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Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2019

Updated January 14, 2019

Choosing the right Graduate Management Admission Test prep course is a very important decision that will help you score higher and get into the business school of your dreams.

You’ll be studying A LOT, so it’s crucial to find the best GMAT study materials that fit both your learning style and your timeframe.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS – we have personally researched and reviewed every major GMAT prep course on the market to make things easier for you! The comparison chart below compares all the top GMAT courses to  help you figure out which is best for you.

Please note that several of the links included below are affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, I may earn a referral commission if you purchase one of the courses below. Please understand that affiliate commissions do not affect the content I produce or the recommendations I make. Only use the links if you have been helped by my review!

GMAT Prep Course Reviews & Exclusive Discounts

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COMPANY Magoosh GMAT Princeton Review Kaplan GMAT The Economist examPAL GMAT Target Test Prep  Manhattan Prep


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$499 $449
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$799 $999 $799
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$489 $440
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$299  $549
PRACTICE QUESTIONS 1200+ 4,000+ 5,000+ 5,000+ 1,500 3,000  “Thousands”
PRACTICE EXAMS 3 10 9 4 4  N/A  6
GUARANTEE +50 total score guarantee Princeton Review Score Improvement Guarantee Kaplan’s Higher Score Guarantee 50-70+ Point Increase or Money-Back Guarantee +70 point guarantee Score Increase or Money-Back Guarantee None
FORMAT Self-Paced Online Self-Paced, Ultimate LiveOnline, Ultimate In Person Self-Paced, Live Online, and In Person Complete, Premium, and Ultimate Prep Self-Paced Online Self-Paced Online In-Person, Live Online and Self-Paced Online
COURSE BOOKS Online Only Online Only 2 GMAT Prep Books and an MBA admissions guide Online Only Online Only Online Only Printed Materials & Online Workbook
STUDENT SUPPORT Email Support & Forum Essay Feedback, Email & Phone Support Email & Phone Support Some Live Video Tutoring & Chat Support Email & Live Chat Support Email & Live Chat Support Email Support & Forum
ONLINE ACCESS 1 Year 4 Months 4 Months 6 Months 6 Months 4 Months 6 Months
TUTORING PACKAGES $680 for 6 Hours Tutoring + Premium Course  $135/hour Start at $2,799 “Ask-a-tutor” Questions Built Into Course Plans 3 1-on-1 tutoring sessions (Genius plan only) $250/hour $255/hour
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GMAT Prep Course Rankings

1. Magoosh GMAT

magoosh gmat prep course


Intuitive Interface: Magoosh has a very user-friendly online platform. From the dashboard students can quickly view progress charts, recommended lessons based on completed practice questions, and gain quick access to key course features. The course structure is easy to follow too; you can watch video lessons, take customizable practice quizzes, and review GMAT course material all from the well-organized dashboard.
Price: The Magoosh GMAT program is unmatched when it comes to providing quality study material at a discounted price. For just $219, students have 1 year of access to more than 250 lessons with video tutorials, 800 practice questions, and up to 2 practice exams. With competitors charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars more, this course is definitely a bargain!
Quality Instruction: Their test prep experts have extensive backgrounds in tutoring and GMAT subject matter. Each practice problem is accompanied by both written and video explanations to ensure the concepts are fully and clearly explained.
Customer Support: Magoosh has a reputation for being prompt and thorough in all responses to students’ questions. A built-in help tab appears whenever students are logged in, making it easy to submit questions immediately as soon as they come up, rather than having to stop what you are doing and going to a different part of the site to send an email or a message.

Bottom Line: Magoosh provides great flexibility and is the best overall value of any GMAT course.


2. The Princeton Review GMATThe Princeton Review GMAT Overview


Practice Tests: With 8 full-length adaptive practice tests, The Princeton Review provides more simulated practice than any of the other self-paced GMAT prep courses. After each test, students receive feedback and a one-on-one review of the test with their instructor to identify those sections on the GMAT that could benefit from more focused study.
Course Guarantees: The Princeton Review offers a set of three different guarantees: the Readiness Guarantee, the Satisfaction Guarantee, and the Money Back-Guarantee. Don’t feel ready to take the test at the end of a course? Repeat the same course or take a refresher course. Not satisfied with your result? Continue to work with The Princeton Review for up to a year. If your score still didn’t improve, you can ask for a refund.
Essay Feedback: The Princeton Review is the only self-paced GMAT course we reviewed that offers feedback on your practice essays. You can submit your essays through the LiveGrader tool, and one of their experts will score your essay and provide you with constructive suggestions for improving your essays.
Experience: Princeton Review has been around since 1981 and knows what they’re doing. Everything about their course from start to finish is professional and focused on helping you achieve your goals. Their experience has taught them what correlates most to success (practice test scores being one) and they’ve doubled down in these areas to help you score higher!

Bottom Line: Princeton Review is unmatched in terms of their course guarantees, number of practice tests, providing feedback on your practice essays, and providing expertise that only comes from being as experienced as they are. There’s a lot to like about their course offerings and I recommend them as the top comprehensive course on the market.


3. Kaplan GMAT

kaplan gmat prep course overview


Practice Material: Kaplan offers a lot of practice material, which can help you better recognize GMAT question types and improve your test taking ability. Their quiz bank of more than 5,000 GMAT practice questions allows you to take customized quizzes and filter which GMAT areas you want to focus and improve on. 7 full-length practice exams give you ample opportunity to practice your strategies and prepare yourself for the exam.
Higher Score Guarantee: Kaplan is confident in their products and will give students an opportunity to retake the course or get a refund if their score does not improve. Make sure you are aware of the conditions of the guarantee, one of which is establishing a baseline GMAT score before beginning the course.
Official Test Day Experience: Unique to Kaplan is the ability to take a practice GMAT test in an actual Prometric testing facility. This may give you the edge you need by giving you the familiarity with the test taking environment.
Most Expensive: Kaplan is extremely proud of their product and I don’t mean that in a good way. Their courses start at $799, offering no low-end price points for any of their courses. Their top courses are $1199 and tutoring packages on top of that are thousands of dollars.

Bottom Line: Kaplan provides a comprehensive course offering but is the most expensive option on the market. If money isn’t an issue, they’re a solid option after Princeton Review.



4. The Economist GMAT

The Economist GMAT Prep Course review


Communicate with Real Tutors: Some test prep courses charge huge additional fees for that service, but the Economist GMAT program has 1-on-1 tutoring sessions built into each of its plans. Messaging with tutors is done through their in-app messaging system, and this ability to reach out and contact a real live human is definitely a selling point for this GRE prep program. On top of messaging with tutors, you’ll get up to 6 live one-on-one video tutoring sessions.
Practice Material:The Economist basic GMAT prep course offers 4 full-length tests, but you can take up to 6 practice tests, depending upon the plan that you choose. The course also offers 5,000 practice questions and uses adaptive learning technology to help you focus on areas where you may struggle. This personalized learning system is one of the best out there, and the more you use it – the more personalized it becomes.
Mobile Friendly: You’ll be able to study on the go with The Economists mobile/tablet friendly interface. It’s a great option for someone that’s always on the move and only has 20 minutes for a quick study session. Just know not all features are available on mobile – like taking practice exams.

Bottom Line: The Economist GMAT course is a great alternative to the Kaplan’s and Princeton Review’s of the world. If you want built-in tutoring services, this is the course for you. They’re the best bang for-for-buck course when you factor in tutoring services.


5. examPAL GMAT

examPAL gmat prep course overview


PALgorithm. examPAL has identified 3 main methods for answering any GMAT question: Precise (able to answer outright without considering answer choices); Alternate (using process of elimination by plugging in the answer choices); and Logical (able to use outside information to assess a statement). Each student will be more inclined towards a different approach, and the examPAL system works to identify your preferences and tailor lessons accordingly.
Interactive Video Lessons. The examPAL courses utilize interactive video lessons in conjunction with their unique PALgorithm to make sure that students are learning from mistakes and being taught the methods that work best for them. Each lesson features a number of practice questions, with explanations for correct (and incorrect) choices built in.
Admissions Consultancy. The 6-month and 1-year plans include access to a 1-on-1 consultancy session with a professional graduate school admissions counselor. The road to your dream school doesn’t end when you finish your exam, and it is great that examPAL has built-in guidance for taking the next steps on your journey.
Extra Services. Each plan comes with credits that are used for practice questions and tests but can be redirected to pay for bonus services. These options include extra essay reviews, private tutoring sessions, and expert assessment of your progress or overall study plan. This is a great option for students who don’t want to purchase the more expensive plan but still would benefit from personal coaching.
Self-Paced Only. The examPAL teaching system is based entirely off of their self-paced video lessons. While the top-tier Genius plan does offer students access to 3 private tutoring sessions, students on other plans will need to spend their credits if they want personal coaching for the GMAT itself.

Bottom Line: examPAL offers a great price for top-notch services, a score improvement guarantee, and options to access even more personal resources. If you prefer Self-Paced learning and won’t miss having access to live teaching, then consider examPAL for your GMAT prep.


6. Target Test Prep GMAT

target test prep gmat review


Personalized Study Plans: The Target Test Prep course adapts to your skill level and score goal, using detailed analytics and customizable tests to zero in on your weak areas. A step-by-step, personalized study plan guides you through 20 chapters organized into 500 easy-to-digest lessons, and 3,000+ realistic quant problems help prepare you for the rigors of the GMAT.
Video Solutions by Expert Instructors: You will watch and learn from the masters when you sign up for this course. With more than 800 comprehensive HD video solutions to quant problems, led by expert GMAT instructors, you can easily pinpoint why (and where) you got a question wrong, and get valuable strategies for solving problems more efficiently.
$1 Full-Access Trial and Score Guarantee: You can’t go wrong with a risk-free, full-access trial for only $1, and Target Test Prep offers both a 5-day trial with no auto-billing and a guaranteed score increase if you stick with the course. If your GMAT quant score doesn’t go up after you complete Target Test Prep’s course, you can request a full refund.
Only Covers Quantitative Section of GMAT: Target Test Prep is a great option for those looking to boost their quantitative scores, but as of now, there is no equivalent review course available for the other sections of the GMAT, although private tutors are available to help you with those sections at your request.

Bottom Line: If you struggle specifically with the Quantitative section of the GMAT, Target Test Prep is a great option for you. I recommend their 4- or 6-month plans as the best bang-for-buck options.


7. Manhattan Prep GMAT

manhattan prep gmat course review


Comprehensive Course: Manhattan Prep’s course gives students a number of in-depth materials to study for each area of the exam. Access to more than 27 hours of video lessons, strategy guide books for each area of the exam, the Official Guide to the GMAT book, and 6 practice exams make this a well-rounded course with an impressive amount of practice material.
Downloadable Video Lessons: Manhattan Prep gives students the ability to study virtually anywhere. Their on-demand video lectures can be streamed live or downloaded to your computer or iPad so that you can study on the go, even if you are in an area without internet access. The high definition videos are easy to follow and taught by expert instructors.
Quality Practice Tests: In addition to in-depth lessons and study material, Manhattan provides 6 quality practice tests. Their test are difficult, and some students report that the practice tests are more challenging than the actual test. Each practice test includes a detailed score report.
Qualified Instructors:Manhattan Prep is meticulous in selecting their instructors and they are knowledgable in all areas of the GMAT.
Guarantees:Manhattan Prep clearly states on their website that all payments are nonrefundable and the company does not provide refunds to students for any reason.

Bottom Line: Manhattan Prep provides a comprehensive GMAT course that covers all the bases for you to score high. I don’t find it as efficient of a process as Princeton Review or Kaplan, but if you want a large amount of practice problems, Manhattan Prep is a great option.



What’s the Best GMAT Prep Course?

There are several viable options for the GMAT including: Magoosh, Princeton Review and Kaplan. But determining which one is best depends on a number of factors like your budget, your learning style, and your time frame. These GMAT course rankings are meant to help you find the right course FOR YOU!

Top 12 Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2019

GMAT Courses Best For… Course Price
Magoosh GMAT Flexibility, Ease of Use $219
The Princeton Review GMAT Practice Tests $499
Kaplan GMAT Best Overall  $799
 The Economist GMAT One-on-One Video Tutoring, Live Chat $799
examPAL GMAT Essay Reviews $439
Target Test Prep GMAT Comprehensive Materials $299
Manhattan Prep GMAT Qualified Instuctors $549
TestMasters One-On-One Tutoring $950
PowerScore Admissions Prep Services $995
Barron’s GMAT Low Cost/Budget Option $99
MLIC Test Score Guarantee $1495


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  1. Erin says:

    Hello, I am looking for a course that is excellent at helping to prepare for the quantitative section. Which course would you recommend?

    • Brett says:

      Hi Erin,

      If you’re only looking to master the quantitative section I’d go with Target Test Prep. They do a great job since that is the only section they help with.

      Best of luck!


  2. Sam says:


    I took the GMAT about 7yrs ago and I got 550 score. This time, I need at least 650 score. Which course provider will you recommend? I am working full time and only have few hours after work + weekends for the next 3-4 months to take the GMAT test.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


    • Brett says:

      Hi Sam,

      I’d go with Magoosh in your situation. They have more than enough practice questions and quizzes and the structure of the program would really benefit you. If you feel like you’re going to be consistent in putting serious time in and you have a larger budget – I’d go with Princeton Review’s Ultimate Live Online course. Both courses are solid options. Make sure you use one of my course discounts above and save yourself some cash.

      Best of luck!



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