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Updated October 5, 2021

Choosing the right Graduate Management Admission Test prep course is a very important decision—make the right choice, and it could help you score higher on the test and get into the business school of your dreams.

You’ll be studying A LOT, so it’s crucial to find the best GMAT study materials that fit both your learning style and your timeframe.

There is a good bit of pressure involved in this decision-making process, but here’s the GOOD NEWS—we’ve personally researched and reviewed every major GMAT prep course on the market to make things easier for you! The comparison chart below compares all the top GMAT courses to help you figure out which GMAT prep class will be the best option for you.

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GMAT Online Prep Course Reviews & Exclusive Discounts

GMAT Prep Courses Magoosh GMAT Prep Course Veritas Prep GMAT prep course review target test prep gmat Economist Eduation GMAT Tutor The Princeton Review GMAT Prep Course logo Kaplan gmat prep course review PrepScholar GMAT Prep Course Review
RANKINGS #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7
COMPANY Magoosh Veritas Prep Target Test Prep Economist GMAT Tutor Princeton Review Kaplan PrepScholar
Get Discount
$699 $99/month $449
$799 $699
Get Discount
$599 $139-$259
PRACTICE QUESTIONS 1,300+ 5,000+ 3,000+ 3,000+ 3,000+ 5,000+ 1,000+
PRACTICE EXAMS 2+ 12 N/A 4 10 9 4
GUARANTEE +50 total score guarantee +50 total score guarantee (live online only) Score Increase or Money-Back Guarantee +70 total score guarantee Princeton Review Score Improvement Guarantee Kaplan’s Higher Score Guarantee +60 total score guarantee
FORMAT Self-Paced Online Self-Paced Online, In-person, & Live Online Self-Paced Online Self-Paced, Live Online, Private Tutoring Self-Paced, Ultimate Live Online, Ultimate In Person Self-Paced, Live Online, and In Person Self-Paced Online
COURSE BOOKS Online Only Online Only Online Only Online Only Online Only 2 GMAT Prep Books and an MBA admissions guide Online Only
STUDENT SUPPORT Chat Support, Email Support & Forum Chat Support Email & Live Chat Support Email & Live Chat Support Essay Feedback, Email & Phone Support Email & Phone Support Email Support
ONLINE ACCESS 1 Year 1 Year 6 Months 4 Months 4 Months 4 Months 4 Months
TUTORING PACKAGES $680 for 6 Hours Tutoring + Premium Course $2,650 for 10 hours $300/hour FREE with all plans $167/hour $2,499 for 10 hours 4 hours of tutoring included with $799 GMAT course
MORE DETAILS Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review
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GMAT Prep Course Rankings

Magoosh GMAT (Rank: #1)

magoosh gmat prep course


Intuitive Interface: Magoosh has a very user-friendly online platform. From the Magoosh GMAT dashboard, students can quickly view progress charts, recommended lessons based on completed practice questions, and gain quick access to key course features. The course structure is easy to follow, too; you can watch video lessons, take customizable practice quizzes, and review GMAT course material with ease while using their well-designed interface, one of the best in the business.
Price:The Magoosh GMAT program is one of the best options if you’re looking for affordable GMAT prep. For just $219, students get 1 year of access to more than 250 lessons with video tutorials, 800 practice questions, and up to 2 practice exams. With competitors charging hundreds or even thousands of dollars more, this course is definitely a bargain!
Quality Instruction: Their test prep experts have extensive backgrounds in tutoring and GMAT subject matter. For each practice problem, the Magoosh staff provides both written and video explanations to ensure the concepts are fully and clearly explained.
Customer Support:Magoosh has a reputation for being prompt and thorough in all responses to students’ questions. A built-in help tab appears whenever students are logged in, making it easy to submit questions immediately as soon as they come up, rather than having to stop what you’re doing and go to a different part of the site to send an email or a message.

Bottom Line: Magoosh’s GMAT prep course provides quality instruction material at a budget-friendly price, all through a seamless online platform. With this combination of accessibility and depth, Magoosh GMAT has the best overall value of any GMAT course.


Veritas Prep GMAT (Rank: #2)

Veritas Prep GMAT prep course review


Course Variety: When it comes to course format types, Veritas Prep covers all the bases, and then some. Through their GMAT prep platform, you can choose the standard On Demand course, a Live Online Course, or 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, but they’ve also got unique course packages that break the mold: their On Demand Plus option includes 3 hours of tutoring, and their Live Online Advanced classes allow you to dive deeper into the GMAT than a regular class would.
Admissions Options: While Veritas Prep offers great prep resources, they’ve also developed a reputation as a great admissions consulting firm; all of their On Demand GMAT courses come with free admissions consulting, and they also offer 4 comprehensive admissions bundles that give you access to their GMAT curriculum plus premium guidance as you apply to business schools.
Most Material: Out of the GMAT courses on this list, Veritas is tied for first when it comes to GMAT material; they offer the most GMAT practice questions with their course at 5,000, which is more than enough for any GMAT test-taker to develop a level of expertise with the exam. In addition, if you take their Live Class to prep for the GMAT, you also get complimentary access to all their Self Study course material, so you can clarify concepts at your own pace if you’re struggling with them during class sessions.
Limited Guarantee: Veritas Prep includes a solid 50-point score improvement guarantee with their Live Class course options, but this sadly does not extend to their On Demand packages. It’s fairly uncommon for students to need this guarantee in the first place, but if you are looking for a surefire improvement to your GMAT scoring, you’ll have to miss out on the affordability and flexibility of the On Demand course.

Bottom Line: Veritas Prep offers the largest variety when it comes to course options for their GMAT curriculum, including packages that allow students to draw from their expertise in business school admissions consulting. If you want to crush the GMAT, but also need expert guidance as you apply to your dream MBA program, then Veritas Prep is probably the best course for you.


Target Test Prep GMAT (Rank: #3)

target test prep gmat review


Personalized Study Plans:Target Test Prep’s GMAT course adapts to your skill level and score goal, using detailed analytics and customizable tests to zero in on your weak areas. A step-by-step, personalized study plan guides you through 20 chapters organized into 500 easy-to-digest lessons, and 3,000+ realistic quant problems help prepare you for the rigors of the GMAT.
NEW Verbal Course Access: When Target Test Prep began their GMAT course, they only offered instruction for the Quantitative sections of the exam. Now, Target Test Prep offers complimentary access to their brand new GMAT Verbal Course for the same price as their original package! Even without Verbal section material, Target Test Prep had a top GMAT course, but this new material makes it that much better.
Video Solutions by Expert Instructors: You will watch and learn from the masters when you sign up for this course. With more than 800 comprehensive HD video solutions to quant problems, led by expert GMAT instructors, you can easily pinpoint why (and where) you got a question wrong, and get valuable strategies for solving problems more efficiently.
$1 Full-Access Trial and Score Guarantee: You can’t go wrong with a risk-free, full-access trial for only $1, and Target Test Prep offers both a 5-day trial with no auto-billing and a guaranteed score increase if you stick with the course. If your GMAT quant score doesn’t go up after you complete Target Test Prep’s course, you can request a full refund.

Bottom Line: Target Test Prep’s new Verbal curriculum makes their GMAT course one of the best comprehensive courses on the market. We recommend their 4- or 6-month plans as the best bang-for-buck options, though their monthly subscription option (the Flexible plan) allows you to enroll in their course for the exact amount of time that you need.


Economist GMAT Tutor (Rank: #4)

Economist Education GMAT Tutor compared


Included Tutoring: Every course package with the Economist Education GMAT Tutor includes a number of 1-on-1 live tutoring sessions—you can get 1 session with the cheapest plan or up to 4 with the Genius plan. Considering that sessions like these often cost hundreds per hour, this is quite the deal.
Free Economist Subscription: If you’re looking up GMAT studying advice online, you may find that plenty of tutors and prep companies advise test-takers to read The Economist to stretch their verbal skills. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, you’re in luck—every Economist Education GMAT Tutor plan comes with a 3-month digital subscription to the magazine. Time to read up!
PALgorithm: GMAT Tutor showcases 3 different approaches for answering GRE questions: a Precise approach, an Alternative approach, and a Logical approach. Based on these options, the PALgorithm built into the course will identify your problem-solving strengths and weaknesses and tailor your lessons accordingly.
Extra Services: Each plan comes with credits that are used for practice questions and tests, but these credits can also be redirected to pay for bonus services, such as extra essay reviews, private tutoring sessions, and expert assessments of your progress.
Duration for Price: While some students could do all their GMAT prep in 4 months, this may be a tight timeline for others. The cheapest GMAT Tutor plan costs $449 and provides plenty of worthwhile features, but other courses will last longer for less cash.

Bottom Line: Economist Education GMAT Tutor offers personal tutoring, a score improvement guarantee, and flexible access to premium studying features. If you’re alright with shorter course plans, the adaptive PALgorithm and credit system used in this program make it a custom prep option that any student can benefit from.


The Princeton Review GMAT (Rank: #5)

The Princeton Review GMAT Overview


Practice Tests: With 10 full-length adaptive practice tests, The Princeton Review provides more simulated practice than any of the other self-paced GMAT prep courses. After each test, students receive feedback and a 1-on-1 review of the test with their instructor to identify which sections on the GMAT they should study.
Course Guarantees: Like many of the top GMAT study courses, The Princeton Review offers a score improvement guarantee with their course packages. Did your score somehow go down after taking your course? Don’t feel ready to take the test at the end of a course? Are you not 100% satisfied? The Princeton Review Guarantee lets you repeat the entire course for FREE, giving you another shot at crushing the GMAT.
Essay Feedback:The Princeton Review offers personal feedback on your practice essays. You can submit your essays through the LiveGrader tool, and one of their experts will score your essay and provide you with constructive suggestions for improving your writing.
Experience: There are plenty of newer test prep services out there, but The Princeton Review has been around since 1981—they know what they’re doing. Everything about their course from start to finish is professional and focused on helping you achieve your goals. Their experience has taught them what correlates most to success (practice test scores being one) and they’ve doubled down in these areas to help you score higher!
Short Course Access: With The Princeton Review’s online GMAT prep courses, students get 4 months of access to their course materials. Out of the top 3 GMAT online courses on our list, it’s the only company that doesn’t offer at least 6 months of access. As we see it, most students could be fine using 3 months to prepare for the GMAT, so this certainly isn’t a ‘short’ amount of time, but other courses will give you longer access that could help you if you have a busy schedule.

Bottom Line: The Princeton Review is one of the best when it comes to their number of practice tests and the feedback they provide on practice essays. There’s a lot to like about their course offerings, even though some other courses provide you with a longer access period.


Kaplan GMAT (Rank: #6)

kaplan gmat prep course overview


Practice Material: Kaplan offers a lot of practice material, which can help you better recognize GMAT question types and improve your test-taking ability. Their quiz bank of more than 5,000 GMAT practice questions allows you to take customized quizzes and filter which GMAT areas you want to focus and improve on, and their 9 full-length practice exams give you ample opportunity to practice strategies and prepare yourself for the exam.
Higher Score Guarantee: Kaplan is confident in their products, so they provide students with an opportunity to retake the course or get a refund if their score doesn’t improve after going through their GMAT course. Make sure you are aware of the conditions of the guarantee, one of which is establishing a baseline GMAT score before beginning the course.
Official Test Day Experience: Unique to Kaplan is the ability to take a practice GMAT test in an actual Prometric testing facility. The GMAT test day can be a daunting experience for any test-taker, so developing familiarity with the test-taking environment may give you just the edge you need to succeed.
Most Expensive: Kaplan is extremely proud of their GMAT product, which translates to premium price points. Their courses start at $599, and their top courses are $1249. Beyond that, their GMAT tutoring packages cost thousands more.

Bottom Line: Kaplan provides a comprehensive course offering and unique features like their official test day experience, but they’re still the most expensive option on the market; if money isn’t an issue, they’re a solid option after The Princeton Review.


PrepScholar GMAT (Rank: #7)

PrepScholar GMAT Prep Course Review


Most Affordable: PrepScholar’s GMAT packages include a $69 quiz bank for those who want to study completely on their own, though this isn’t a comprehensive class. You might assume that their standard GMAT course would be vastly more expensive, but luckily, their self-guided online course comes in at only $139, easily the cheapest GMAT online course on our list.
Adaptive Curriculum: Like many of the courses on our list, PrepScholar’s GMAT course continually adapts to your strengths and weaknesses. The importance of this feature can’t be understated since the GMAT itself is a computer adaptive test—with PrepScholar, your study plan, progress tracking, and skill levels actively respond to your best and worst subjects throughout the course.
Top 1% Instructors: PrepScholar boasts a 99th percentile staff of instructors, meaning that the people who recorded your video explanations and designed your GMAT curriculum each scored in the top 1% of test-takers on the GMAT. So, it’s safe to say that the PrepScholar team knows their way around the GMAT exam, and can show you how to navigate it, too.
60+ Point Improvement Guarantee: Many of the best GMAT prep online courses feature a higher score guarantee, but PrepScholar is one of the few who add a specific number to that promise—60 points. Scoring 60 points higher on the GMAT can be the difference between being in the top 45% of test-takers and the top 25% of test-takers; a guarantee like this can really put you ahead of the pack.
No Mobile App: Though PrepScholar is an entirely online prep course, they haven’t optimized their material for mobile use. For many students, this isn’t the end of the world, but for those who spend a lot of time on the go and who have really busy schedules, a mobile-friendly prep course may be essential.

Bottom Line: Other courses may offer a bit more accessibility, but PrepScholar’s top-notch score improvement guarantee, expert instructor roster and low price make it an online GMAT course that every prospective student should look into.


Manhattan Prep GMAT (Rank: #8)

manhattan prep gmat course review


Comprehensive Course: Manhattan Prep’s course gives students a number of in-depth materials to study for each area of the exam. Access to more than 27 hours of video lessons, strategy guidebooks for each area of the exam, the Official Guide to the GMAT book, and 6 practice exams make this a well-rounded course with an impressive amount of practice material.
Downloadable Video Lessons:With Manhattan Prep GMAT, users have the ability to study virtually anywhere. Their on-demand video lectures can be streamed live or downloaded to your computer or iPad so that you can study on the go, even if you are in an area without internet access. The high definition videos are easy to follow and taught by expert instructors.
Quality Practice Tests:In addition to in-depth lessons and study material, Manhattan provides 6 quality practice tests. Their tests are difficult, and some students report that the practice tests are more challenging than the actual test. Each practice test includes a detailed score report.
Qualified Instructors: Manhattan Prep is meticulous in selecting their instructors, who are knowledgeable in all areas of the GMAT.
Guarantees:Manhattan Prep clearly states on their website that all payments are nonrefundable and the company does not provide refunds to students for any reason. Most of the GMAT online prep courses on our list do offer a higher score guarantee, even though they aren’t used all that often; if a guarantee is essential for you, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line: Manhattan Prep provides a comprehensive GMAT course that covers all the bases for you to score high. We don’t find it as efficient of a process as Princeton Review or Kaplan, but if you want a large amount of practice problems, Manhattan Prep is a great option.


magoosh gmat prep 50% off

Economist Education vs. Magoosh

Standard classrooms or college courses often remind people of dusty books and dull pencils—instead, Economist Education’s and Magoosh’s GMAT courses both aim to provide a cutting-edge, modern learning experience. They prioritize ease-of-use, course adaptability, and efficient material across all of their courses, but there’s still enough variety in their offerings and pricing to set them apart from each other.

Course Options and Price

Some courses might overwhelm you with online GMAT prep options; with both Economist Educationand Magoosh, you only get 3. Magoosh’s 3 GMAT courses come in on the cheaper side at as low as $219 or as high as $799, and all 3 options come with 1 year of access. With Economist Education, students are paying a higher price across the board: their cheapest GMAT course costs $539, their most expensive costs $989, and they provide between 2 and 6 months of course access. This extra cost does come with a few premium features like essay reviews, which Magoosh doesn’t have, along with a higher amount of practice tests.

The cheapest courses from Magoosh and Economist Education’s GMAT services only address the Quantitative section of the test, so you can’t go with these options and expect a comprehensive overview of the exam. The most expensive courses from both companies include live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions, though Economist Education has tutoring with every course package, while Magoosh doesn’t. Lastly, both companies have higher score guarantees. With Magoosh GMAT, students get a guaranteed 50-point increase, while Economist Education’s GMAT Tutor gives students a guaranteed 70-point improvement, though these only apply to the more expensive packages from each company.


It’s clear that Economist Education and Magoosh’s GMAT offerings are similar in a lot of ways. Both emphasize online usability, come with good score guarantees, and even feature private tutoring with their most expensive packages.

However, we think Magoosh’s bang-for-your-buck beats out Economist Education’s by a good margin. Magoosh’s Premium GMAT course provides a year of access to great materials for only $249, while a similar course from Economist Education costs $589 and provides briefer access. It’s still worth noting that The Economist’s extra features—like essay review—might give students a greater value depending on their studying needs, so consider both courses and decide which best suits you.



Manhattan Prep vs. Kaplan

While other online GMAT courses aim to be budget-friendly and accessible, Kaplan and Manhattan Prep position themselves as more prestigious and expensive packages. These companies have such similar philosophies that they’ve even partnered up to provide students with high-quality in-person classes. Though their courses are expensive, they come with additional features that every GMAT student should consider, so don’t let the dollar signs scare you away, and take a look at the individual offerings of both companies to determine which will help you make the most out of your GMAT preparation.

Course Options and Price

Both companies offer their most budget-friendly course, a self-paced online course, in the $500-$600 price range. Every other GMAT course from Manhattan Prep or Kaplan will cost at least $1200, and at most, $2600. On the whole, Kaplan’s GMAT courses are less expensive than Manhattan Prep’s, coming in at $1249 for their live online course and $2499 for their tutoring package. To compare, Manhattan Prep GMAT courses cost $1399 for their live online option, and $2450 for their tutoring package.

Even though Manhattan Prep’s courses are more expensive, they are the only company on our top GMAT course list that doesn’t include a score improvement guarantee with their services. Kaplan, on the other hand, includes a standard higher score guarantee, so if you score worse on the GMAT after taking Kaplan than you did on a previous test attempt, you can get your money back.


Both companies stand out from the rest for offering self-paced, live online, and private tutoring course options for those studying for the GMAT—this variety is a big plus for those that believe a standard self-paced course won’t be the best for them. While Manhattan Prep has a variety of books and guides, we don’t believe their materials are that much better than those provided by Kaplan, who has some of the best GMAT study materials in the business. On top of that, Kaplan’s services come in at less than their competitor’s, so we believe that overall, Kaplan’s GMAT prep will provide more value for students over Manhattan Prep’s.



Best GMAT Apps

#1 Magoosh GMAT App

Magoosh takes the cake when it comes to GMAT apps, combining its natural affinity for mobile platforms with all of the resources of Magoosh’s prep course. With either a premium membership or your existing Magoosh login, you can gain access to over 700 practice questions, 200 video lessons, tutor assistance, progress tracking, and much more. This makes the Magoosh app a perfect companion to your existing Magoosh prep course and makes Magoosh the best app for GMAT preparation.


#2 Manhattan GMAT Prep App

Although Manhattan Prep sank down on our list of the top courses overall, the Manhattan Prep GMAT app is one of the program’s saving graces. With this app, students get access to over 15 quizzes, 1500+ GMAT vocabulary flashcards, immediate feedback and progress tracking, and coverage of all four sections of the GMAT. Although they might rank higher overall, the truth is that the Princeton Review GMAT app and Kaplan GMAT app don’t quite measure up to Manhattan Prep. Condensing all of the Manhattan Prep’s resources into a slick and useful mobile setting is useful for those who need a streamlined on-the-go study option.


#3 Kaplan GMAT Prep App

What makes the Kaplan GMAT Prep app stand out is its ability to squeeze the full array of course features into mobile form. Including access to the Kaplan Qbank app, all Kaplan mobile apps come complete with access to the video lessons, practice questions, and other resources that you’ll find in your main self-paced or live prep course. If you thrive on traditional teaching materials, but your schedule forces you to be on the move, the Kaplan GMAT Prep app might be a good choice for you.


Best GMAT Flashcards

#1 Magoosh GMAT Flashcards

Magoosh offers students 400 free GMAT flashcards that cover both the verbal and math sections. The verbal section drills you on the tricky idioms that you’ll find on the GMAT, and the math cards teach concepts like algebra, statistics, and geometry. The fact that these cards are not only free but plentiful makes them the best GMAT flashcards of the choices on our list. Magoosh flashcards are not only offered on the web, but can also be accessed on a downloadable mobile app.


#2 Kaplan GMAT Flashcards

Kaplan brings up second place with a package including 260 math, 190 verbal reasoning, and 50 extra cards to help with analytical writing, integrated reasoning, and general test-taking strategies. 500 cards is the most you’ll find of the courses on our list, but it’s hard to compete with Magoosh’s missing price tag. Kaplan’s cards are available for $17 and are a great supplement to one of their study packages. You can use the cards online and in-hand.


#3 Princeton Review GMAT Flashcards

The Princeton Review’s GMAT flashcards come in as a close third place, offering students 500 more study cards that cover verbal, math, and general GMAT test-taking tips. They can also be picked up for about $17, just like Kaplan’s, but there is no online accompaniment. Lots of students feel like studying flashcards in-hand is a great way to maximize retention, but it is always better to have a digital option whenever possible.



What’s the Best GMAT Prep Course?

There are several top-quality options for those studying for the GMAT, including: Magoosh, Veritas Prep, and Target Test Prep, to name some of our top picks. But determining which one is best depends on factors such as your budget, your learning style, and your timeframe. We believe that Magoosh GMAT prep will provide the best bang-for-your-buck for most students, but other courses—even more expensive ones like Kaplan’s or Manhattan Prep’s—may be exactly what you need as an individual. To learn more about the top GMAT prep courses, take a look at our GMAT course rankings and reviews: they’ll help you find the right course FOR YOU!

Magoosh GMAT (Full Review)
Veritas Prep GMAT (Full Review)
Target Test Prep GMAT (Full Review)
Economist Education GMAT Tutor (Full Review)
The Princeton Review GMAT (Full Review)
Kaplan GMAT (Full Review)
PrepScholar GMAT (Full Review)
Manhattan Prep GMAT (Full Review)

What’s the most affordable GMAT prep course?

GMAT prep courses come in at a variety of price ranges—some of the ones featured on our top 7 GMAT course list cost as low as $99, but don’t actually cover all sections of the GMAT exam. If you want a GMAT course that is as thorough as possible and gives you ample time to study for the test, we’d recommend taking a look at a course like Magoosh’s Premium plan, which provides 1 whole year of access to quality, easy-to-use GMAT preparation materials for $249. If that price-tag seems a bit much, there are still options for you. You can check out PrepScholar’s Self-Guided Online GMAT Prep course, which comes in at a low $139, but provides only 3 months of access.

These courses are the cheapest comprehensive courses available, but if you’re only interested in reviewing the numbers-heavy sections of the GMAT—the Quantitative Reasoning and Integrated Reasoning sections—there are even cheaper options out there. PrepScholar’s Quant Package costs only $69 and provides 4 months of access, while Target Test Prep (who currently provides GMAT Quant prep courses exclusively) has a Flexible plan that costs $99 per month.

Though they offer different amounts of material, these are the most affordable GMAT prep courses online; to find out which will best fit your specific budgetary and academic needs, check out our in-depth reviews of the best GMAT prep courses, such as our Magoosh GMAT review.

What are the best GMAT study materials?

Each of the courses on our list provides quality GMAT preparation materials, but some of them offer materials in a wider variety of formats. For students that really appreciate learning with physical guides and books, this variety can be a lifesaver.

If you’re looking for the best GMAT prep books, we’d recommend you look to Kaplan GMAT prep, which provides 2 books and an MBA admissions guide with even their cheapest prep course. These materials come on top of the online quizzes, question banks, and practice tests that they provide, making their materials really well-rounded. Manhattan Prep also provides printed materials—and a unique online workbook—with their GMAT prep courses, so if you’re willing to shell out their more premium prices, you’ll be sure to get quality texts through them as well.

What’s the best GMAT prep course near me?

Nowadays, many companies in the test prep and education industry are moving their focus to online learning, but there are still plenty of GMAT prep services that teach in classroom settings for students that prefer it. The best in-person GMAT prep courses you’ll find are those from Kaplan and Manhattan Prep. These two companies have actually partnered to provide their in-person GMAT class, which is hosted at institutions across the country.

With the Kaplan + Manhattan Prep in-person course, students will receive instruction from a top 1% instructor, someone who scored in the 99th percentile on the test themselves. The course includes 27 hours of class time over 9 sessions, plus 1-on-1 sessions with an instructor to make sure you’re getting the individualized support you need. For students who believe a self-paced GMAT course won’t work, this in-person option is your best bet.

Top 13 Best GMAT Online Prep Courses of 2022


GMAT Courses Best For… Course Price
Magoosh GMAT Flexibility, Ease of Use $219
Veritas Prep GMAT Admissions and Prep Packages $699
Target Test Prep GMAT Monthly Pricing Plan $99/month
Economist Education GMAT Tutor Algorithm-Based Learning $539
The Princeton Review GMAT Practice Tests $699
Kaplan GMAT Comprehensive Course Features $599
PrepScholar GMAT Most Affordable $139
Manhattan Prep GMAT Qualified Instructors $549
TestMasters GMAT One-On-One Tutoring $950
PowerScore GMAT Admissions Prep Services $995
Barron’s GMAT Low Cost/Budget Option $99
MLIC GMAT Test Score Guarantee $1495


12 thoughts on “All the Best GMAT Prep Courses of 2022”

  1. Hello, I am looking for a course that is excellent at helping to prepare for the quantitative section. Which course would you recommend?

    1. Hi Erin,

      If you’re only looking to master the quantitative section I’d go with Target Test Prep. They do a great job since that is the only section they help with.

      Best of luck!


  2. Hi,

    I took the GMAT about 7yrs ago and I got 550 score. This time, I need at least 650 score. Which course provider will you recommend? I am working full time and only have few hours after work + weekends for the next 3-4 months to take the GMAT test.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Hi Sam,

      I’d go with Magoosh in your situation. They have more than enough practice questions and quizzes and the structure of the program would really benefit you. If you feel like you’re going to be consistent in putting serious time in and you have a larger budget – I’d go with Princeton Review’s Ultimate Live Online course. Both courses are solid options. Make sure you use one of my course discounts above and save yourself some cash.

      Best of luck!


  3. Hi,

    I would like to write my GMAT in 4 months , I work full time and would like to complete it in 4 months at most. I am just an average student and need 600. Which course and hours of study per day would you recommend.


    1. Hi Mira,

      Thank you for your question. It’s important to remember that the “best” course for you depends entirely on your budget, timeframe, and your learning style. Magoosh GMAT fits most students needs and does so at a really budget-friendly price, so I’d check them out first. If you prefer a different format that’s more structured than Magoosh’s self-paced course offerings, The Princeton Review would be my next recommendation.

      Best of luck!


  4. I would like to do GMAT for not more than 5 months. My target score is 770 and I work full time but I could manage to get some few hours at night daily and Sunday full day. I don’t have a solid foundation in Math but would need both Verbal and Quant. I have never done GMAT and my dream is to get my score the first time. Which course would you recommend and on average how many hours do I have to put in regardless of the costs?

    1. Hi Julius,

      If you’re willing to put the time in and really utilize all of the tools they offer, I feel like either Magoosh or The Princeton Review would be a great fit for you. The Princeton Review’s GMAT courses offers a number of tools that can help you on both the verbal and quant sections that you need help with. Magoosh’s course offering is what I recommend for most students, so I’d look into them as well as a good second option.

      Best of luck!

  5. Hi,
    It’s currently March 2019 and I have a few months to study for my GMATs to apply for a 2020 start.
    I have done a few practice questions and in general I get the answer right I just need lots of practice in speeding it up. Is Magoosh good enough for that? I probably need less help in the quantitative stuff, but overall I need to just speed up the questions.


  6. Hi,
    This is my first time taking GMAT test.I have a time of 6 months to prepare. I would like to learn all the subjects from basics,mainly Quantitative Aptitude. My target is 720.I want to get my target score in the first attempt itself. What kind of course should I take up ?

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