Prep Expert ACT Prep Review 2020

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Updated May 8, 2020 RATING: Prep Expert has developed quite the name for itself in the test-prep industry, even though the company is only a few years old. This name recognition is no surprise considering that Prep Expert took off thanks to Mark Cuban and the popular t.v. show Shark Tank—how many test-prep courses can […]

Kranse Institute ACT

kranse institute act prep course review

Updated July 29, 2019 RATING: Standardized tests loom over students in junior and senior year. Those who perform well on the SAT and ACT receive much more opportunities than those who score around average. No one knows this better than the founder of Kranse Institute, Dr. Shaan Patel. After taking the SAT a second time […]

Testive ACT Prep Review 2020

testive act prep course review

Updated February 3, 2020 RATING: An up-and-coming star in the ACT test prep game, Testive specializes in providing students with a sleek platform that mixes personal coaching with state-of-the-art online learning. Of the Best ACT Courses of 2019, Testive offers the second-highest amount of practice questions and tests and also gives students up to two […]

Magoosh ACT Review

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Updated January 26, 2020 RATING: Magoosh is known for its user-friendly interface as well as its unbeatable pricing. It is designed for the self-motivated, busy, budget-conscious student who needs a lot of flexibility and unlimited access. The Magoosh ACT prep course is an entirely online, self-paced course with one-month, three-month, and twelve-month plans. With Magoosh, […]

The Princeton Review ACT

The Princeton Review ACT prep course review

Updated March 9, 2020 RATING: With over 35 years of test prep instruction, The Princeton Review understands the ACT, students prepping for it, and the mistakes and struggles those students have. They are one of the most established test prep course providers with a stellar reputation for high-quality materials, personalized courses, high-score guarantees, and a […]

ACT Registration 2020

ACT Registration

Registering for the ACT in 2020 Likely, if you are reading this, college is right around the corner. With all that excitement comes a few things that aren’t as fun, like preparing for and registering for your standardized tests. While most of the anxiety that comes with taking any standardized test comes from the test […]

What Is a Good ACT Score? – 2020 Ultimate Guide

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If you’re planning on getting an undergraduate degree, you may have seen the letters ‘ACT’ thrown around once or twice. ACT stands for American College Testing, and refers to a standardized test that many colleges use as part of their admissions process. The ACT is a multiple choice, pen-and-pencil test that was created by ACT […]

ACT vs. SAT – 2019 Ultimate Guide


Updated December 9, 2019 Should I take the SAT or ACT? When applying for college applications, is the SAT or ACT better? The simple answer is that most colleges have no preference for either the SAT or ACT as both scores are used to determine admission and eligibility for merit-based scholarships. The decision to take one […]

All the Best ACT Prep Courses of 2020

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Updated May 25, 2020 ACT scores are a key part of your college application. They can be the tipping point that gets you accepted to your dream school. There are LOTS of ACT course options out there. Whether you like to walk yourself through a course or want to have personal assistance; whether you have […]