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Best SAT Prep Courses of 2020

Top 5 sat prep courses

Updated March 18, 2020

SAT scores are one of the most critical elements in your college application. They can make the difference between an application that gets accepted – or rejected – from your dream school.

There are an overwhelming number of SAT prep course options out there. Whether you like to walk yourself through a course or want the help of a personal coach; whether you have a year to study or just a month; whether you want to learn through video lessons or just drill practice questions, there is a course for everyone.

How do you know which SAT prep course is right for you? We’ve made it EASY! We’ve personally researched and reviewed every major SAT prep course. The comparison chart below looks at all of the top SAT courses to help you figure out which are the best ones for you.

Please note that several of the links included below are affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a commission if you purchase one of the courses below. Affiliate commissions do not affect the content we produce or the recommendations we make.

SAT Prep Course Reviews & Exclusive Discounts


SAT Prep
Magoosh sat prep course review The Princeton Review SAT Prep Course testive SAT prep course Kaplan SAT prep course prepscholar SAT prep course review
RANKINGS #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
COMPANY Magoosh SAT Princeton Review SAT Testive SAT Kaplan SAT PrepScholar SAT
Starting Price $100
Get Discount
Get Discount
$399/ month
Get Discount
$249 $397
Practice Questions 1,750+ 3,200+ 3,000+ 1,000+ 7,100+
Practice Exams 3 3+ 8 8 6
GUARANTEE 100 point improvement guarantee Higher score guarantee Score improvement guarantee Higher score guarantee 160 point improvement guarantee
Self-Paced Online $99 $299 $399/month $249 $397
Live Online $899 $599 $895
In-Person $899 $599
Private Tutoring $167/hour $2,599+ $995+
Printed Books Available for Purchase Included w/ Live Online and In-Person Included
Video Instruction
Progress Tracking
Study Plan
Mobile App
Email support
Personal coach Phone and email support
ONLINE ACCESS 1 Year With active subscription 1 Year
MORE DETAILS Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Full Review
GET STARTED Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now Start Now

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Magoosh SAT (Rank: #1)

Magoosh sat course review

Best Value:Magoosh offers the best combination of features and pricing. For only $100, they provide study schedules, video lessons and mobile accessibility for a year, along with a 100 point improvement guarantee.
Customized Practice Sessions: Based on your needs, you can drill yourself on specific subjects and difficulty levels. If you get stuck on anything, there is both a detailed text explanation and a video tutorial to help you.
100 Point Guarantee: Magoosh has a generous 100 point score improvement guarantee, second on our list only to PrepScholar, which offers a 160 point score improvement guarantee.
Limited Options: Magoosh only offers Self-Paced Online courses. They do not offer Live Online or In-Person courses, and do not offer private tutoring.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a Self-Paced Online program, Magoosh offers one of the best online SAT prep options, with a good combination of features and price


The Princeton Review SAT (Rank #2)

the princeton review sat prep course

Includes SAT and ACT: With The Princeton Review’s Self-Paced option, students have access to the both the SAT and ACT program, which is great for students who are considering taking both tests. This isn’t an option with any other company we’ve seen.
Practice Questions: The Princeton Review’s SAT course provides the second-largest amount of practice questions than the other companies on our list – 3,200! If you’re struggling in an area, you’ll pretty much always have more questions to practice with.
The Most Options: The Princeton Review and Kaplan SAT prep are the only two SAT course providers on our list that offer courses in every format – Self-Paced Online, Live Online, In-Person, and Private Tutoring. If you start with a self-paced program and realize you would also like tutoring, you can get it from the same source rather than needing to go to an entirely different company.
Pricey: The Princeton Review is the highest-priced option for both In-Person and Live Online courses. It is the third-highest price for its Self-Paced Online course, behind Testive and PrepScholar.

Bottom Line: The Princeton Review offers one of the best SAT prep courses, with top-quality instruction and premium features, but comes with a heftier price tag.


Testive SAT (Rank #3)

testive sat prep course review

Personal Coaching: With Testive, students are paired with a personal coach who monitors their performance, communicates with them regularly via text message or email, and meets with them in a one-to-one video call once or twice a week. While similar in concept to private tutoring, coaches help students stay on track but do not actually teach core course content.
Daily Assignments: Testive coaches assign daily practice questions meant to be completed in 20-30 minute sprints. This takes all the guesswork out of figuring out how much you should study each day
Transparency with Parents: In the Parent Portal, parents have access to a dashboard with weekly meeting notes and summary statistics from practice tests. Coaches also message parents at the end of each coaching session to keep them in the loop.
Requires Commitment: Testive requires a significant time commitment from its students, and is the most expensive of the programs on our list. They recommend enrolling in their program for 4 months.

Bottom Line: If you are really committed to improving your score and can afford it, Testive’s unique coaching approach is a great way to stay motivated and keep from getting stuck on tough concepts.


Kaplan SAT (Rank #4)

Kaplan SAT test prepOVERALL RATING:

SAT Rapid Review Live: Kaplan offers last minute, 1.5 hour cram sessions where students can watch teachers review commonly-tested topics and key test-taking strategies. Students can ask questions in the live chat. Sessions are $30 for math or verbal and $50 for a combination of the two.
Printed Books:Kaplan is the only company on our list that includes a printed book with their Self-Paced Online course. The Princeton Review includes one with their Live Online and In-Person courses. Magoosh offers one at an additional cost.
The Most Options: Kaplan and The Princeton Review are the only two on our list that offer courses in every format – Self-Paced Online, Live Online, In-Person, and Private Tutoring. If you start with a self-paced program and realize you would also like tutoring, you can get it from the same source rather than needing to go to an entirely different company.
Pricey: Kaplan SAT prep is the most expensive option for private tutoring and the second-most expensive option for In-Person courses. They are the third-most expensive for Self-Paced Online courses.

Bottom Line: In the high-end SAT prep price range, Kaplan doesn’t have the highest lesson quality, but their SAT Rapid Review Live could prove helpful right before test day.


PrepScholar SAT (Rank #5)

prepscholar SAT prep course review

Practice Questions: PrepScholar provides an unbelievable 7,100 practice questions! We’ll be honest, we aren’t sure you’ll actually use that many questions. But it’s nice to know you can.
Interactive Lessons: Lesson formats vary and include written instruction, drills, videos and practice tests. Their dynamic interactive lessons are “much more than a collection of videos” and are designed to keep you engaged.
160 Point Guarantee: PrepScholar offers the most generous guarantee of any program on our list – a whopping 160 point score improvement guarantee.
Hefty Price Tag: PrepScholar is the second most expensive course on the list, making it a poor choice for those looking for a more affordable SAT prep course solution.
No Mobile App: For a course at this price point with so many other premium features, it’s surprising that PrepScholar doesn’t have a mobile app like the other players at this price level, The Princeton Review and Kaplan SAT prep.

Bottom Line: PrepScholar offers dynamic lessons, a massive bank of practice questions, and the best guarantee out there. But they’re expensive and don’t yet have a mobile app. There are better, more well-rounded options out there.

Other SAT Prep Courses:

Kranse Institute SAT kranse institute sat prep course review


Higher Score Guarantee: Kranse offers a full refund to any student who completes the full SAT/PSAT prep course and does not score higher than a previous test. On top of that, students who complete the Kranse course see an average increase of 210 points on their SAT.
In-Depth Support: Kranse Institute offers students access to support by phone, email, and social media, meaning if you have any questions over your extensive 18-month access period, you should have no trouble getting the help you need.
Mobile Accessibility: Through the Kranse mobile app, you will have access to 206 10-minute tutorials on Android and iOS that is yours to use FOR LIFE.
Self-Paced Only: Whereas other courses offer live options or access to a personal tutor, Kranse Institute’s SAT prep is solely offered in a Self-Paced format.

Bottom Line: If you are looking to study at your own pace with a program that gives you lengthy access, a powerful mobile app, and the backing of proven higher results, have a look at Kranse Institute.


Princeton Review vs. Kaplan SAT Prep

Kaplan and The Princeton Review are two of the names you probably hear the most when you are looking into test prep resources and there’s a good reason for that. With almost 120 years of test prep between the two companies, they have been constant sources of quality instruction and innovative coursework. They also tend to provide the most all-inclusive options, so it’s likely that you’ll find yourself weighing them against each other when deciding on SAT prep. With that in mind, here is a quick bonus section that compares Kaplan and Princeton Review SAT prep, so you can better decide for yourself which meets your needs.

Course Options and Price

Both of these companies offer the full range of course options (Self-Paced, Live Online and In-Person, and Private Tutoring), and excel for different reasons. In addition to being less expensive, Kaplan Live options include up to 70 hours of instruction, compared to 18 dedicated classroom hours from the Princeton Review. The Princeton Review stands out with its Self-Paced options, which are the same price as Kaplan but offer full ACT prep and over twice as many practice questions. Plus, there is also a program with Princeton Review that will fully refund the cost of your course if you are accepted and enroll in a top 100 school.


When it comes down to it, the Princeton Review takes the cake with its high number of practice questions, superior score guarantee, and its combination of ACT and PSAT materials. Keep in mind, though, that Kaplan also provides some useful features of its own, like the Qbank—which lets you create customizable quizzes. Both are good options, backed by years of success, so—as always—be sure to keep in mind your priorities (price, practice questions, classroom hours) when deciding which is the best choice for you.


Best SAT App

#1 Magoosh SAT Prep App

This SAT Practice app gives students all the tools they need to maximize their SAT prep on-the-go. Over 400 practice questions, 140 video lessons, progress tracking, and video/text explanations are available to Magoosh subscription holders via this SAT practice app. Students can also download the Magoosh SAT Flashcard App, which gives them the ability to blow through core concepts, vocabulary, and equations at lightning speed. Magoosh has made a name for themselves in perfecting mobile test prep, and so it’s no surprise that their mobile app finds it way to the top of my list.


#2 Princeton Review SAT Practice App

The Princeton Review Vocab Challenge App is a great way to practice vocabulary skills and master those difficult SAT words in preparation for your test. Although it doesn’t feature the same amount of content as you will find in the mobile Magoosh platform, the ability to access flashcards on your mobile device is a huge benefit for certain students. In addition, there is also a Princeton Review Mobile app that lets students and parents track progress, set milestones, and explore other resources available through the Princeton Review.


Best SAT Flashcards

#1 Princeton Review SAT Flashcards

Princeton Review offers some of the best SAT prep resources in the country and this is the case with their SAT flashcards. With a set of 500 cards that are available in physical form and online, the Princeton Review helps students tackle reading, writing, math and—of course—vocabulary. The combination of in-hand and online is what makes the Princeton Review stand out from the others on this list, and their cards can be had for only $13.


#2 Magoosh SAT Flashcards

Magoosh offers students access to around 500 math and vocabulary flashcards in an easy-to-use online or mobile platform. Not having a physical option is a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to flashcards, as a lot of students feel that handheld cards actually help them absorb the information more easily. But Magoosh makes up for this by making their cards available in a FREE app, and accessible online or on mobile. Consider making Magoosh SAT flashcards an option as a supplement to one of the other top SAT prep courses listed above.


#3 Kaplan SAT Flashcards

Kaplan again rises towards the top of the flashcard game with their set of 600 SAT flashcards, covering Critical Reading, Writing, and Math concepts. Vocabulary words come complete with synonyms and sample sentences to help them stick in your memory. 600 is one of the biggest numbers of flashcards in a single pack on the market, and the combination of all subjects areas is what really makes Kaplan stand out in the regard.


Top 6 Best SAT Prep Courses of 2020


SAT Courses Best For… Course Price
Magoosh SAT Best Value $79
The Princeton Review SAT Most Course Options $299
Testive SAT Personal Coaching $399
Kaplan SAT Printed Materials $249
Prepscholar SAT Point Guarantee $347
Kranse Institute SAT Video Lessons $599
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