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Updated March 22, 2022


An up-and-coming star in the ACT test prep game, Testive specializes in providing students with a sleek platform that mixes personal coaching with state-of-the-art online learning. Of the Best ACT Courses of 2022, Testive offers the second-highest amount of practice questions and tests and also gives students up to two weekly live sessions with a dedicated coach.

With plentiful practice tests and questions, adaptive drills, a free online practice test, and an organizational system that can keep even those of us who are easily distracted on task, Testive provides a great option for ACT test prep. As an added bonus, all Testive plans come with all-in-one access to both ACT and SAT prep materials, meaning students who want to take both tests only have to purchase one study course

Now, let’s dive into the specifics of what an online coaching plan from Testive can provide and see if Testive ACT Test Prep is the right choice to help you CRUSH the ACT.

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1. Personalized Study Plan

When it comes to using a self-paced online resource, we’ve found that the more organized you are from the start the more likely you are to have success. Testive makes sure that right up front you have everything you need to get on track and stay on track.

You can start off with a free consultation call with one of Testive’s test prep experts. On the call, the coach will work to understand you and your family’s goals to see what your plans are for college, what you want to get out of the ACT, and whether Testive is the right fit for you. Then, you will be supplied with a practice test which will help the coach gauge your starting point and identify areas that need work. Once you get into the software itself, you can set your own schedule using an in-platform calendar.

Decide on what days you will study, ask to receive reminders by text or email, and get helpful tips for how much to do each day. An updating “scoreboard” keeps you informed on how you are progressing towards your daily and weekly goals.

Testive act scheduler

2. High-Quality Coaches

Because Testive only offers one platform for online test prep, it is important that the test prep experts included in the price of those packages are worth the extra price tag that always comes with any 1-on-1 time. That said, Testive has locked down a number of high-quality coaches from some of the biggest and best universities in the country: Harvard, Brown, Duke and Yale are all represented in their roster.

A-List Testive expert coaching teamPlus, having such a deep pool of coaches lets Testive work with you and your family to make sure that you are matched with a coach with whom you feel comfortable and productive working alongside.

3. Interactive Software

testive ACT interactive software

Even though Testive does not offer any live classes for ACT prep, they do utilize a resource that has become crucial in the world of online test prep: interactive software. The secret is the thousands of built-in text and video explanations that reinforce lessons and keep you from repeating mistakes.

Anytime you get a question wrong you immediately get a notification with a video explaining how to find the right answer, as well as a helpful reflection section. There, you can say why you missed the question and how you think you can do better next time. It may seem like a trivial feature, but once you have a full catalog of notes and suggestions that you yourself have written, you’ll find that repeat mistakes are less and less of an issue.


testive ACT intuitive software

Plus, the software actually reacts to how well you are doing in practice. As you answer questions correctly, the software keeps you engaged by asking harder questions but never gets so grueling as to be discouraging. In fact, seeing more and more tough questions come up serves as a great reward for doing well and helps you tackle the trickiest parts of the test.

4. Weekly Coaching Sessions

Included in all three Testive packages (we’ll get to that below) is up to two 1-on-1 video calls with your coach. During these calls, which should take between 30-60 minutes, you have the opportunity to ask questions about particularly challenging lessons from the week, ask your coach if your study plan is as efficient as it can be, and also gear up for the week ahead.

Testive ACT coaches

5. Number of Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect and nothing prepares you for the stress and time constraints of taking a standardized test like an actual full-length practice test. Testive blows away most of the competition here by providing you with 8 full-length practice tests, all of which can be accessed in PDF form. This allows you to download the tests, which all come from previous real ACT administrations, and answer sheets and then sit down and work through it using pencil and paper—just like you will on test day.

Upload your answers through a digital bubble sheet for scoring and then get real feedback on how you did. Your coach will also see the results of all practice tests and help you with things like time management and testing strategies.

Testive ACT practice questions

Testive has also added an online practice test that anyone can take for FREE! This is done through the online platform and is the quickest way to get helpful feedback on where you stand and how to organize a study strategy. If you want to get a feel for where you are starting out, consider hopping over to the Testive website, taking the practice test, and then making your decision.

6. Multiple Packages

While Testive only offers self-paced online test prep, there are three different pricing plans to choose from.

Bootcamp: for a one-time cost of $799, you can get a 4-6 week intensive training course that is perfect for gearing up right before the test. This includes two weekly coaching sessions, personalized lesson plans, unlimited access to 3,000+ practice questions, 50 hours of instructional video, email and phone support, adaptive software and the score improvement guarantee.
Coaching: for $399/month, you can get one weekly coaching session, personalized lesson plans, unlimited access to 3,000+ practice questions, 50 hours of instructional video, email and phone support, adaptive software and the score improvement guarantee. Testive suggests about 3 months of study for this self-paced program
Coaching Plus: for $599/month you can get all of the features included in the coaching plan, plus that extra weekly coaching session—giving you two total.

A-List Powered by Testive Pricing


7. Access to SAT and ACT Prep Materials

Testive also recognizes that there is getting to be more and more overlap between students who take the ACT and those who take the SAT. To meet that reality, Testive offers a full package of prep materials for both tests, accessible in one platform and for the same price. With this, even if you are focused on taking the ACT, you can still get a little exposure to the SAT and decide if maybe the other is the right test for you after all. Or, if you plan on taking both tests, Testive becomes a one-stop shop for your prep materials.

Use a slick little feature at the top of our student dashboard to toggle easily between ACT and SAT materials, without ever leaving the platform itself.

testive ACT and SAT package

8. Higher Score Guarantee

Testive provides two separate money-back guarantees. If it turns out the program isn’t the right fit for you, you have 14 days to let them know and receive a full refund, no matter what. This is great news for someone who might be new to online studying and isn’t sure exactly what it’s like to work through a self-paced course.

For those of you who do complete the coaching plan and make it all the way to ACT test day but don’t see the improvement you had hoped for,


1. No Live Options

Although Testive does offer paying students weekly sessions with a personal coach, that still leaves the platform falling a bit short of the competition when it comes to live options. Other courses on our list offer students live (online or in-person) classroom instruction. For the right type of learner, this approach can make all of the difference. If you think that what you really is need is regular engagement with a teacher, check out our review of The Princeton Review ACT Prep. But if you’re someone with a little extra self-discipline who prefers studying online at your own pace—with the fallback of having a coach waiting to help if needed—then this may not be much of a drawback for you.


Testive ACT Test Prep provides a great resource for students who can stick to a schedule (which you set yourself!) and love the feeling of moving through materials and lessons on your own time but with the added benefit of having a dedicated coach there by your side for questions and guidance at least once a week. Plus, Testive also serves as a perfect option for students who are planning to take both the ACT and SAT, thanks to a 2-in-1 package that includes materials for both tests.

With a modern interface that gives you the opportunity to easily learn from mistakes and a higher-score guarantee that offers you your money back if your performance does not improve, Testive has put together a great package for students looking to CRUSH the ACT test.

For more information on how Testive stacks up against the competition, check out our comprehensive ACT prep course comparison chart. Or, use the link below to head directly to the Testive website and get started on your free practice test or sign up for one of the coaching plans.


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