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The Princeton Review GMAT prep course reviewAs a leading name in the world of test prep, The Princeton Review GMAT is a great choice for students preparing to take the GMAT.

Among our top rated GMAT Prep Courses, The Princeton Review offers students the most computer-adaptive practice tests (10) and a number of exclusive features—the Adaptive DrillBuilder, the instructional GMAT Explanation Sessions—that add study benefits without adding to the cost!

With a higher-score guarantee, multiple course packages, and lots of live features at very competitive prices, we highly recommend The Princeton Review GMAT Prep for those who are looking for a top-tier prep course that gives the most bang for your buck!

Please note The Princeton Review GMAT is one of our affiliate brands, and as such we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase this prep course. Only use our links if you find this review helpful.


1. Number of Practice Tests

The Princeton Review leads the way in this category by offering its students 10 computer-adaptive practice tests with all of their Self-Paced and Live course packages. The GMAT reacts to your performance, adjusting the difficulty (and point value!) of subsequent questions based on whether you have been answering correctly. There is a strategy to tackling an exam structured like this, and the more exposure you have to the feel of the exam the more likely you are to feel comfortable with its nuances. Thankfully, all 10 practice tests react in the same way as the real GMAT will.

If completing practice tests is your preferred way to prepare, you can also check out Varsity Tutors, which has 12 practice exams (the most of any we reviewed) and access to 5,000+ practice questions.

The Princeton Review also dedicates a number of its introductory video lessons to helping you understand how the GMAT is scored, and how to devise a strategy for crushing it.

 2. Adaptive DrillBuilder

princeton review gmat adaptive drillbuilder

One of The Princeton Review GMAT Prep’s unique features is its adaptive DrillBuilder, which utilizes the Review’s homemade algorithm to assess your strengths and weaknesses (based on practice tests and previous drills completed). Then, with a few inputs from you, the DrillBuilder puts together a series of questions meant to hit your specifications and maximize your benefit.

the princeton review gmat adaptive drillbuilder

Inside the DrillBuilder, you can choose from a few different styles: let the Algorithm work its magic, or build your own practice set from some templates; choose to have feedback included, or treat it more like a practice test with results coming only at the end; finally, select how much time you want to spend and how difficult you want the questions to be. Overall, the DrillBuilder is a feature that offers a lot to students, and you’ll find that all of the features are useful and—perhaps most importantly—quick and easy to setup.

3. Numerous Adaptive Video Lessons

The Princeton Review also sets itself apart in this area by not only providing responses and explanations for each possible answer in a lesson, but by including adaptive video lessons that react to your responses and help you see exactly why you got the question right or wrong.

princeton review gmat adaptive videos

By selecting “review” the concept after a wrong answer, it will trigger the system to call up a video lesson that rehashes the particular subject or strategy that you’re having trouble with.

Adaptive and engaging video lessons can be really helpful for making sure that you learn from each mistake along the way, and further sharpen your skills to help you avoid falling into traps from lucky guesses or repeated errors.

4. Coaching Session Included in Self-Paced

Here is a game-changing feature: The Princeton Review offers each student enrolled in a Self-Paced GMAT Prep course the chance to schedule a 1 hour, 1-on-1 tutoring session with one of their professionally trained GMAT coaches.

princeton review gmat coaching sessions

Normally access to an individual coach is restricted to Live Online plans, but here Self-Paced students are able to take advantage of a tutoring session without the higher price tag that comes with a Live package. Although it may seem small, there is a lot you can accomplish in an hour with a trained coach.

Consider using this coaching session to:

  • Get early-stage advice on how to most efficiently organize your study plan
  • Review a particular practice test that gave you trouble
  • Get tutoring on a specific subject (sentence correction, linear equations, etc)
  • Ask any general questions about the GMAT itself, including tips for test day

If you like quick videos to explain the strategy behind each question, you can also check out Magosh’s online GMAT course. Their fully-online course content provides countless videos to cover each topic and question type with full instruction on how to solve each problem or question.

5. GMAT Explanation Sessions

The Princeton Review’s GMAT Explanation Sessions are a set of online lectures scheduled a couple of times each week. Each session is led by one of the The Princeton Review’s highly-trained GMAT instructors and covers a different subject. They are free to watch for ALL Princeton Review GMAT Prep subscribers and can be a great way to take advantage of an instructor’s insights without using up your 1-on-1 session.

princeton review gmat explanation sessions

Can’t make it on a certain night, but really hoping to sit in on a session to help refresh your algebra? Don’t worry, because The GMAT Sessions are led by subject specialists and the subjects always come back around, so there will always be another opportunity to get the help that you need.

6. Multiple Packages

GMAT Preparation is not a one-size-fits-all undertaking. Everyone has their own unique learning style and availability, and so it is important for a prep course to provide students enough options to make selecting the right one possible. Thankfully, this is exactly the case with The Princeton Review GMAT Prep. Without confronting you with an overwhelming number of options, The Princeton Review offers some really competitive options in all the main categories: Self-Paced, Live Instruction, and Private Tutoring. Here is a quick breakdown of the prices and features included in each package:

princeton review gmat course options

Princeton Review GMAT Self-Paced:

$499; 83 adaptive drills and 4,000 practice questions; 10 computer adaptive practice tests; DrillBuilder; Full Access to GMAT Explanations; GMAC Official Guide; 100 adaptive video lessons; 91 quick review lessons; 1 hour of 1-on-1 personal tutoring

Princeton Review GMAT Ultimate Live Online:

$1299; 83 adaptive drills and 4,000 practice questions; 10 computer adaptive practice tests; DrillBuilder; Full Access to GMAT Explanations; GMAC Official Guide; 100 adaptive video lessons; 91 quick review lessons; 27 hours of online classroom instruction

Princeton Review GMAT Ultimate Live In Person:

Starting at $1199 (varies by location); 83 adaptive drills and 4,000 practice questions; 10 computer adaptive practice tests; DrillBuilder; Full Access to GMAT Explanations; GMAC Official Guide; 100 adaptive video lessons; 91 quick review lessons; 27 hours of physical classroom instruction
Private Tutoring: $167 or $180 per hour; 83 adaptive drills and 4,000 practice questions; 10 computer adaptive practice tests; DrillBuilder; Full Access to GMAT Explanations; GMAC Official Guide 3-book bundle; 100 adaptive video lessons; 91 quick review lessons; 10 or 18 hours of private tutoring

The Princeton Review’s Self-Paced option is great for students who are looking to take advantage of professional coaching, but need to do so on their own time. Not everyone has the luxury to hold to a regular schedule while preparing for the GMAT, but the 1-on-1 coaching session included with Self-Paced allows you to take advantage of some personal attention on your own time.

If you have a bit more time to spare, we highly recommend one of The Princeton Review’s Live Instruction options. Whether Online or In Person, these packages afford you with access to a professional coach in addition to the full complement of online practice materials. Beginning at just $1,299, The Princeton Review Live courses are some of the most affordable on the market.

7. Affordability

As you can tell from the breakdown above, The Princeton Review GMAT boasts a price tag that is tough to beat in terms of value. Further illustrated on our GMAT Prep Course Comparison Chart, The Princeton Review’s prices are among the lowest for companies that offer all types of prep options (Self-Paced, Live Instruction, and Private Tutoring). Other prep companies can run as high as $799 just for Self-Paced options, with Live packages running almost $2,000. So at $499 and $1,299 respectively, The Princeton Review GMAT Prep gives you the most bang for your buck.

If you’re looking for the most budget-friendly option, Magoosh starts at $249 which is one of the best values of the courses we’ve reviewed.

8. Princeton Review Guarantee

Finally, The Princeton Review’s GMAT courses come with the Princeton Review Score Improvement Guarantee.* The Guarantee comes with two assurances: if your GMAT score does not increase, then you are eligible for a FULL refund; if you find that you aren’t satisfied with the course experience, then you are eligible to repeat the program from free (with only a $50 fee to replace your physical test materials).

To qualify for the guarantee, you need to have attended all of your classes and tutoring sessions (for Live and Private plans) and completed all lessons and homework assignments. Self-paced subscribers need to have taken at least 4 practice tests and completed your personal coaching session. Make sure to fully read through their Score Improvement Guarantee terms.

*The only exception is the 10-hour Targeted Private Tutoring program, which is not included because it is not meant to focus on all areas of the exam.


1. No Dedicated Mobile App

The Princeton Review GMAT Prep offers a great deal to its students, but unfortunately there is no dedicated Mobile App. Whereas some of the other top options provide students either with fully-supported mobile access to their Self-Paced lessons, or a further series of handy apps for flashcards, The Princeton Review does not provide similar features. Although this is a blow for those of you who love to be able to study on-the-go, there are a number of positives that make the Princeton Review worth it. Also, keep in mind that every plan includes the GMAC Official Guide, which is a textbook full of tips and practice questions from previous real GMAT exams.

2. Limited Availability of In Person and Tutoring

In Person and Private Tutoring options are of course limited by location no matter what company you choose for your GMAT prep. The Princeton Review’s options are mostly concentrated in major cities as well as college towns. If you are looking for this type of personalized coaching, be sure to check The Princeton Review to see if there are options near your area.

If tutoring and live instruction is something that you think you’ll benefit from, you can check out Varsity Tutors, which offers access to instructors with every package. They also have On-Demand options that include private tutoring, if you need some extra support.


The Princeton Review GMAT Prep is one of the best products on the market, offering you the best bang for your buck when it comes to Self-Paced, Live Instruction and Private Tutoring GMAT courses. With exclusive tools like the DrillBuilder helping you maximize your study time, and complimentary access to their GMAT Explanation Sessions allowing you to get your lecture fix, there is a great chance that The Princeton Review has a plan that is right for you.

We highly recommend The Princeton Review GMAT Prep for anyone looking for an affordable prep option that also delivers top-tier instruction and practice. Check out our GMAT Comparison chart to see how The Princeton Review stacks up to the other top GMAT review options, see which choice fits YOUR learning style, and get ready to CRUSH the GMAT!


Commonly Asked Questions:

1. How Much is Princeton Review GMAT Prep?

The Princeton Review GMAT Prep is one of the most affordable options on the market. Self-Paced plans begin at $499, and Live Online and In-Person packages cost $1,200. If you’re looking for an even better deal, be sure to sign up using one of our exclusive discounts here:

2. Does Princeton Review GMAT Prep have a Mobile App?

The Princeton Review GMAT does not have a mobile app, with the only on-the-go features being the physical GMAC Official Guide. If mobility is key for you, check out our review of Magoosh GMAT Prep, currently our highest-rated review course.

3. How long can I access my Princeton Review GMAT Prep materials?

Online access to GMAT Prep materials lasts for 4 months. If for some reason, however, you find that you are not satisfied with the experience then you can request the Satisfaction Guarantee which allows you to repeat your course in full.

4. Is Princeton Review or Kaplan better for GMAT prep?

Princeton Review offers more practice exams, but fewer practice questions. However, with Princeton Review’s  3,000+ questions, it’s unlikely that you’ll need the 5,000+ question bank that Kaplan boasts. Both programs offer a higher score guarantee and offer 4 months of online access.

For these two, it really comes down to personal preference and price point. Princeton Review offers very similar options at a lower starting price. However, the best thing to do is carefully compare the different offerings for each company and take advantage of the free trials that they offer. It can be difficult to know which is the best fit for you until you try.

Check out our comparison chart to further see how each GMAT prep course ranks against the others.