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Updated April 7, 2021


Veritas Prep’s GMAT prep course is one of its most popular products, and for good reason. Plenty of users online talk about substantial score increases and 700+ GMAT scores thanks to this course, but what really stands out from students’ comments is how engaging, effective, and accessible their instructors were throughout the process—no matter which GMAT course package they used.

From our own experience with this course, we’ve found that Veritas Prep focuses on providing an unparalleled level of access to great GMAT instructors, a feature that only adds to an already thorough and advanced GMAT course platform.

Here, we’re going to take you through all the things we’ve found that make Veritas Prep GMAT worth the investment in comparison to its competitors, particularly for anyone who needs 1-on-1 instruction, MBA consulting services, or plenty of time to tackle their GMAT study schedule.

Afterward, we’ll let you in on the aspects of this course that might make someone consider other popular GMAT prep courses as an alternative. That way, you’ll see whether Veritas Prep GMAT is a worthwhile option for you!

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1. Course Variety

GMAT Package Lineup

The process of studying for the GMAT looks different for everyone—some want to feel like they’re in a classroom working to a set schedule, while others need to work at odd hours to make the most of their available time.

Then there are the people that want absolute assurance when it comes to their GMAT scores, and who need 1-on-1 time with a quality GMAT tutor who can walk them through the exam at their own unique pace.

The bottom line: Veritas Prep has something for everybody, offering multiple products in Self-Paced, Live Online, and Private Tutoring formats.

The Self-Paced courses from Veritas—called On Demand packages—come in 3 varieties, including optional tutoring and admissions packages that are truly unique to Veritas Prep.

The Live Online classes are Veritas’s flagship product and come in 3 standard flavors, not including 3 additional Live Online admissions bundles that we’ll explain in detail below.

Lastly, Veritas has Private Tutoring packages that range in duration from 10 hours to 40 hours, and include access to either On Demand packages or a Live Online class in addition to your time with a tutor.

While some prep companies offer one course in each studying format, Veritas Prep offers several, so you aren’t shoehorned into just one prep option just because you know you prefer to study on your own, in an online classroom, or with a tutor.

2. Admissions Bundles

As complex as the GMAT test is, it’s truly only one small part of the MBA admissions process. Prospective business students also have to select and research schools, craft a statement of purpose, and sometimes endure intense interrogat—or, uh, interviews.

Navigating all that isn’t easy, especially when you’re considering elite M7 business schools. That’s why there’s such high demand for MBA admissions consultants.

With Veritas Prep’s GMAT platform, you can get exceptional admissions bundles that will prepare you for the GMAT and everything else that makes the MBA application process so difficult.

These bundles give you standard access to an On Demand or Live Online GMAT course package, but also include hours of admissions advice or up to 3 complete applications’ worth of MBA consulting hours, which will cover the applications from start to finish.

What’s more, Veritas goes above and beyond with these products by providing diagnostics during all their GMAT courses to show your admissions chances at top MBA programs, plus a free MBA admissions consultation to everyone who purchases a version of their GMAT prep course—an incredible value.

Seriously, if you know you need to prep for the GMAT, but think you may need some advice on which MBA programs to apply to or how to make a good MBA application, you don’t even have to pay extra—just buy any GMAT prep course from Veritas and you’ll get a free consultation that could drastically improve your admissions chances in a short amount of time.

3. Access to Instructors

GMAT Instructor Office Hours

As we’ve mentioned before, what really stands out about Veritas Prep is their emphasis on giving students actual access to live GMAT instructors. Most GMAT courses will give you a chat bubble or email system that allows you to ask questions, but Veritas incorporates live office hours that let you ask instructors about concepts in real time.

With any other course this feature would cost a premium, but Veritas includes access to these office hours with every one of its GMAT packages.

In addition to live office hours, you’ll have the standard chat support and email support features that let you craft your questions in writing, and you’ll get a response to these within 24 hours.

And just in case you’re wondering, Veritas Prep’s instructors score in the top 1% of GMAT test-takers on average, meaning that everyone you’re talking with during office hours or chatting with about questions will absolutely know what they’re talking about.

4. Most Material

The average number of practice questions per GMAT course is just over 2,000. With Veritas Prep, you get more than double that number—5,000 GMAT practice questions, plus their video and written lesson material, customizable practice tests, and instructor office hours.

That’s the highest amount of GMAT prep material you can get, all of which is pretty well-crafted. The hours of video lessons you’ll encounter with Veritas Prep reflect their emphasis on quality instructors; rather than just showing walls of text with accompanying voiceovers, Veritas lets its best GMAT tutors walk you through each question step by step, making this material more engaging than most. You’ll also have access to 10 books’ worth of GMAT practice problems, which can be accessed digitally or in print.

All of this adds up to a massive amount of content, making Veritas Prep’s GMAT course great for anyone looking for comprehensive test prep.

5. Detailed Diagnostics

Veritas GMAT Course Tracker

Veritas Prep offers some of the most advanced diagnostics you’ll find with an online GMAT course, which go well beyond the standard progress report and even analyze your chances of getting into certain schools, as we’ve mentioned.

As you make your way through your On Demand course, you’ll not only see the progress that you’ve made in certain subject areas over time, but also how your progress compares with other GMAT scorers.

This approach to GMAT competition analysis is fairly unusual, because other courses tend to keep that sort of information behind the scenes.

All of this adds up to a diagnostic system that works especially well for those who are driven by competition—which, let’s be honest, includes most MBA students. Out of all the progress trackers and score calculators we’ve seen, this one is arguably the best at catering to the needs of future business professionals, spurring them on toward better scores through detailed analytics.

6. Access Period

Having lots of content and diagnostic tools is great, but if you don’t have time to go through it all it won’t be of much value to you. To give you some context, some Self-Paced prep courses can be as brief as a month—while that might be good for people who need to blitz through their preparation, it doesn’t allow for much flexibility.

Veritas Prep’s On Demand products include a whole year of access to prep material, which can be a lifesaver for the busy MBA applicant.

If you have the money to buy the course now but won’t have the time to take it until later, you can easily do that with Veritas GMAT. And if you begin studying but need to take a break due to extenuating circumstances, you won’t have to worry about your access timing out anytime soon.

Or, you could simply want to take your time during the studying process, as many people do. When it comes to flexibility, more time is better, and Veritas Prep offers by far the best access period available with an online GMAT course.

7. Trial GMAT Class

GMAT Session Schedule

A free trial for an on-demand GMAT course can give you an idea for how a test prep platform works, looks, and feels, but a free GMAT class can introduce you to the person behind the prep material. With Veritas Prep’s emphasis on quality personal instruction, it’s no surprise that they offer the latter.

You can sit in on any one of Veritas’s online GMAT classes for free—giving you an idea of not only how its instructors approach the test and its content, but also how they interact with students.

Considering how much time you might spend in online office hours (which you should definitely make use of) as part of this course, this free GMAT class experience could really give you an idea of what makes it unique.

So if you’re attracted to Veritas’s features, but still aren’t sure whether it’s the best choice for your GMAT prep, this is a great, risk-free first step. No harm in giving it a try!



1. Limited Guarantee

GMAT Course Guarantee Badge

Veritas Prep offers a great score improvement guarantee for several of its products, promising that you’ll score up to 50 points higher than you did on a previous GMAT attempt after taking the course, or your money back. However, this doesn’t apply to all Veritas’s products, as it does with other top GMAT courses like Magoosh GMAT.

Because Veritas Prep only offers this 50 point score improvement guarantee with the Live Class packages, someone could theoretically buy their Self-Paced package, score worse on the GMAT after taking the course, and be ineligible for any sort of refund.

Still, this sort of thing is very uncommon, and if you really like what Veritas Prep GMAT has to offer but still need some score security, you always have the Live Class packages as an option.

2. Non-Adaptive Lesson Plan

GMAT Course Plan

With this GMAT course, you’ll have access to plenty of high quality progress trackers, diagnostics, and customizable practice features. However, while these features and customization options are great, the course itself will stay fairly rigid when it comes to its overall lesson plan.

These days, courses like PrepScholar GMAT incorporate an adaptive curriculum that responds to your studying strengths and weaknesses, prioritizing the lessons that will lead to the highest score increases according to an efficient, custom-tailored timeframe.

With the On Demand material from Veritas, though, you’ll instead be prompted to work according to a set lesson plan that doesn’t involve any sort of adaptive algorithm.

The Veritas Prep GMAT lesson plan isn’t completely set in stone, though. Students can still jump around between lessons if they choose—they just won’t be getting advanced recommendations on how to jump around effectively.

So, for anyone who’s looking for the most cutting-edge technology when it comes to lesson plans and adaptive learning, another GMAT course may be a better fit.


As we see it, Veritas Prep is one of the top GMAT courses out there due to its wealth of quality content, its course variety and cost-effective admissions bundles, and especially the opportunity for students to actually interact with top-quality instructors each day.

There are few downsides to this popular course, and its various strengths make it a particularly good option for those looking for MBA admissions guidance, in-depth material, long access periods, or personal tutoring.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Veritas Prep GMAT works, we definitely recommend taking advantage of their free GMAT class offer—sit in on one of the online class sessions and see for yourself if this course is an ideal fit for you.


There are plenty of GMAT courses out there, and if Veritas Prep doesn’t seem like your best choice, you can still find a GMAT prep option that fits your budgeting, studying, and scheduling needs. Go to our GMAT course comparison page to see how the most popular GMAT courses today stack up against one another, we’re sure you’ll find something that suits you!


Veritas Prep GMAT Pricing



Course Plan Starting Price Format Features
On Demand $699 Self-Paced Online

– 1 year access
– Interactive video lessons
– Free admissions consultation
– 12 practice exams
– Optional admissions & tutoring add-ons

Live Online $1,399 Live Online

– 36 hour course length
– Free admissions consultation
– 50 point improvement guarantee
– 12 practice exams
– 99th percentile instructors

Private Tutoring $2,650 Private Tutoring

– All On Demand features
– Flexible scheduling
– 10, 20, 30, 40 hour packages