PrepScholar GRE Review

PrepScholar GRE Prep Course Review

Updated August 20, 2020 RATING: If you’re not interested in some of the older, bigger GRE prep names out there—such as Kaplan and The Princeton Review—you’re probably looking for a unique and less expensive alternative that can help you crush the GRE. PrepScholar is a smaller, newer company than those two names, but it has […]

GRE vs LSAT: Which Should You Take?


Updated December 2, 2019 This fall semester, Harvard Law School opened its doors to the first class of students who did not have to take the LSAT in order to be admitted. They are now among a couple dozen schools that now accept GRE scores as an alternative to the traditional LSAT. With more prestigious […]

What Is a Good GRE Score? – 2021 Ultimate Guide

GRE Scoring - The Ultimate Guide

Updated April 23, 2020 GRE stands for the Graduate Record Examinations, and refers to  a 3-part standardized test created by the ETS, or the Educational Testing Service. The GRE is an integral part of the graduate school application process used by hundreds of programs around the country. The 3 sections of the GRE examine your […]

GRE vs. GMAT – 2021 Ultimate Guide

Updated July 24, 2020 Even in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, most graduate schools are requiring students to take some sort of entrance exam to be admitted into their program. The GRE and GMAT are some of the most popular of these entrance exams, and are considered good predictors of how students will perform […]