s online resources are best used on a desktop and that’s one of the reasons they fall a bit short of the top spot on our list.

But don’t worry: If mobility and flashcards are something you simply have to have, check out our review of Magoosh SAT Test Prep.

2. Only Self-Paced

Getting a weekly video chat with a coach is a great resource to have as a supplement, but some students need that personal interaction more directly and more often. Being able to learn through live lessons (whether online through video streams or in person) is still a huge asset, even in an increasingly digital time.

If personal instruction is your bread and butter, see our review of The Princeton Review SAT Prep.


As a newcomer to the industry, Testive has really made an impact and is pushing the boundaries of online self-paced SAT prep. With endorsements from companies and schools like NPR, The Wall Street Journal, and MIT, it is easy to imagine Testive continuing to grow and add more resources to their repertoire. The recent addition of an online practice test shows that they are committed to constant innovation.

With that said, the product as it stands now is a great option for students who like to rely on self-discipline and organization for studying. Being able to set your own schedule and move through lessons when you have the time is an efficient way to get the most from a prep course. Add in the extra benefit of weekly chats with a professional coach who has been following your work closely, and you have a hybrid system that is deserving of Testive’s higher score guarantee.

Plus, lumping in ACT prep materials at no extra cost gives you the absolute best chance at getting into the school of your dreams and starting life after high school on the right foot.

Easy-to-use online resources that teach you how to learn from and avoid repeating your mistakes, weekly access to top-of-the-line coaches, and a score improvement guarantee combine to make Testive a great new option for students who are looking to CRUSH the SAT test.

To get a feel for how Testive measures up against the other SAT prep courses, read our comprehensive comparison chart. Or, use the link below to visit their website yourself, sign up for a free consultation, and see if Testive is the choice for you.


Have you taken Testive SAT prep course? Let us know what you think!

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