Veritas Prep SAT Review 2022

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Updated April 7, 2021


Veritas Prep is well-known for its college admissions counseling services, though from what we’ve seen, its test prep classes are also some of the best available. The Veritas team’s experience in the world of admissions—both for undergraduate and graduate programs—certainly shows in their course features, which often include admissions seminars, consultations, and college profile evaluations.

If you’re a high school student with a year or more before graduation, Veritas Prep’s SAT package should definitely be on your radar.

Not only can this course help you maximize your SAT scoring potential through its curriculum, but the available college admissions services can also give you a huge leg up during the application process.

Below, we’ll dive into the features that separate Veritas Prep from the rest as a good online SAT prep option, plus all the aspects of the course that aren’t ideal in comparison to other popular SAT prep courses on the market. By the end of this article, we hope you can narrow down whether Veritas Prep SAT is a good deal for you!

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1. Free College Admissions Help

College Admissions Evaluation

Possibly the most unique aspect of Veritas’s SAT prep course is the inclusion of college admissions features. As we mentioned before, Veritas has standalone college admissions consultation services that go toe-to-toe with the most elite consulting groups across the nation. So when Veritas offers these sorts of services for free with its SAT products, it’s kind of a big deal.

With all of Veritas Prep’s SAT course packages, students will receive a free college profile evaluation where one of their admissions experts will review their grades, extracurricular activities, GPA, and more to determine which schools would be a good fit.

In addition to that consultation, the Live Online and Private Tutoring packages also include a free 5-part college admissions crash course. That’s where students can learn the nuances of what college admissions boards are looking for in applicants, how to frame their college essays, which extracurricular activities make the biggest impact, and more.

These sorts of resources can put a student way above the competition when it comes to the highly subjective and often cutthroat world of admissions. Including them with an SAT course like this is rare, and it makes Veritas a stellar option for any student looking for college guidance.

2. Live Instructor Access

Another invaluable feature included with Veritas Prep’s SAT courses is access to live SAT instructors on every day of the week. Most quality SAT prep courses—particularly ones in a Self-Paced Online format—include chat and email support, where students can send questions to an instructor who usually responds within a day or two.

But while chat support is a good feature on its own, it pales in comparison to interacting with an SAT expert in real time.SAT Instructor Office Hours

Veritas Prep SAT gives students access to live instructor chatrooms 7 days a week, where they can ask questions and watch their instructor solve problems on a virtual whiteboard. Being able to pose a question, ask follow-up questions, and receive clarification through a video chat like this can be a huge asset for students studying for the SAT.

Plus, this feature only adds to their traditional chat support features, meaning that if a student isn’t available for the provided office hours one day, they can still ask questions and receive responses within a day.

3. Discounted Tutoring

Private SAT Tutoring is without a doubt one of the most effective ways of preparing for the exam, since it allows you to work at a personalized pace with an instructor who teaches you in real time.

It combines the flexibility of a Self-Paced Online course with the structure and expertise you get through a Live Class course, leading to serious score improvements. Still, it comes at a price.

With Veritas Prep’s Live Class or Self-Paced courses, however, you don’t have to pay full price for this premium instruction method: students already enrolled in any of Veritas Prep’s packages get a 10% discount on hourly SAT tutoring rates, knocking the price down from $154/hour to $140/hour.

In addition, these students aren’t limited to the 12 hour to 48 hour packages that you have to pick from if you buy Private Tutoring on its own. Instead, you can buy hours at 1 hour increments, making this a highly efficient strategy for anyone who needs a bit of SAT prep advice but doesn’t want to go all out for a long Private Tutoring course.

Private SAT Tutoring Discount

4. SAT Tutoring and Admissions Bundles

As you can see through course features like office hours, discounted tutoring packages, and admissions consultations, Veritas Prep places a unique emphasis on making its roster of live instructors accessible to SAT students.

Veritas continues this trend by offering tutoring and admission bundles that can drastically enhance your Self-Paced SAT course, all at a fraction of the price you’d pay for those services on their own.

With Veritas’s On Demand + Tutoring bundle, students get a full Self-Paced course plus 3 hours of Private Tutoring for $899. Those hours can be used in nearly any way that’ll help the student during their prep, and come in at a 20% discounted price in comparison to what you would pay for those hours as a standalone product.

With the On Demand + Admissions SAT bundle, the Self-Paced course instead comes with 7 hours of college admissions consulting for $2,300, saving you about $200. While this isn’t as big of a discount as the tutoring bundle, it is a truly unique product that capitalizes on Veritas Prep’s consulting background. You just won’t find something like this with any other SAT prep course.

5. 200-Point Guarantee

SAT classes often come with a score guarantee that promises you’ll either improve on a previous SAT score or you’ll get your money back. With many of these courses, you get a ‘higher score’ guarantee, which means you could theoretically score only a couple points higher (not much of a difference) and not be eligible for a refund. In contrast, stronger score guarantees are more specific and promise a substantial improvement.

SAT Course Guarantee Badge

With its Live Class packages, Veritas Prep SAT offers the highest score guarantee out of all the SAT courses we’ve reviewed: you’ll either improve your SAT score by 200 points or you get a full refund for your course purchase.

To put that in context, 200 points could turn a 40th percentile SAT score into a 74th percentile score, moving you from the bottom half of the pack to the top 25% of SAT test-takers.

6. 1 Year Access Period

You may be preparing to take the SAT this year, next year, or in a month or less, which makes timing and course duration an important factor as you decide between SAT prep options.

Some course access periods may be as brief as a month, which could be fine for some students, but this won’t be enough time for everybody. With Veritas Prep SAT, you don’t have to worry about how long your course lasts since each of their SAT On Demand packages provide course access for an entire year.

A year of SAT course access allows for increased flexibility as you study for the exam—you can study for multiple attempts, move your schedule around when things get busy, or buy the course on sale even if you don’t plan on taking it for a while.

Lots of students today take the SAT multiple times in order to optimize their score, but this is nearly impossible if you don’t have a studying resource that you can return to. Going with Veritas Prep SAT simply means you get one of the longest access lengths available, which can really come in handy as you incorporate your test prep into an already busy schedule.



1. Basic Progress Features

Veritas Prep SAT has a lot going for it when it comes to its course content and bonus features, which include well-produced videos, a digital SAT lesson book, instructor office hours and discounted prices. In comparison to other top-tier SAT courses, however, Veritas SAT doesn’t have the most technologically advanced course features that you can find.

SAT Course Progress Tracker

Some courses, like PrepScholar SAT, incorporate adaptive course progression and advanced progress trackers. These features tailor the course lesson plan to each student—you get lessons each day that were picked specifically based on your performance on previous practice quizzes, tests, and other coursework. In addition, you can see exactly how much progress you’ve made over time in different SAT subject areas, which can help you identify and focus on your weaknesses during your course.

With Veritas, you do have progress tracking and an expertly designed lesson plan, but these aspects of the course just aren’t customized for each individual student, and aren’t as detailed or technologically advanced as they could be.

2. Limited Self-Paced Course

We’ve already walked through the most unique and valuable features that you could get with a Veritas Prep SAT course, including its 200-point score improvement guarantee and 5-session college admissions crash course. These two particular features, however, aren’t included with Veritas’s Self-Paced SAT products.

Still, Veritas Prep does include one free admissions consultation and the instructor office hours feature with its Self-Paced course, both of which make it a great pick for anyone who wants to make sure they’re getting expert guidance. In comparison to courses like Magoosh SAT, however, Veritas’s On Demand packages are simply not as rich in features.

If you’re looking for the most advanced Self-Paced packages out there—or packages that have the most bang-for-your-buck—courses like the one from Magoosh will be a better option. On the other hand, if you’re specifically looking for a course that provides personal guidance along with individual SAT resources, Veritas Prep’s offerings are still great choices.


The SAT prep courses from Veritas Prep are solid products at their core, and include features, discounts, and other resources that you will not find with their competitors. One thing that stands out most from this course is the inclusion of free college admissions consulting sessions and guides, which could cost thousands of dollars from any other seller.

Beyond that, the opportunity for students to access live SAT instructors on any day of the week is invaluable, as it can really improve both your SAT score and overall studying experience.

Veritas Prep’s SAT products are especially good for students who are trying to decide which colleges to apply to, or for those who want a course that can put them in contact with actual instructors through tutoring opportunities or online office hours. With the Live Class SAT package in particular, you’ll get admissions consulting opportunities, a score guarantee, and expert instruction that are truly first in their class.


If you’re still on the fence about Veritas SAT, there are plenty of other options to choose from. These courses range from budget-friendly Self-Paced options to intensive live courses that give you finely tuned instruction at an ideal pace—check out our SAT course comparison page below to see what else is out there!


Veritas Prep SAT Pricing



Course Plan Starting Price Format Features
On Demand $499 Self-Paced Online

– 1 year access
– Interactive video lessons
– Free admissions consultation
– 8 practice exams
– Optional admissions & tutoring add-ons

Live Online $899 Live Online

– 25 hour course length
– Free admissions course
– 200 point improvement guarantee
– 8 practice exams
– 99th percentile instructors

Private Tutoring $154/hr Private Tutoring

– All Live Online features
– Flexible scheduling
– 12, 24, 36, 48 hour packages