Target Test Prep GRE Review

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target test prep GRE prep courseRATING:

Target Test Prep GRE is a great choice for graduate school applicants who want to Crush the GRE. In this review, we’ll break down why we believe Target Test Prep can compete with the other top test prep course options on the market.

All components of the online course are accessible from your desktop computer, mobile devices, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Their course comes with a money back guarantee which shows just how confident Target Test Prep’s team is in their product.

Please note Target Test Prep GRE is one of our affiliate brands, and as such we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase this prep course. Only use our links if you find this review helpful.


1. Comprehensive

The course divides the quantitative section of the GRE into 38 modules. With its laser-like focus on GRE math immersion, no stone is left unturned in quantitative math, so students can take the GRE confident in their mastery of the knowledge they have gained. The element of surprise is removed from the GRE’s quantitative section, bolstering both their confidence and performance.

2. Mobile Access

target test prep gre course on ipadThe online course is designed to work on most smartphones, tablets, and home or laptop computers, so you can study the material wherever and whenever you want, with almost any device that has internet capabilities, at your convenience.

3. Money Back Guarantee & Risk-Free Trial

If you have completed the comprehensive study plan, and your official GRE score hasn’t improved, you’re entitled to a full refund of the purchase price of your access plan. Requirements to be eligible for the refund are straightforward and simple, but time sensitive.

Magoosh also offers a +5 total score guarantee, along with a 7-day money back guarantee. Veritas also promotes a +5 total score improvement guarantee, while Economist Education GRE Tutor  touts a +7 total score guarantee. So, if you’re focused on total score improvements versus quantitative scores only, it may be worth checking out one of the other programs as a supplement to Target Test Prep.

Target Test Prep offers a 5-day risk unlimited-access trial for $1, to show you how and why so many students have chosen their course, and succeeded in increasing their quantitative scores! They also offer a number of other resources that are free, including video Webinars that display extra practice questions, on their blog.

4. Tutoring & Live Options

Unlike most online GRE prep courses, Target Test Prep offers live tutoring sessions via Skype and WebEx where you can choose to pay by the hour or in 10 or 20 hour bundles. This gives students the opportunity to have the one-on-one attention they need in order to best understand the material, which acknowledges the benefit of receiving help from a live expert, but at the convenience of a chosen time, and from anywhere in the world.

5. Time & Schedule Compliance

The course is entirely online. As long as you have access to the Internet via a desktop computer, a laptop, and most tablets and smartphones, you can access all that Target Test Prep GRE has to offer.

With a very organized and simple interface, anyone can efficiently navigate the website, easily picking up right where they left off. You can tailor a study plan from and for wherever you are, and suiting your particular schedule, without having to worry about any day-to-day conflict or obstacle.


1. Only Covers Quantitative Section of GRE

With decades of experience in GRE test prep and tutoring, experts have found that an “overwhelming majority” of students need to bolster their quantitative skills, so a verbal platform is not included, though one is currently being developed for future release.

If you are like most people preparing for the GRE and need some help with the quantitative section but you’re also looking for something that offers a more comprehensive study plan, you could consider combining Target with another program.


target test prep gre reviewsAs a “super comprehensive” online course for the quantitative section of the GRE, Target Test Preps is optimal for highly motivated, committed, and competitive students who want to master their quantitative skills.

Beginning from a customized study plan and based on the date of your GRE exam and your choice of target GRE scores, you can utilize the countless reading lessons, example & practice problems, prescribed practice tests, informative videos, equation guides, active reviews, and blog posts, in order to maximize your understanding of all 30 modules.

The dashboard interface is very organized and easily navigated. All of the content and features are organized into five sections on the dashboard, presenting you with a Home page for your learning analytics, a page to access the modules tailored for your chosen Study Plan, a Diagnostic page providing practice exams for your desired score range, and a Resources page that provides links to help you further prepare.

Their interactive course motivates you by tracking and presenting your progress and success in green and red colored charts and statistics. The same statistics are used to compare your effort and commitment to your study plan and desired score to that of other students, past and current, which helps to gauge your progress and projected GRE exam score.

Target Test Prep GRE’s quantitative course is for self-starters and self-motivators that want to achieve the highest possible score, and aren’t deterred by the unstructured, yet comprehensive approach that gives you the ultimate freedom.


Target Test Prep GRE has a large number of success stories in its short time on the market, where students honor the freedom and flexibility of accessing its online material and tutoring resources. Demanding the best effort of each student, their assurance and belief in the GRE prep course is established by both its risk-free 5 day trial, and its money-back guarantee, in which eligible students are entitled to a full refund of the purchase price of their access plan.

Target’s GRE course is a great deal for students who want to get the most bang for their buck and drastically improve their knowledge of the quantitative section. Backed by their guarantee of an improved quantitative score, Target Test Prep GRE is a solid choice for students who are serious about scoring high on the GRE.



  • Study Plan
  • 36 Modules. One for each section of quantitative study, and a further six for reviews and exams.
  • Diagnostic Exams
  • Equation Guide: containing a high-level overview of important equations and quantitative concepts.
  • Active Review: study sheets to take notes, organize concepts, and keep your learning efficient and focused.
  • Study Calendar: customized daily study schedule with interactive components.
  • Customized tests.
  • Chapter Tests
  • Bookmarks to help highlight areas of concern in lessons or specific problems.
  • Active Reviews
  • Equation Guides
  • Countless example and practice problems
  • Blog with Webinar videos with more reviews, tips, and strategies for success.


Trial Access

Price: $1

Includes: 5-day unlimited access.

Flexible Prep

Price: $99 $69/month

Includes: Month-to-month unlimited, totally flexible access.

Dedicated Study

Price: $299 $199

Includes: 4-month, totally flexible, unlimited access.

Maximum Learning

Price: $399 $279

Includes: 6-month, totally flexible, unlimited access.


1 hour: $250

10 hour bundle: $2,250 ($225/hour)

20 hour bundle: $4,000 ($200/hour)


Target GRE Review Course Information

Target GRE Review
1. 10% Off Discount Code
2. Comprehensive
3. Mobile Access
4. Money Back Guarantee
5. Tutoring and Live Options
6. Time and Schedule Compliance


How long does it take to complete Target Test Prep?

To complete the prep course fully and get the most out of it, students should plan to spend at least 120-150 hours on the course. The actual time it takes to get through the course material depends on how much you need to “re-learn” versus how much is review. To complete all of the modules in order, it should take closer to 150 hours.

Does Target Test Prep have a mobile app?

Target Test Prep doesn’t have a mobile app, so some students may find that it’s not the most convenient option. If you want to be able to do quick reviews and practice on-the-go, there may be better options out there for you, like Magoosh, which has a comprehensive app with videos, practice questions, and other study materials available at your fingertips.

Does Target Test Prep work for the GRE?

When it comes to the quantitative section of the GRE, there’s really no prep course better suited for targeted improvement in that area. The lessons and practice questions are highly effective for learning and reviewing the skills needed to improve your score on the quantitative section.

However, if you need to prep for the entire GRE, a more comprehensive course may be a better choice. Magoosh and Veritas are excellent options with proven track records, or you can check out our comparison of some of the best prep courses available.