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Updated April 7, 2021


Veritas Prep offers several ACT products in different formats, ranging from online self-study lessons to intensive private tutoring schedules. Through this diverse ACT lineup, these courses cater to the unique needs of high school students, particularly anyone looking for personal feedback from instructors, different resource formats, or college admissions services.

Preparing for the ACT can take on tons of different forms—you can purchase an ACT prep book or attend a class at school, for instance. But for many soon-to-be high school graduates, the best way to prepare for the ACT will be to find something that adapts to your schedule and needs while still offering access to proven ACT strategies and knowledgeable experts. That’s exactly what Veritas Prep aims for.

In this review, we’ll show you just how effective Veritas Prep is at hitting that sweet spot through unique course features like instructor office hours, a wide variety of material, and college admissions options.

We’ll also break down how potential downsides of this product compare to some of the other ACT prep courses that are popular these days. By taking you through its features, guarantees, and content, we hope you’ll have a better idea of whether Veritas Prep ACT has the best value for you!

Please note Veritas Prep is one of our affiliate brands, and as such we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase this prep course. Only use our links if you find this review helpful!


1. Admissions Resources

Veritas Admissions Resources

Veritas Prep offers well-known college admissions services in standalone packages, which help students reach their dream schools each year. However, these sorts of college admissions consulting packages can be expensive due to their high demand these days.

That’s why it’s a huge deal for Veritas to include free college admissions advice with each of their ACT prep plans, something you won’t find with any other ACT prep course.

With Veritas’s Self Study online ACT prep course, for example, students get a free personal admissions consultation, where one of Veritas Prep’s advisors will evaluate their high school grades, activities, accolades and more to determine their chances at getting into certain schools.

Students will also have access to a college workshop seminar that breaks down how college admissions boards look at applications today, which can really help them effectively frame their unique strengths and weaknesses on an application.

College admissions counselors can charge thousands of dollars, and while this can be worth it in the long run, it may make more sense for you to use a less-intensive college counseling service. If that sounds like it applies to you, Veritas Prep would be a great option for your ACT prep, as it’s the only course offering this sort of service.

2. ACT Instructor Help

Veritas Prep’s admissions services are a unique bonus for its ACT prep courses, but the ACT instructors students interact with are the true backbone of the product.

With Veritas’s office hours feature, students have access to live homework help from ACT tutors, which they can use an unlimited number of times during their studying program.

When you log onto the Veritas ACT dashboard, an office hours tab at the top of the screen will have a green light next to it at certain times of the day.

ACT Instructor Office Hours

That light indicates that teachers are available for office hours, meaning you can jump into a video chatroom and ask any question you like, including ACT strategies, specific homework or test problems, or the general academic concepts you’ll encounter on the test.

Having unlimited access to ACT instructors is a game changer when it comes to test prep. Many prep courses will limit you to asking text questions through a chat feature or through email, but hearing a question explained by an actual expert in real time can drastically accelerate your learning, and you just can’t do that with any other ACT test prep course.

3. Longest Access Period

Retaking the ACT is a pretty common practice these days, with some students taking the test over and over again to perfect their score. With some ACT prep courses, though, students wouldn’t be able to study again to retake the ACT because of short access lengths. With Veritas, this isn’t a problem.

Veritas Prep offers 1 full year of access with its Self-Paced online course packages. That not only gives you the opportunity to study again and retake the ACT, but it also gives you the flexibility to move your studying schedule to whatever time of year works for you.

Some ACT prep courses give as few as 4 months of access to the material. While this might be enough for some people, it just doesn’t provide as much wiggle room as you might need for your busy calendar. 1 year of access is the longest we’ve seen for an ACT course, and will definitely give you all the time you need to prepare.

4. Course Bundles

Veritas Prep has a couple of different course bundles for its Private Tutoring and On Demand products, which can combine tutoring hours, live class sessions, on demand lessons and admissions counseling. Other ACT courses might only offer one course in each style, but each of these ACT bundles allow you to pick the exact course plan that fits your needs.

ACT On Demand Bundles

To start with, the Self-Paced Online products come in 3 flavors: On Demand, On Demand + Tutoring, and On Demand + Admissions. The Tutoring and Admissions add-ons available with those packages are not a common feature for most ACT prep courses, making these products ideal for anyone who prefers to study on their own but needs at least a little 1-on-1 college guidance or ACT advice.

Veritas’s Private Tutoring products also come in 2 varieties: packages of 24 hours or fewer come with a full On Demand course, while packages above 24 hours come with access to a full Live Online course.

Again, this sort of variety allows you to combine the best features of several prep formats, and allow you to really settle into your optimal studying style.

5. Content Variety

To cater to students with different learning styles, Veritas Prep has ACT resources in written and video formats. This is unique because lots of courses have only video or text content, which aren’t the most effective format for a prep course on their own.

Videos can provide engaging content but aren’t as easy to review as text material, because you may have to navigate through way too much video to find the one concept or practice problem you need to review.

If a course only has text content, you run into the opposite problem—text is easier to search through, but it isn’t as engaging as video content can be.

A good ACT prep course should combine both text and written media, and Veritas does this well. With the Self Study courses, lessons are primarily taught through well-made videos featuring engaging instructors, while their practice problems and lessons are also written out in a collection of 10 ACT prep books that you can work through at your own speed.

Veritas Course Instructor

6. Discounted Tutoring

For students who struggle with standardized tests, or for anyone hoping to get into extremely competitive schools, Private Tutoring is probably the best way to study for the ACT.

Veritas Prep offers standalone Private Tutoring services, but also has discounted tutoring hours for students enrolled in one of its other ACT programs.

If someone chooses the 12 hour Private Tutoring package from Veritas, each tutoring hour will cost about $200 total. It’s also worth mentioning that 12 hours will be the lowest amount of hours you can purchase if you go with one of the standard Private Tutoring packages.

However, if someone is enrolled in the On Demand or Live Class programs, they can buy Veritas Prep’s Tutoring service at about a significant discount: $140 per hour, without the 12 hour minimum. If you’re working through the ACT course and find yourself stuck on something that can’t be solved in the provided office hours, this could be a lifesaver, granting highly discounted access to the most personal ACT instruction you’ll find.

7. Free Course Trial

For anyone interested in getting a glimpse of the features available through this ACT course, Veritas Prep has a free 7-day trial of its On Demand package. Reading about Veritas’s course features online is one thing (and we’re glad you’re here!), but nothing beats seeing how the course feels by trying it out yourself.

With this free trial, you’ll get a week of limited access to several lessons from the course, instructor office hours, and even college admissions advice from Veritas Prep’s experts. If you’re at all interested in seeing what the course has to offer for yourself, a trial like this is hands down the best way to find out.



1. No Adaptive Lessons

ACT Course Progress TrackerVeritas Prep’s ACT course is pretty up-to-date, using quality video content and progress tracking features through an optimized web platform, which even works on mobile devices.

However, one high-tech feature you may be looking for is an adaptive lesson plan, which doesn’t come with this course.

With an adaptive lesson plan, test prep courses like PrepScholar ACT will record your practice question performance and plug those stats into an algorithm. That algorithm will then reorder your lesson plan—and even the order of questions you receive—to improve on your biggest weaknesses first and hone in your strengths later on.

While Veritas Prep doesn’t have this lesson algorithm, it doesn’t mean your ACT plan is completely set in stone with this platform. You could still jump around between whatever lessons you like through your ACT dashboard, but you won’t get tailored recommendations that can guide you toward high priority concepts.

2. Limited Guarantee

With its Live Online ACT course packages, Veritas Prep offers a 3+ point score improvement guarantee for all its students. That way, if you don’t score at least 3 points better on the actual ACT after taking Veritas’s course, you get a full refund.

ACT Course Guarantee Badge

However, this guarantee doesn’t apply to the other ACT products, namely the Self Study plans. Theoretically, you could score worse on the ACT after using that course and be ineligible for a refund from Veritas Prep.

Considering the stronger 4+ point improvement guarantee offered by Magoosh ACT on all of its prep courses, it’s clear that Veritas Prep doesn’t have the best guarantee out there. Still, Veritas’s guarantee isn’t the worst either, and will provide some valuable score insurance if you choose a Live Online course option.


Veritas Prep offers an ACT offering that has a great balance of different studying resources, plus invaluable features like admissions services and instructor office hours that you won’t find anywhere else.

For ACT students that need personal instruction during their test prep, Veritas Prep may be the best course out there. The admissions guidance and access to instructor homework help—not to mention its private tutoring discounts and various bundles—make this a really appealing offering for anyone who isn’t satisfied with courses that lack guidance. If you like what you’ve learned about this course here, your next step is to take it for a spin using a 7-day free trial—no harm in trying it out!


No prep course is perfect, and if you’re interested in learning more about other ACT prep options, you should head over to our comparison review page of the top ACT courses on the market. There, we’ve put together detailed overviews of each course and a comparison table showing their prices, access periods, guarantees, and more.


Veritas Prep ACT Pricing



Course Plan Starting Price Format Features
On Demand $499 Self-Paced Online

– 1 year access
– Interactive video lessons
– Free admissions consultation
– 8 practice exams
– Optional admissions & tutoring add-ons

Live Online $899 Live Online

– 25 hour course length
– Free admissions course
– 3 point improvement guarantee
– 8 practice exams
– 99th percentile instructors

Private Tutoring $2,400 Private Tutoring

– All Live Online features
– Flexible scheduling
– 12, 24, 36, 48 hour packages