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All the Best ACT Prep Courses of 2018

top 6 best ACT prep courses

ACT scores are a key part of your college application. They can be the tipping point that gets you accepted to your dream school.

There are LOTS of ACT course options out there. Whether you like to walk yourself through a course or want to have personal assistance; whether you have a year to study or just a month; whether you want to learn through video lessons or just drill practice questions, there is a course for everyone.

How do you know which option is right for you? We’ve made it EASY! We’ve personally researched and reviewed every major ACT prep course. The comparison chart below looks all of the top ACT courses to help you figure out which  ACT course is best for you!

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ACT Prep Course Reviews & Exclusive Discounts

ACT Prep
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COMPANY Magoosh ACT Princeton Review Testive Kaplan ACT Online Prep Barron’s


Get Discount
Get Discount
$399/Month $240 $39.95 $99
PRACTICE QUESTIONS 1,200+ 3,200+ 3,000+ 1,000+ 2,400+ 3,000+
PRACTICE EXAMS 4 3+ 8 9 2 4
GUARANTEE +4 points score improvement guarantee Higher score guarantee Higher Score Guarantee Higher score guarantee None 3 Days Money-Back
Self-Paced Online $79 $299 $240 $39.95 $99
Live Online $599 $399 $720+ $99.95
In-Person $599 $720+
Private Tutoring $167/hour $2,599+
Available for Purchase

Included w/ Live Online and In-Person
Available for Purchase
STUDENT SUPPORT Email Support N/A Email, By Phone N/A None Email Support
ONLINE ACCESS 1 Year N/A 2-5 Months N/A 6 Months 1 Year
GET STARTED Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now

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ACT Prep Course Rankings

Magoosh ACT (Rank: #1)

magoosh ACT prep course review


Best Value: Magoosh offers the best combination of features and pricing. For only $49.50, they provide study schedules, video lessons, mobile accessibility and a 4+ points guarantee.
Customized Practice Sessions: Based on your needs, you can drill yourself on specific subjects and difficulty levels. If you get stuck on anything, there is both a detailed text explanation and a video tutorial to help you.
+4 Points Guarantee: Magoosh and PrepScholar are the only two on our list who offer a 4+ point guarantee. If your score doesn’t improve by 4 points or more, they’ll give you your money back. This is the best guarantee of any major ACT prep course out there.
Limited Options: Magoosh only offers Self-Paced Online courses. They do not offer Live Online or In-Person courses, and do not offer private tutoring.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a Self-Paced Online program, Magoosh offers one of the best online ACT prep options, with a good combination of features and price.


Princeton Review ACT (Rank: #2)The Princeton Review ACT prep course review


Practice Questions: The Princeton Review’s ACT course provides more practice questions than any other company on our list – 3,200! While that does seem a little excessive, it ensures that if you’re struggling in an area, you’ll pretty much always have more questions to practice with.
Video Lessons: With over 280 video lessons in the Self-Paced Online course, The Princeton Review offers more videos than any other company on our list. They’re great quality and easy to follow along.
The Most Options: The Princeton Review and Kaplan ACT prep are the only two ACT course providers on our list that offer courses in every format – Self-Paced Online, Live Online, In-Person, and Private Tutoring. If you start with a self-paced program and realize you would also like tutoring, you can get it from the same source rather than needing to go to an entirely different company.
Pricey: The Princeton Review commands the second-highest price for its Self-Paced Online course (behind PrepScholar) and In-Person course (behind Kaplan), and the third-highest price for its Live Online course (behind both PrepScholar and Kaplan).

Bottom Line: The Princeton Review offers one of the best act prep courses, with top-quality instruction and premium features, but at a steeper price.


Testive (Rank: #3)

testive act prep review


Practice Tests: Not only does Testive offer 8 Practice Exams, but they also feature a “Testive Grader” Mobile App. This allows for grading exams and accessing reports right on your phone!
Live Coaching: Testive’s ACT Prep courses are built entirely around access to their trained staff of coaches (all graduates from top universities such as Yale, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins, and others). Students have access to at least 1 live session/week, in addition to daily feedback and support.
Parent Involvement: Testive Coaches provide weekly meeting notes for parents, as well as a Parent Portal that helps to track progress. Testive believes that motivation and cooperation are the keys to ACT success.
No Self-Paced: Testive does not offer options for Self-Paced ACT prep, instead focusing on providing high-quality programs with top coaches. Your personal learning style will be an important factor when deciding. Technically, you can access their software and move at your own pace – but you’ll still pay have to pay for the coaching plan in order to do so.

Bottom Line: If access to a live coach and constant feedback are your preferred methods of test prep, then Testive might just be the right choice for you! Although they only offer Live Online style course formats, they are less expensive than similar plans from other companies.


Kaplan ACT (Rank: #4)

kaplan act prep course review


Practice Exams: With nine practice exams, Kaplan ACT prep offers more than any other company on our list. One of their practice exams comes from the makers of the ACT.
Printed Books: Kaplan is the only company on our list that includes a printed book with their Self-Paced Online course. The Princeton Review includes one with their Live Online and In-Person courses. Magoosh and ACT Online Prep offer books at an additional cost.
The Most Options: Kaplan and The Princeton Review are the only two on our list that offer courses in every format – Self-Paced Online, Live Online, In-Person, and Private Tutoring. If you start with a self-paced program and realize you would also like tutoring, you can get it from the same source rather than needing to go to an entirely different company.
Pricey: Kaplan ACT prep is the most expensive option for In-Person courses and private tutoring. They are the second-most expensive for Self-Paced Online and Live Online courses

Bottom Line: In the high-end price range, The Princeton Review and PrepScholar are a bit ahead of Kaplan ACT prep in lesson quality.


ACT Online Prep (Rank: #5) online test prep review


Straight from the Source: ACT Online Prep is the only prep solution directly from the makers of the ACT. This means that all practice questions come from previous ACT tests. With over 2,400 practice questions, this is a massive resource that is sure to help you with those tricky subjects.
Affordable: At only $39.95 for six months of access, ACT Online Prep is the most affordable option on our list.
Live Online Deal: Through a partnership with Kaplan, ACT Online Prep provides Live Online classes at a reduced rate of $99.95 for six weeks, $179.95 for three months, or $249.95 for six months.
Lack of Lessons: ACT Online Prep provides ample practice questions and games to reinforce concepts, but they do not offer the dynamic lessons and video content that other companies do.

Bottom Line: ACT Online Prep is an affordable way to access thousands of previous ACT practice questions, making it one of the best online ACT prep options, but it doesn’t provide in-depth instruction. If you’re interested in a Live Online course, ACT Online Prep’s partnership with Kaplan is a great deal.


Barron’s ACT (Rank: #6)

barron's online act prep


Practice Questions: For a lower-priced option, Barron’s ACT prep provides a surprising number of practice questions – a whopping 3,000! The only other company close is The Princeton Review, which provides 3,200 and is priced significantly higher.
Affordable: At only $99 for Self-Paced Online, Barron’s ACT course is one of the least expensive.
Limited Options: Barron’s ACT only offers Self-Paced Online courses. They do not offer Live Online or In-Person courses, and do not offer private tutoring.
No Score-Based Guarantee: With only a 3-Days-Money-Back Guarantee, Barron’s ACT course is the only one (aside from the course offered by the ACT itself) that does not offer a score-based guarantee. This means that even if your score doesn’t improve after completing the course, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

Bottom Line: Barron’s ACT Self-Paced Online course is not one of the best online ACT prep courses out there. It lacks the features of the more affordable offering from Magoosh.



ACT Courses Best For… Course Price
Magoosh ACT Best Value $49.50
The Princeton Review ACT Premium Features $299
PrepScholar ACT Best Guarantee $397
Kaplan ACT Printed Materials $240
ACT Online Prep Cheapest $39.95
Barron’s ACT Prep Practice Questions $99


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