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We believe everybody should be able to make online purchases with confidence. And while our website doesn’t feature every test prep company or review course in the universe, we’re proud that the advice we offer and the information we provide is accurate, truthful, objective - and entirely free.

So how do we actually make money? It’s simple, our partners compensate us. While this may influence which products we review and write about, and where they show up on the site, it absolutely does not influence our recommendations or guidance, which are formed by hundreds of hours of research and analysis. Check out our partners here.

What’s the bottom line? We’re on your team and are passionate about helping you achieve your career goals, even if it means we don’t make a dime.

Who Created Crush The GRE?

Hello, my name is Bryce Welker, and I want to thank you for coming! It was only by the skin of my teeth that I was able to complete the accounting program at San Diego State University, but I am glad to report that I did it. You probably remember the classmates in your accounting courses who had an innate talent for the subject and consistently earned high marks. You can count on the fact that I was NOT one of them. Even though I don’t consider myself to be stupid in any way, I had to put in far more effort than the average student in order to maintain a grade point average of 3.0. While the fact that my accounting skills are best mediocre, I was able to pass all four CPA tests on the first attempt despite working a full-time job that required me to put in 50 hours each week.

When I was preparing for my first two tests, I made the same mistake that the vast majority of people make: I concentrated my attention on the incorrect study material and ignored my friends and family simply because I didn’t have enough time for them anymore.

After taking that second exam, I realized that there had to be a simpler approach, and then I had an epiphany: I had been studying in the manner that my CPA refresher course instructs EVERYONE to study, rather than concentrating on the methods that work best for me personally.

My results in the CPA review course I was doing were outstanding, so I decided to start leaving out any parts of the study materials that weren’t really helping me learn. I reduced the total amount of time I spent studying for those final two exams by 45 hours, and I ended up getting better grades as a result. Because time is the resource that is the most important to us, I am certain that if you modify your study routines so that they are in line with the way that you absorb information, you will find that you have a great deal more of it. The two pictures that can be seen here are my visual evidence that I passed the examination, and the experience of getting these confirmations was a pivotal moment in my life.

After achieving success in all four areas and making progress along the career path, I was given the opportunity to take on the role of Accounting Manager at TGG Accounting. Even while I like my work, I realized that it wasn’t the path I intended to go professionally. As a result, I came to the conclusion that I needed to go out on my own and assist others. I went to Thailand, launched my own website, and improved my skills for the Certified Public Accountant test. It was at this time that I really started to grasp the ins and outs of becoming a CPA, and I also discovered the best way to assist future test takers in passing the exam in the shortest amount of time feasible.

Now I’ve tested the top GRE prep courses, using the same methods and best practices I’ve learned with the CPA exam. I created this website to help you find the best GRE, GMAT, SAT and ACT courses to fit your learning style. To save you time and money, and skip the mistakes I made.


The Reaction of the Press and the Media

I am presently considered a thought leader in the field of accounting, and my writing has been published in numerous major media outlets, including Forbes, Inc., Accounting Today, Huffington Post, AccountingWEB, and many more. Crush The GRE Public Mentions

GRE Exam Resources to Make Studying Manageable

To give you the greatest chance of success in your GRE exam, I’ve put together a series of helpful resources for you:

GRE Review Courses

It can be tough finding the GRE review course that’s right for you. I have thoroughly reviewed each course and provided a side by side GRE study materials comparison chart, so you can make the most informed decision based on your personal needs.

GRE Discount Codes

Once you’ve decided on the right GRE review course, CRUSH has negotiated the best GRE discounts on the market to save you money. The GRE exam can be an expensive process, and I’m here to help with that.

CRUSH is a website all about helping you pass the GRE exam without losing your freaking mind!

Most people have probably told you to say goodbye to your social life and relationships once you start studying for the exam (At least that’s what everyone told me). I can tell you from personal experience, that is a bunch of crap.

Those people aren’t liars, they just didn’t have the knowledge or resources to properly plan, study, and prioritize. CRUSH is here to make sure you do.