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bestmytest ielts prep course reviewRATING:

No matter how confident you are in your English language abilities as a non-native speaker, the IELTS exam is one of the most challenging standardized tests. If you’ve chosen to take the IELTS over the TOEFL, you can now shift your attention to preparing for the IELTS test directly. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent resources out there for you to prepare for the exam, so you can be more confident in your ability to perform well.

One of the top preparation courses available is the BestMyTest IELTS online course.

Some of the best resources for IELTS preparation are online courses, and one of the best and most comprehensive of these IELTS online preparation courses is the one offered by BestMyTest. In this review, we’ll take a deep-dive and share with you our experiences with the BestMyTest IELTS preparation course and give you a thorough guide to all the features and resources available in the program. Further, we’ll provide concrete explanations as to how these features will help you prepare for the IELTS test and if you decide it’s the right course for you, you can use our unique BestMyTest IELTS coupon code and save a little money on your IELTS test preparation.

BestMyTest IELTS Course – Preview of Features

The BestMyTest IELTS course is certainly one of the most comprehensive and feature-rich IELTS preparation courses available. It combines many effective test preparation strategies and methods to ensure you walk into your exam location on test day with the utmost confidence in your ability to succeed. To give you a sense of just how in-depth BestMyTest’s IELTS course is, let’s take a broad look at some of the more ingenious features of the online program.


How It Will Help Your IELTS Preparation

The virtual tutor walks you through each lesson and IELTS test section step-by-step, providing expert guidance on how to use the course and prepare for the IELTS test.
This huge bank of practice questions gives you thorough exposure to the types of questions you’ll see on the actual IELTS test.

One of the most important aspects of IELTS preparation is gaining experience with the exam by taking practice tests, which BestMyTest achieves through a massive collection of IELTS practice tests.

The ability to track your progress as you get more exposure to IELTS practice tests and exams will allow you to focus on the areas you most need to improve in.

BestMyTest IELTS includes several vocab resources, like flashcards, word lists, and interactive reading passages, which together give you repeated exposure to difficult vocabulary words.

When learning or studying anything, access to qualified experts on the subject is key. With BestMyTest’s Ask-An-Instructor feature, you’ll be able to get your questions answered by a real person.

Few other IELTS courses offer human reviews of your writing and speaking practices. This access to personalized feedback by an IELTS expert is a major perk of using BestMyTest IELTS.

Having a real person review your essays for grammar mistakes is one of the best ways to improve your writing and score high on the IELTS writing section.

What Are the Best Ways to Prepare for the IELTS?

Whether you choose to take the IELTS or TOEFL, adequate preparation is key to your success. So, before we shift our focus back to the BestMyTest review, here are some of the best IELTS preparation methods you can use to improve your test score:

1.    Test Prep Books

As with any standardized test, there are plenty of books available to help you prepare for the IELTS exam. Princeton Review, in particular, offers excellent written companions to your IELTS preparation. The most important thing to look for in a good IELTS prep book, of course, is that it contains plenty of practice exams so you can quantify your progress and become comfortable with the IELTS format and testing conditions.

2.    Practice Your English-Speaking Skills

Since every major English proficiency exam includes a speaking component, it’s not enough to focus merely on your written English language skills. The best way to prepare for the IELTS speaking section is to take every opportunity to practice your English-speaking skills.

3.    Take an IELTS Practice Test, and Another, and Another…

By far, the most important thing you can do to ensure your success, is to take IELTS practice tests early and often. The better acquainted you are with the exam structure, procedures, and question types, the more likely you are to perform well on test day. While you can certainly find great IELTS preparation books containing quality practice tests, you simply can’t beat the practice test offerings from BestMyTest IELTS.

4.    Do ALL THREE in the BestMyTest IELTS Preparation Course!

Of course, the single best way to go about your IELTS study is to take one of the best IELTS preparation courses, like BestMyTest IELTS. The benefits of an online course can’t be overstated. What makes them so effective is they combine all the elements of any IELTS study plan: written guides, video lessons, speaking and listening practice, and—most importantly—many opportunities to take one IELTS practice test after another.

How Will BestMyTest Prep Help Me Improve My Test Score?

Since the whole point of an online IELTS course is to improve your score on the test, a BestMyTest IELTS review should offer concrete insights into how the online course will help you achieve those ends. The following is a list of reasons we believe the BestMyTest IELTS preparation course will be particularly effective in helping you crush the IELTS test.

1.    BestMyTest IELTS Takes a Holistic Approach to Test Preparation

The main reason BestMyTest IELTS is so effective for IELTS test preparation is that it takes a truly comprehensive approach. Not only does it cover all the skills you will be tested on with the IELTS, it covers them from a variety of angles and with several different methods. Whether it’s the video lessons, the virtual tutor that walks you through the test procedures, or digital vocabulary flashcards, the BestMyTest IELTS preparation course leaves no stone unturned, so you can be sure you’ve done everything possible to prepare for the IELTS.

2.    BestMyTest IELTS Tracks and Analyzes Your Progress

bestmytest ielts personalized progress tracking
The BestMyTest IELTS Progress Tracker and Analysis allows you to better focus your test prep.

While not unique to BestMyTest, the ability to track and analyze your progress through the course as you complete sample questions and practice tests is an invaluable resource in your IELTS study. Why? Because it gives you great insights into which skills and topics you should be targeting with your study and preparation. If, for instance, you take a practice test, and BestMyTest shows that you aced the reading section, you can probably spend less time preparing for that section of the exam, and instead focus on areas that still need improvement. This is an excellent way to optimize your study time and ensure your targeting the right skills.

3.    BestMyTest IELTS Utilizes Scientifically-Proven Learning Techniques

The methods and techniques the BestMyTest IELTS course uses to help you prepare for the exam are all time-tested ways to learn effectively. By taking a variety of scientifically-proven study and instructional methods, BestMyTest ensures you’ve considered each sill and topic from every conceivable angle.

One particularly ingenious feature in BestMyTest is the ability to click vocabulary words in context, which brings up a window with a definition and related words. This technique, known as “semantic chunking” is known to be one of the most effective ways of learning and memorizing new material in a way that makes it stick.

bestmytest ielts vocabulary tool
Clicking vocabulary words in BestMyTest IELTS brings up a list of related words.


BestMyTest IELTS Online Course – Pros and Cons

As with any online test prep service, the BestMyTest online IELTS course has both benefits and downsides. While the many advantages of the BestMyTest IELTS program far outweigh any disadvantages, you should be aware of these minor course limitations in order to make an informed decision.


1.    BestMyTest IELTS Virtual Tutor

bestmytest ielts virtual tutor
Clicking vocabulary words in BestMyTest IELTS brings up a list of related words.

Our favorite feature of the BestMyTest IELTS course is the virtual tutor. From the outset, the virtual tutor walks you through the course, providing instruction, tips, and insights on how to succeed on the IELTS test. The virtual tutor feature is fully interactive and allows you to work through examples, supplying helpful feedback at every stage. It’s not quite the same as having a live personal tutor, but for the price, it’s pretty close.

2.    IELTS Vocabulary List and Flashcards

bestmytest ielts vocabulary flashcards tool
The vocabulary flashcards in BestMyTest IELTS are a terrific way to study in short sessions over a longer period.

Flashcards have been a vital study tool for generations, and their staying power can be attributed to how incredibly effective they are at learning and retaining large quantities of information, especially when it comes to memorizing important terms and definitions. BestMyTest IELTS provides 30 decks of virtual, interactive vocabulary flashcards, so you can expand your own vocabulary a little bit at a time.

3.    Personalized Writing and Speaking Reviews from a Real Person

Though there are many benefits to virtual instruction and feedback, when it comes to assessing your writing and speaking skills, a computer program just doesn’t cut it. That’s why BestMyTest IELTS plans include writing and speaking assessments that are graded by a real person. The human feedback you get from these reviews is vital to your IELTS study success because it can provide you with personalized insights on where you need to improve and tips on how to do so.

4.    Tons of IELTS Practice Exams

bestmytest ielts practice exams
The staggering number of BestMyTest IELTS practice exams acquaint you with the IELTS, so you’ll be prepared for the real thing.

We’ve already mentioned this point several times, but it bears repeating: the single best way to prepare for the IELTS exam—or any other standardized test, for that matter—is to gain exposure to it through closely-simulated IELTS practice exams. This is one of the many areas where BestMyTest IELTS is head-and-shoulders above the competition, as it offers 30 full-length practice exams.

5.    Thorough, Step-by-Step Study Plans

bestmytest ielts study plans
The comprehensive BestMyTest IELTS Lesson Plan is your roadmap to IELTS success.

BestMyTest IELTS takes all the guesswork out of IELTS test preparation by providing you with a thoughtfully-arranged IELTS study plan. The map offers clear learning paths to guide you through your exam prep, ensuring you don’t miss any crucial information or steps.

6.    Intuitive User Interface

bestmytest ielts online interface
Convenient features like these add to the excellent user interface on the BestMyTest IELTS online course.

The user interface in the BestMyTest IELTS course is fool-proof. At your initial BestMyTest login, the Virtual Tutor provides a tour of the platform and an introduction to the IELTS. And it’s smooth sailing from there. One particularly intuitive feature of the interface is the ability to click the “targets” next to each test question, which brings up instruction on how to find the right answer. For instance, in the reading section, clicking a target will highlight the relevant part of the passage that includes a hint toward the correct response.

7.    Text Annotation Features for Reading Section Practice

bestmytest ielts text annotation feature
The BestMyTest IELTS Annotation Features let you markup passages as you read.

Yet another useful design feature of BestMyTest IELTS is the ability to highlight and annotate the provided reading passages. This allows you to flag potentially important information in the text, so you can refer back to it as you answer the associated questions.



1.    There’s No BestMyTest App

It’s probably somewhat unfair to call the lack of a BestMyTest app a “con,” since the mobile-friendly version of the online platform is incredibly easy to use and has all the same features of the desktop version. However, if you’re like me, you prefer to have a dedicated app for this kind of education service. That said, if you don’t mind using your mobile web browser to access your BestMyTest online course materials, this point should have no bearing on your decision as to whether to buy a subscription to this service.

2.    Limited Video Lessons

While the BestMyTest IELTS online course does include over 6.5 hours of high-quality, in-depth video tutorials, the program is certainly not video-based. In fact, there are only video lesson for the IELTS reading section.

bestmytest ielts video lessons
The video lessons included with BestMyTest IELTS are high-quality and informative.

Other IELTS online course providers, like Magoosh and Udemy, have significantly more video content. If video instruction is your top criteria, you may want to take a look at other top IELTS courses and make sure you get the course that fits your learning style best.

3.    No IELTS Listening Section Lessons

One possible downside to the BestMyTest IELTS preparation course is the lack of instruction for the IELTS listening section. While the course does include many listening practice questions, it doesn’t provide the in-depth lessons for the IELTS listening section that it does for all the other sections.

We reached out to BestMyTest to get some answers, and their reply was quite helpful.* A BestMyTest representative explained that the format of the IELTS listening section makes added instruction unnecessary. As she noted in her response, to succeed in the listening section of the IELTS, students “simply need to practice listening and answering questions at the same time.” This makes a lot of sense, and we generally agree with her reasoning. And, given the huge amount of IELTS listening practice questions, BestMyTest may in fact provide the best IELTS listening preparation of any online IELTS course.

*Note: We were extremely impressed with the customer service we received when contacting BestMyTest. Even though we sent our request for information at an odd hour of the night, we got a friendly, helpful reply in just a couple of hours.

BestMyTest Plans and Pricing

Here you’ll find some general information on the three plans and pricing options you can choose from with the BestMyTest IELTS online preparation course. Each plan offers different amounts of essay grammar corrects, Ask-An-Instructor questions, and speaking and writing reviews, as well as different money-back band score guarantees. So, it’s important that you review this information carefully to ensure you are getting the right amount of resources for your IELTS study needs.




1 MONTH: $69

2 MONTHS: $89

3 MONTHS: $99

4 MONTHS: $109

5 MONTHS: $119

6 MONTHS: $129

6 MONTHS: $169 7 DAYS: $39


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Who Should Use BestMyTest IELTS?

The ideal test-taker for the BestMyTest’s IELTS online prep course is the one who wants to ensure they cover every aspect of the exam. On the other hand, BestMyTest IELTS may not be worth the cost for you if you don’t think you can devote a considerable amount of time to your IELTS preparation. The quantity and quality of the course’s content is frankly staggering, but if you can’t afford the cost, you might be better off choosing a more budget-conscious option like .

That said, if you truly want to succeed with the IELTS test, you must be willing to devote this kind of time to IELTS study anyway. It is crucial that you take your test prep seriously if you want to get a score that will impress college admissions committees. So, we think it is much better to err on the side of being thorough and comprehensive in your approach to IELTS preparation.


BestMyTest vs. Magoosh IELTS: Which Is Better?

If you haven’t yet checked out our rankings of the best IELTS prep courses, you should definitely take a look. We supply a broad overview of the six best prep courses for the exam. When you get to that page, you’ll see that we have the BestMyTest course ranked second, behind the Magoosh IELTS course. So, is Magoosh better than BestMyTest? This might be the wrong question to ask. Instead, we should consider which IELTS preparation course better for different learners and different circumstances.

For instance, if you place a high value on video lessons, Magoosh is the clear winner. It offers more than 125 video lessons with a total runtime of over 20 hours, compared to the 6.5 hours of video instruction offered by BestMyTest.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your IELTS score through frequent exposure to the types of questions you’ll encounter on the actual test, BestMyTest’s course far outranks that from Magoosh. While Magoosh includes 650 IELTS practice questions, BestMyTest has an astounding 3,500 in their practice question bank.

Finally, there is some difference when it comes to price. BestMyTest’s most basic, one-week plan runs $39, while the one-week plan for Magoosh goes for $29. But when you consider the score improvement guarantees from each program, the costs might cancel out. That is, Magoosh guarantees a 0.5+ score improvement or you get a refund, BestMyTest promises a 1-2.5+ score improvement or you get your money back. In fact, if you meet certain requirements, BestMyTest guarantees that you will achieve a band score of 7 or higher!

So, which is better: BestMyTest or Magoosh? It all depends on your priorities and how you learn best. Both courses offer outstanding programs, and we think you’ll be more than pleased with either one. Just be sure to do your research, so you can find the best choice for your study needs.



Though the BestMyTest IELTS online course is slightly more expensive than comparable offerings, we think you get a great bang for your buck. With the huge number of resources and massive IELTS practice test collection, BestMyTest IELTS is clearly one of the most feature-rich and effective IELTS preparation courses on the market. And with their money-back guarantee, you can subscribe to this service with the confidence that the people behind BestMyTest have faith in their product.

We do too, which is why we’re offering this limited-time BestMyTest IELTS coupon code to our visitors! Happy studying!