What Is a Good ACT Score? – 2019 Ultimate Guide

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If you are considering college in the next few years, you are probably interested in learning a little more about the ACT. The ACT is one of two tests that most colleges require as part of the admissions process. The other is the SAT (see our comparison of the SAT and ACT). The ACT is […]

ACT vs. SAT – 2019 Ultimate Guide


Updated December 9, 2018 Should I take the SAT or ACT? When applying for college applications, is the SAT or ACT better? The simple answer is that most colleges have no preference for either the SAT or ACT as both scores are used to determine admission and eligibility for merit-based scholarships. The decision to take one […]

All the Best ACT Prep Courses of 2019

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Updated January 6, 2019 ACT scores are a key part of your college application. They can be the tipping point that gets you accepted to your dream school. There are LOTS of ACT course options out there. Whether you like to walk yourself through a course or want to have personal assistance; whether you have […]