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bestmytest TOEFL reviewRATING:

There are two primary English language proficiency tests that are widely accepted at universities in the English-speaking world: the TOEFL vs IELTS. These two exams are quite similar, but regardless which one you choose to take, you must prepare diligently if you want to perform well. Luckily, there are plenty of excellent TOEFL preparation courses, as well as prep courses for the IELTS. But if you’ve already decided to take the TOEFL, one of your best options is the subject of this BestMyTest TOEFL review.

If you want to achieve a good TOEFL score, the BestMyTest course offers high-quality instruction, effective learning tools, and tons of other resources to help you earn the score that accurately displays your potential and English language mastery.

Please note BestMyTest is one of our affiliate brands, and as such we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase this prep course. Only use our links if you find this review helpful.

BestMyTest TOEFL – Overview of Features

Before we jump into the more substantive part of this BestMyTest TOEFL review, let’s take a quick look at some of the many features of the course, as well as how they will help you in your TOEFL preparation.

BestMyTest TOEFL

How It Will Help You
Prepare for the TOEFL

The BestMyTest Virtual Tutor is one of the more ingenious aspects of this online course. It walks you through each part of the test and the course itself step-by-step.
Practice makes perfect! With over 1000 TOEFL practice questions, BestMyTest TOEFL is one of the best sources of exam experience.

While the practice questions are great, it’s really the large number of BestMyTest TOEFL practice tests that make the course unique. With these 20 full-length exams, you’ll walk into your actual TOEFL with supreme confidence.

All those TOEFL practice tests and questions won’t do you any good if you don’t use the results to guide your TOEFL study. Luckily, BestMyTest does the work for you by tracking and analyzing your progress.

No matter the language you’re trying to learn, vocabulary is a key component of language mastery. BestMyTest offers several vocabulary tools to boost your English lexicon, focusing on words that often come up on the actual exam.

One downside to a lot of online test prep courses is the lack of access to expert instructors when you need help. But BestMyTest TOEFL allows you to connect with TOEFL experts who will help you when you get stuck.

Another great source of personalized instruction with BestMyTest TOEFL is the feedback you can get through writing and speaking reviews. You get responses, score estimates, and suggestions for improvements from a real person who is intimately familiar with the exam.

It’s hard to improve your English grammar without having someone show you were you are underperforming. Once again, BestMyTest TOEFL has a useful, human answer to that problem with their personalized essay grammar corrections.

What Are the Best Ways to Prepare for the TOEFL?

1.  Test Prep Books

One method a lot of students use to prepare for the TOEFL is by going through TOEFL prep books. While this method certainly has its limitations, quality TOEFL preparation books will include useful TOEFL practice tests. Though, in our opinion, you’ll be much better off with a TOEFL preparation course, like BestMyTest TOEFL, which includes everything you’ll find in a prep book and much, much more.

2.  Practice Your English-Speaking Skills

Since one of the most challenging aspects of the TOEFL is the speaking section, you’d be wise to get as much practice with conversational English as possible. Even better though, would be for you to practice your English-speaking skills in a format that mimics the TOEFL speaking section. One of the best ways to get this experience and practice is through an TOEFL online preparation course, like the BestMyTest course. Not only will you get practice answering TOEFL speaking section questions, but you’ll even have the opportunity to get personalized feedback on your performance from a real person who is an expert on the TOEFL scoring guidelines.

3.  Take Lots TOEFL Practice Tests

If you really want to improve your chances of earning an impressive score on the TOEFL, you must take as many TOEFL practice tests as you can. Doing so will give you exposure to the test format, types of questions you’ll encounter, and great practice for test day. And the best way to get these kinds of TOEFL practice tests is through an online TOEFL preparation course, like BestMyTest TOEFL, which includes 20 full-length TOEFL practice tests.


BestMyTest TOEFL Course – Pros and Cons

As with any online test prep course, BestMyTest TOEFL has its pros and cons. Here, you’ll find our list of the strongest benefits of the course, as well as a couple potential downsides that you should keep in mind when making your decision as to which TOEFL preparation course you’ll use.

Pros – How Will BestMyTest TOEFL Help Improve My TOEFL Score?

1.  BestMyTest TOEFL Progress Tracking and Analysis

One of the most useful tools offered by BestMyTest TOEFL is its progress tracking and analysis features. As you progress through the course, taking practice tests and working through practice TOEFL questions, BestMyTest provides real-time progress reports. This will allow you to see which areas you most need to improve in, so you can better focus your TOEFL study efforts. That way, you won’t waste as much time studying and preparing for parts of the exam you’ve already mastered.

bestmytest TOEFL progress tracking
BestMyTest TOEFL Diagnostic Reports help you focus your TOEFL preparation on the areas that most need improvement.

2.  Comprehensive Lessons for Every TOEFL Section

With BestMyTest TOEFL, you’ll have access to guided, step-by-step lessons for each TOEFL section. The lessons are easy to follow and cover every aspect of the exam, providing instruction, advice, and helpful tips on how to succeed on the TOEFL. The Virtual Tutor walks you through each lesson to ensure you’re on the right track.

3.  Flexible Pricing and Access Options

One really nice aspect of the BestMyTest TOEFL course is that you have several subscription pricing and access options to choose from. We’ll go over these terms later in this BestMyTest TOEFL review, but for now, just know that you will have multiple plans available to you based on the amount of time you have to prepare, the number of additional resources you require, and how much you want to spend on your TOEFL preparation course.

4.  BestMyTest TOEFL Virtual Tutor

With so much useful content available in the BestMyTest TOEFL online course, it might seem a bit daunting when it comes to finding your way through all of it. Luckily, BestMyTest offers a unique Virtual Tutor that guides you through the whole program. Not only does the Virtual Tutor provide instruction during the lessons for each TOEFL section, it also helps you navigate the course platform, so you’ll be able to move through the course knowing you’re not missing anything important and are approaching it in the most effective order.

bestmytest TOEFL virtual tutor
The BestMyTest TOEFL Virtual Tutor guides you through your TOEFL preparation, providing valuable instruction and insights.

5.  TOEFL Vocabulary Tools

A key aspect to language study and, thus, TOEFL preparation, is getting a firm grasp on important vocabulary. With BestMyTest TOEFL, you get access to 40 vocabulary flashcard decks that include the words that show up most often on the TOEFL. These clever digital flashcards are simple to use and give you an opportunity to boost your vocabulary skills whenever you find a free moment. This is a great way to sneak in a little TOEFL study while you’re commuting, waiting in line, or simply taking a break from your other studies.

bestmytest TOEFL vocabulary tools
The TOEFL Vocabulary Flashcards included with BestMyTest TOEFL make your test prep easy and enjoyable.

6.  Tons of TOEFL Practice Exams and Questions

The most important aspect for any online TOEFL preparation course to include is plenty of TOEFL practice tests and questions. There’s simply no better way to prepare for any standardized test than to gain exposure and experience with taking the exam. And this is one of the areas where BestMyTest TOEFL ranks far ahead of the competition, as it offers 20 full-length TOEFL practice exams and thousands of practice questions.

bestmytest TOEFL practice exams
BestMyTest TOEFL offers 20 full-length TOEFL practice tests, so you can get comfortable with the structure, procedures, and question types.

7.  Slick User Interface with Detailed TOEFL Study Plan

As we mentioned above, BestMyTest TOEFL includes a Virtual Tutor that helps you navigate the massive amount of TOEFL preparation content in the course. But there are even more great features that make using the course’s intuitive interface even easier, like the TOEFL course overview. You can view the study plan as a map or as a list of lessons. Either way, BestMyTest provides a fool-proof method to work your way through the whole course with confidence.

bestmytest TOEFL online interface
The comprehensive BestMyTest TOEFL study plan does all the study planning for you, so you can focus on improving your TOEFL score.

8.  Personalized Writing, Speaking, and Grammar Reviews

Easily, one of the best aspects of BestMyTest TOEFL is that you get access to a certain number of personalized reviews of your performances on the TOEFL writing and speaking sections. When you submit your request for review, you’ll receive feedback on your submissions by a BestMyTest TOEFL expert.

For the TOEFL writing section reviews, the reviewer will score your submission based on real TOEFL scoring guidelines, make corrections, and offer personalized suggestions for you to improve your writing in English.

bestmytest TOEFL personalized reviews
BestMyTest TOEFL provides personalized TOEFL writing section feedback from a real TOEFL expert.

For the TOEFL speaking section reviews, you’ll not only receive scores and written feedback but also an audio recording from the BestMyTest TOEFL reviewer. This way, you get both helpful instruction on how to improve your speaking responses as well as a chance to listen to a native speaker as he or she gives you suggestions on pronunciation, grammar, content, and more.

bestmytest TOEFL speaking reviews
Boost your English-speaking confidence with BestMyTest TOEFL speaking section reviews, complete with scoring guides and recorded feedback from a TOEFL expert.


BestMyTest TOEFL Cons

1.  BestMyTest TOEFL Is One of the Pricier TOEFL Courses

While it’s true that the costs of BestMyTest TOEFL subscriptions are on the higher-end of the test prep price scale, you have to consider what you’re getting for that premium price point. First, you get guided instruction through tons of TOEFL-specific lessons. Second, you have access to outstanding vocabulary resources. Third, and most importantly, you get access to thousands of TOEFL practice questions and 20 full-length TOEFL practice exams. That alone is more than worth the cost of admission. And with the flexible pricing plans, which we’ll cover below, you can find a subscription that fits your budget and TOEFL study needs.

2.  Limited Video Instruction

While there are some instructional videos included with the BestMyTest TOEFL course, the number and length of those videos are rather limited, especially compared with other, like the Magoosh TOEFL course. If you prefer to go about your test prep by watching lots of informative and instructive videos, BestMyTest TOEFL might not be the best choice for you. However, we think the huge number of TOEFL practice tests and questions, as well as the variety of TOEFL prep tools available from BestMyTest TOEFL still make it one of the best online TOEFL preparation courses available.

BestMyTest TOEFL Plans and Pricing

As we’ve noted above, there are several flexible pricing plans and access options available to you with BestMyTest TOEFL. Check out the chart below for the various plans, and be sure to note the amount of resources you’ll have access to in each option. With this variety of subscription plans, you’ll have no trouble finding the one that best suits you and your TOEFL preparation goals.




·  1 MONTH: $69

·  2 MONTHS: $89

·  3 MONTHS: $99

·  4 MONTHS: $109

·  5 MONTHS: $119

·  6 MONTHS: $129

6 MONTHS: $189 7 DAYS: $39


# OF
















Make sure you don’t spend more than you have to on your TOEFL preparation. Use our exclusive BestMyTest TOEFL coupon code and save!

Who Should Use BestMyTest TOEFL?

The BestMyTest TOEFL preparation course is ideal for anyone who wants to take a comprehensive approach to their TOEFL preparation. BestMyTest leaves nothing out, offering thorough, step-by-step, guided lessons on each section of the TOEFL, as well as lessons on general English language skills. Further, you get access to tons of full-length TOEFL practice tests, so you can be sure you’re fully prepared before test day.

The only reason BestMyTest TOEFL might not be the best option for your TOEFL preparation would be if you value video-based instruction over other factors. While BestMyTest TOEFL does offer some high-quality video lessons, there are very few of them, compared to other options like Magoosh.

That said, BestMyTest TOEFL has so many other resources and tools that the limited number of video lessons is unlikely to be an issue for most students.


BestMyTest vs. Magoosh: Which Is Better for TOEFL Preparation?

If you’ve already read through our guide to the top TOEFL prep courses, you’ve probably noticed that the Magoosh TOEFL course ranks just above BestMyTest and wondered what actually separates the two. It’s definitely a close contest between these two high-quality courses, but there are two things in particular that distinguish them.

First, Magoosh is a far more video-centric TOEFL course. While BestMyTest TOEFL offers some video lessons, Magoosh offers far more. So, if you’re the kind of person that learns more effectively through video instruction, you might want to take a closer look at what Magoosh has to offer.

But it’s not just the great video lessons that allow Magoosh to edge out BestMyTest. What it really came down to for us is the price. Magoosh TOEFL prep is considerably cheaper than BestMyTest, yet it still offers a comparable score increase guarantee. While BestMyTest does offer many more practice tests than Magoosh, this is actually somewhat misleading. That is, while BestMyTest claims it offers 20 full-length TOEFL practice exams, in reality, 18 of those exams are comprised of recycled practice questions that you have already encountered through the course. That’s not to say these recycled practice exams have no value—indeed, increased exposure to the same material can be incredibly beneficial to your TOEFL prep. The bottom line is that both Magoosh and BestMyTest offer the two most comprehensive and useful TOEFL prep courses, and there is very little daylight between them, which is why the more affordable subscription price from Magoosh TOEFL gets our recommendation as the number one pick.



BestMyTest TOEFL – Conclusion

There’s no doubt that BestMyTest TOEFL offers one of the most comprehensive approaches to TOEFL preparation. Add to that all the great learning tools and features of the course, as well as the flexible pricing options, and it’s obviously among the best online TOEFL preparation courses available. In fact, we think it’s the best TOEFL prep course available.