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Updated August 29, 2021


Some prep courses have high-tech features, while others prioritize a simple but finely tuned GRE curriculum. Veritas Prep’s GRE classes fall into that second category, providing students with solid GRE content plus a level of access to top test instructors that you just won’t find with any other prep course.

All in all, we find there’s lots to love about Veritas Prep GRE, with course features like instructor access and available add-ons that make it an especially good choice for anyone who needs expert guidance as they study and work through nitty-gritty concepts.

Still, there’s plenty more about Veritas Prep’s GRE course for prospective buyers to learn about, especially when it comes to the value of its course packages, instruction materials, and features like score guarantees.

Here, we’ll take you all that and more to show you the pros and cons of Veritas Prep, highlighting what makes the course unique from other offerings before showing what might make other high quality GRE prep courses a better option for you.

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1. Top Instructor Access

GRE Live Class Schedule

One of the assets that Veritas Prep brags about the most is its top-notch instructor roster—given their stats, the company has got the right to brag a bit.

With some GRE prep courses, you’ll find that instructors score at or above the top 1% of scores on the exam. While Veritas Prep instructors fall into this category, they also have exceptional teaching abilities.

Plus, students have more access to their instructors with Veritas Prep than with any of the other GRE courses we’ve seen. Even with Veritas’s Self-Paced courses, students get access to live instructor office hours every day of the week, where they can ask any questions they’d struggle to get answers for outside of an actual conversation.GRE Instructor Schedule

Beyond that, students will also learn their GRE lessons through well-made videos that show their instructors walking through concepts step-by-step—a feature we’ll dive into later.

Plenty of GRE courses offer a Self-Paced curriculum, but it’s truly unique for a course to include unlimited personal instructor access and instructor-focused video material like you’ll get with Veritas Prep.

2. Course Variety

GRE Class Packages

Online GRE prep courses generally come in one of 3 formats: Live Online, Self-Paced, and Private Tutoring. One GRE prep company may offer their course in all 3 formats, but it’s not all that common for a company to have multiple packages in each of those 3 types.

Veritas has 3 different Self-Paced GRE packages, 2 of which include tutoring or admissions consulting features that most students will get a lot of value from.

The Live Online class packages also include 2 different schedules, with some classes on weekends and some during the week.

Lastly, Veritas’s Private Tutoring course comes in 4 different packages, some including all of Veritas Prep’s Self-Paced course material and others including access to the full Live Online course.

That adds up to 10 different packages to choose from across all 3 course formats, allowing students to pick a GRE prep experience that truly caters to their studying styles and academic needs.

3. Consulting / Tutoring Add-ons

GRE Online Add Ons

We’ve mentioned that Veritas Prep offers several options for its Self-Paced course, which are called On Demand, On Demand Plus, and On Demand + Admissions. With these last 2 products in particular, we think students can get an insane amount of value.

Veritas Prep is the only prep course we’ve found to offer full-blown admissions consulting with a Self-Paced GRE course: their On Demand + Admissions package.

Their On Demand Plus package also includes 3 hours of private GRE tutoring, which is often the best way for a student to reach massive score increases on the test.

These add-ons combine the flexibility of Self-Paced study with the structure and expertise that comes with personal guidance from an established expert, all for a much lower price than you’d get if you bought the GRE course, graduate consulting, and GRE tutoring services separately.

4. Year-Long Access

Studying for the GRE will take a different amount of time for each student, but gauging that amount of time can be difficult—this can make it hard for people to decide between GRE courses that have different access lengths.

With Veritas Prep, however, this is less of a problem since each of its Self-Paced courses comes with 1 year of online access to the material.

Generally, it’s a good idea for a student to start studying around 3 months before taking the GRE, but this isn’t a hard rule. Students may also need to drop their studying for a bit and come back to it later due to a busy schedule. Or, like plenty of other students each year, they may want to prep again and retake the GRE altogether to shoot for a better score.

All of these things factor into the GRE studying process, making GRE courses with longer access periods a good choice for anyone. And at 1 year of access, Veritas Prep has the longest access period available out of the top GRE courses on the market today, giving you the freedom to retake the GRE several times over or drop your studying for a while before you get back to a more open schedule.

5. Extensive Material

Veritas Prep Video Still

When it comes to course material, Veritas Prep incorporates both video and text lessons and assessments to provide content variety.

Where some courses have only text-based online lessons, Veritas Prep has extensive video-based content featuring its team of instructors. Plenty of GRE prep videos out there just show text and drawings on-screen, but Veritas Prep’s video instructors make its lessons particularly engaging.

Beyond these hours of video lessons, Veritas also includes a suite of written GRE prep materials—10 books’ worth—with its On Demand course. These books contain hundreds of practice problems and written overviews of test content with helpful test-taking strategies.

Printed materials like these aren’t common with most of today’s digital GRE courses, so the fact that Veritas Prep will ship these books to On Demand students makes it a great option for those who need to study online but prefer to work on paper when they can.

Veritas Prep GRE Books

6. Free Class Trial

While many GRE courses offer free trials for their on-demand content, few of them offer access to a free live class session. Veritas does just that.

This trial opportunity can give you a full glimpse into what you’ll experience with a Veritas Prep live class package, showcasing a 99th percentile test instructor as they lead a GRE lesson, answer student questions, and solve practice problems.

If you’re interested in Veritas and its team, but aren’t sure you’re willing to sign up just yet, there’s no harm in sitting in on one of these free GRE prep classes. It’s a great place to get an idea of how the course feels for you, which will ultimately determine how much value you’ll get from the course both in terms of your score and your overall course experience.



1. Basic Features

When it comes to Veritas Prep GRE’s add-ons, instructor access, and course content, there’s not much to complain about. Still, one thing the team could improve on with their online platform is the lack of certain high-tech features you’d find with other GRE courses these days.

GRE Online Progress Tracker

Lots of courses today, such as Magoosh’s online GRE course and the Target Test Prep GRE prep course, incorporate innovative progress tracking features, computer adaptive tests and quizzes, customizable flashcard decks, and more.

Some of these features, like flashcard decks, can help students who want to customize their practice experience with studying methods that work for them. There are even progress-trackers that suggest lessons by adapting to each student’s performance, giving them more time with concepts they need to focus on and less time on stuff they understand.

With Veritas Prep, there’s less course adaptability, tech integration, and customization, though that doesn’t always dictate how much a GRE prep course is worth.

As we’ve mentioned before, Veritas Prep stands out because of the quality of its instructor roster and how available those instructors are to students thanks to features like office hours and tutoring/consulting add-ons, which are truly unique to Veritas.

2. Limited Guarantee

Veritas Prep doesn’t offer a score improvement guarantee with any of its On Demand course packages, which means you could theoretically take the course and score lower than you did on a previous GRE attempt, but be ineligible for a refund.

Even though situations like these are unlikely, the lack of a guarantee means Veritas Prep’s self-study products won’t be the best for those looking for maximum score security. Courses like Magoosh GRE and The Economist, in comparison, have 5-point and 7-point improvement guarantees for all their course options.

However, if you’re alright with paying more for a Live Online product from Veritas, you’ll get a solid score guarantee for a 5-point improvement after all.

A guarantee like this is pretty solid, too—lots of courses offer a more generic ‘higher score guarantee,’ which wouldn’t provide any refund opportunities to students scoring only 1 point higher than they did before.


Veritas Prep’s GRE prep course is a good all-around option thanks to its detailed curriculum, video presentations, course variety, and available add-ons. What really makes these course packages stand out, though, is the level of access they provide to a talented pool of instructors.

With Veritas, students can make use of office hours, free class sessions, and chat support that can elevate their GRE prep to a new level—and that’s without even mentioning tutoring and admissions add-ons that provide exceptional value.

This course isn’t the most rich in features or guarantees, but it will work especially well for those who struggle to learn without having someone to talk to. And if you’re interested but still want to learn more before making a purchase, you can always use the free trial GRE class to see a full-length online session with one of their test experts.


For some, Veritas just might not be the perfect fit. If you want to look into other GRE options, you can always check out our page comparing all the quality GRE courses we could find. There, you’ll see a detailed breakdown of each course’s features, formats, prices and more. Take a look!



How can I prepare for the GRE online?

Using GRE test prep courses and other materials are some of the best ways to prepare for the GRE. Programs like Veritas offer comprehensive guidance to get you ready to earn your best score on the GRE. This is especially true if you perform better with in-person, live instruction and support.

The best advice is to start early. Veritas provides one full year of online access to materials, and other prep courses offer anywhere from 4 months to 1 year.

Is Veritas GRE worth it?

Veritas provides high-quality test prep content with available live instruction that you won’t find with other courses. Access to top instructors can help give test takers an edge, which those applying for graduate school admissions can appreciate.

Veritas offers a free trial class, so it’s definitely worth it to see if it’s a good fit. The different tiers of instruction and packages available make it a versatile option for different learning styles. Overall, it’s a sound investment for anyone hoping to improve their GRE score or have a better outcome on their first try.

Is Veritas Prep legit?

The Veritas GRE Prep program is completely legitimate and has a long history of providing high-quality content to test takers. They provide access to live instructors and plenty of options for all learning styles.

The most popular choice is the Live Classes package, which is a 30-hour course with live online instruction. There are also self-paced, self study courses and private tutoring.

I don’t have much time before my GRE. Can I still use Veritas?

With Veritas Self Study program, you can be ready for the GRE within 30 days. The self-paced package allows you to download or stream HD lessons on your home computer, iPad, or iPhone.

This package still gives you access to live online help with homework, and you’ll have a full 12-months of access to content, giving you plenty of time to get ready or continue to use the curriculum if you want to try again to improve your score later.

If you’re in a time crunch, another option is The Economist, which offers a 3-month option and an express 6-week package.

Is Veritas free?

Many GRE prep courses offer free content or trials. Veritas offers a free trial of a live class session, which many of their competitors do not offer. With this trial class, you can see what the live class is like with a 99th percentile test instructors.

The live class includes a full lesson, student questions and answers, and solving practice problems. This is truly the best way to find out if the Veritas live instruction class is what you need to perform your best on test day.

Is Veritas better than Magoosh?

Veritas and Magoosh are both incredible prep course providers. They offer many of the same features and both provide high-quality instruction and content.

Magoosh has a lower starting price than Veritas, but the online access is only good for up to 6 months, compared to Veritas’ full year of access. Magoosh has some better tech features, like a mobile app and flashcards, but Veritas offers in-person instruction options.

Both courses offer a +5 total score guarantee, which is one of the top score guarantees out there.

Overall, both courses are great, so the choice really comes down to your learning style. You could consider checking out the free trial options for both and see which one is a better fit.

You can check out the full Magoosh review here, or compare Veritas with all the other test prep options using our prep course rankings.

Veritas Prep GRE Pricing


Course Plan Starting Price Format Features
On Demand $599 Self-Paced Online

– 30 day length, 1 year of access
– Interactive video lessons
– Mobile-friendly
– Optional admissions & tutoring add-ons

Live Online $999 Live Online

– 30 hour course length
– 5 point improvement guarantee
– 99th percentile instructors

Private Tutoring $2,650 Private Tutoring

– All On Demand features
– Flexible scheduling
– 10, 20, 30, 40 hour packages