GMAT Tutor from Economist Education – 2022 Review

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Update July 27, 2022 – The Economist Eduation is no longer offering online GMAT prep and they now refer all site visitors to ExamPAL GMAT.

Read our full review of ExamPAL’s GMAT prep course to see if that’s the right course for you.


In 2022, Economist Education GMAT Tutor partnered with examPAL to create a brand new online GMAT prep course under the Economist Education GMAT Tutor brand. Both Economist Education and examPAL were well known for their prep materials on their own, and their collaboration has resulted in a course that combines examPAL’s unique PAL approach to test prep with Economist Eduation’s expertise and emphasis on personal tutor access.

The new GMAT Tutor prep program from Economist Education is a great option for students who are looking to handle their GMAT preparation online, whether at-home or on-the-go. GMAT Tutor offers 3 separate price plans (which range from 2 to 6 months) up to 6 full-length practice tests, and built-in access to tutors for live instruction and Q&A sessions, plus countless other features that we’ll dive into below.

Overall, we’ve found that Economist Education’s GMAT Tutor is well-written, well-organized, and highly-optimized for online learning. All this comes in addition to the course’s solid score guarantees, which could be the leg up that brings you from an average GMAT score to the testing percentile of your dreams. In this review, we’ll take you through all the things that make this course great, plus the aspects that might make other GMAT prep courses a more suitable option for you.

Please note Economist Education is one of our affiliate brands, and as such we receive a small commission at no cost to you if you choose to purchase this prep course. Only use our links if you find this review helpful.


1. Customizable Plans

The Economist GMAT Tutor Customizable Plans and Pricing

Economist Education’s GMAT Tutor offers 3 packages to ensure that you have just the right amount of support. They range from 2-6 months of access, but these plans are far from set in stone. Each comes with a certain amount of course credits, an in-course currency that can be redeemed for any number of features, including essay reviews, online tutor support, practice questions, and even live tutoring sessions. Here’s how that works:

The Quant package comes with 975 credits, the Premium package with 1,785, and the Genius package with 3,315. These credits come in addition to set features that are already included with each plan; for example, Quant comes with 50 ask-a-tutor questions, Premium comes with 100, and Genius provides an unlimited number. And with each plan’s allocated credits, you can purchase additional essay reviews, tutoring sessions and more.

With this in mind, this GMAT program easily claims the title of the most customizable course we’ve seen, allowing students the freedom to invest in premium features they need without paying extra for features they don’t. And while your course features are customizable, the course content itself is also highly-tailored to each student thanks to the use of examPAL’s PAL approach to learning—but we’ll get into all that later.

In short, this course not only offers some unique and highly-desirable features, but it gives you the freedom to pick and choose which will make the course the most effective for you.

Ranging from two months to six months of access, here is our breakdown of what each plan might be best for:

  • Essential ($449 for 4 months of access):The Essential plan includes video tutorials and online practice questions covering all sections of the GMAT (Quant, IR, Verbal, AWA) The plan also includes: 4x official GMAC practice tests, 2 AWA practice essay markings, a 3-month digital subscription to The Economist, 1x private tutoring session, 50x ask-a-tutor questions via live chat, and a 50+ point improvement, money-back guarantee.
  • Premium ($699 for 6 months of access): This package is the best all-around option out of the three, with a good access period and a full suite of features at a decent price. Use this package if you want a guaranteed 70+ score improvement and lots of flexibility.
  • Genius ($989 for 6 months of access): This package has more of everything when it comes to practice material: practice tests, essay reviews, tutoring sessions, and so on. That’s the main difference between this package and the other two, making the Genius package best for anyone who wants to spend a lot of time on practice material.

2. Access to Tutors

One of the best examples of Economist Education’s rare features is the access to GMAT tutors. As mentioned above, each prep plan comes with ask-a-tutor questions that can be used to get question-specific guidance through the program’s chat feature. Beyond that, you can also exchange credits for more ask-a-tutor questions, live tutoring sessions, or Expert Assessments.

An Expert Assessment provides you with a GMAT expert’s detailed overview of how your prep is going so far, what areas you can improve in, and how you should distribute your study time in order to maximize your learning. While plenty of courses provide an online overview of your progress, Economist Education’s GMAT Tutor is a rarity when it comes to providing real-life feedback on your studying performance and potential.

If you only need limited access to tutors to improve on a couple specific skills, there are options that include tutoring add-ons. For example, Veritas Prepoffers an On-Demand Plus option which provides on-demand access to online content plus three hours of tutoring when you need it most.

3. Online Learning Material

GMAT Lesson Map

This course really maximizes the use of online media; you’ll primarily learn by working through interactive videos that allow you to answer questions and navigate sections within the video itself. In addition to its extensive, well-produced video material, you’ll take on practice questions using seamless online quizzes after each lesson, and can track your progress thanks to a well-organized content map at the student dashboard.

The course’s emphasis on technology also extends to its tutoring features and customer service. During your practice questions, you’ll always have access to a chat button that can be used to redeem an ask-a-tutor question. This gives the tutor immediate access to the question you’re on so you spend less time explaining things. Plus, trading in credits for additional course features—or purchasing more credits if need be—can all be done using the site’s seamless online interface, which works well on pretty much any internet-connected device.

4. PALgorithm

Economist Logical ExplanationMuch like the GMAT itself, GMAT Tutor from Economist Education is adaptive, meaning it adjusts difficulty and subject concentration based on your needs and performance. It does this using examPAL’s time-tested PAL studying approach, which tackles GMAT questions using 3 different problem solving methods: the Precise method, the Alternative method, or the Logical method.

This approach to problem solving is integrated into the course’s question explanations and lesson organization—as you learn new concepts, you’ll be presented with all the different ways that a GMAT problem can be solved, ensuring that students with different learning styles can understand any question they find.

With each question you answer, though, your performance is also fed into the course’s adaptive PALgorithm, which identifies your learning strengths and weaknesses according to the PAL approach. You’ll then get more questions and explanations that cater to your strengths and specifically improve upon your weak points, showing that this course isn’t just customized when it comes to features, but to question-by-question learning as well.

If adaptive questions are something that you think you’ll benefit from the most, Princeton Review offers adaptive practice exams, and Kaplan has an adaptive and customizable Qbank of practice questions.

5. Live Tutoring Session

Each GMAT Tutor plan comes with at least one live 1-to-1 video session, putting you face-to-face with a GMAT expert that can talk you through difficult concepts, complex test-taking strategies, or your overall prep progress. The more expensive Premium and Genius plans also come with 2 and 4 live sessions respectively, which can be pivotal in helping you prep for something that’s hard to learn through reading or questions alone, such as the AWA section.

The value of a resource like this can’t be overstated. Practice questions and lessons are great on their own, but sometimes you really need to talk through something in order to understand it at the level required by the GMAT, so GMAT Tutor’s inclusion of at least 1 tutoring session for each plan really makes it stand out from the crowd.

6. Official Practice Tests

When it comes to taking a standardized test, one of the best practice strategies is to try the real thing. When it comes to the GMAT, though, this is easier said than done.

The GMAT is a computer-adaptive test (CAT), which means that it’s taken online and that it adapts to your question performance in order to provide you with questions that match your abilities. The GMAT’s complex structure and scoring makes it hard to create high-fidelity simulations or practice tests, so it’s often a good idea to go with official GMAT practice tests provided by the GMAC.

Economist Education’s GMAT Tutor program provides students with at least 4 GMAC practice tests (which would cost $50 to purchase on your own) with every prep course. The Genius plan includes 6 tests, and additional tests can also be redeemed for course credits.

For more practice exams, Veritas offers 12 and Princeton Review offers 10. For many students, answering questions in a practice exam format is the best way to gauge their progress.

7. Higher Score Guarantees

Economist GMAT Guarantee

Economist Education’s guarantee is the best on the market, and shows a great deal of confidence in the effectiveness of their system. With Economist GMAT Tutor, you’re promised to score at least 70 points better than you did on a previous GMAT attempt, or you get your money back.

To claim this guarantee, though, you’ll have to submit a previous attempt of the GMAT within a certain time period, as well as complete a certain percentage of the course according to Economist Education’s guidelines, so be sure to do your research to make sure that you qualify.

The next best score guarantees are +50 total score improvement guarantees, offered by Magoosh and Veritas Prep.

8. 7-Day Free Trial

Each prep course you come across is going to be different in ways that are sometimes subtle, but those subtleties might decide how effective the course is for you, so it’s always a good idea to try the course out and learn about all its quirks. With Economist GMAT Tutor’s 7-day free trial, you can get full access to the online course, including a handful of credits, to see if it’s the right fit for you.

Use your trial to take a few practice questions, work through a few lessons, and navigate the course using the devices you’re likely to use. This will help you get a feel for its adaptive PAL approach and the opportunities provided by the credit system, which are what make this GMAT course really unique.



1. Price and Course Duration

Economist Education GMAT Tutor definitely comes in as a more expensive GMAT prep course, with its cheapest plan costing $449 at the time of writing. But, considering what’s included, the price could be perfect for plenty of students. The features we’ve listed before, like essay reviews and live tutoring, are truly uncommon, so you’ll be getting more personal feedback than you’d get with most other courses. One thing you’ll be getting less of, though, is time.

The cheapest Economist GMAT Tutor plan comes with 2 months of access, which is enough time for some students but doesn’t provide a whole lot of wiggle room for your studying schedule. Generally, students only need a few months to study for the GMAT, but having extra time can allow you to drop your studying for a bit while things are busy, or to retake the test if you don’t get your ideal score on the first attempt.

More time is simply better when it comes to providing flexibility, and while Economist Education GMAT Tutor access periods are enough for most students to prep, they leave a bit to be desired considering the price. And that’s especially true when you compare it to better bang-for-your-buck courses like Magoosh GMAT, which has a year of access for less than $300.

2. Practice Question Credits

Economist Education’s GMAT Tutor program comes with over 3,000 practice questions, which is a lot. Practice questions are arguably one of the most important parts of a GMAT prep course, but because these questions are tied to GMAT Tutor’s credit system, you’ll have to be pretty careful with how many questions you use. Still, that isn’t to say you’d ever need to answer all of them.

GMAT Practice Question

3,000 questions is more than enough for most students, and answering each question you find with this course would also mean pouring over lessons that you might already understand just fine. Plus, it may be more worthwhile for you to exchange your credits for any of the other features available through the course. To do that, you’ll just have to keep track of how many credits you’re spending on questions—if you’re not careful, they’ll add up.

This system isn’t always a limitation, as it encourages you to focus on the practice questions that will help you the most rather than rehash basics that you’re comfortable with. And if you ever run out, it’s easy to add more credits to your course without too much hassle. If you really want to avoid running out of practice questions, though, look into The Princeton Review GMAT and Kaplan GMAT, which boast an impressive 3,000+ and 5,000+ practice questions with no strings attached.


The Economist GMAT Tutor offers a wide range of online options to accommodate students who prefer to do their test review on their computer or mobile device. Overall, the Economist goes to great lengths to combine the experience of an adaptive self-paced course with personal feedback opportunities from actual GMAT experts.

In addition to tutoring access, the course’s 70+ score improvement guarantee is at the top of the competition and shows that The Economist’s confidence in its unique PAL system.

If you’re interested in seeing whether the Economist GMAT Tutor is the right course for you, there’s no harm in trying a 7-day free trial to experience the course firsthand.


If you think you and this program might not be the best fit, you can also check out the other top GMAT prep courses out there today. Our course comparison page showcases their similarities and differences in price, features, format, and more!



How much is Economist Education GMAT Tutor?

The Economist GMAT Tutor has a 3-tiered pricing plan, starting at $449 for their 4-month essential plan. Each of The Economist GMAT Tutor plans cover every section of the GMAT exam, but vary in various other areas such as their score guarantees, length of course access, and quantity  In contrast, the Premium and Genius Prep plans have content for the entire test and are priced at $669 and $839, respectively. With those courses, you’ll also get The Economist GMAT Tutor’s 70-point improvement guarantee (the best in its class), which you don’t get with the Quant plan.

How long does Economist Education GMAT Tutor prep course last?

Economist Education’s GMAT Tutor plans come in at 2 months for the Quant plan, 4 months for Premium, and 6 months of access for the Genius plan.

On their site, Economist Education recommends that students take at least 2 months to prep using their course, but claim that someone with an open schedule (not to mention a whole lot of willpower) could cover all the necessary material in as few as 2 weeks.

Oh, and one other thing to keep in mind when considering the length of your plan—GMAT Tutor includes a full, 3-month digital subscription to The Economist magazine with each course package.

How does Economist Education GMAT Tutor compare to other review courses?

Choosing the right preparation course is often a matter of discovering and capitalizing on your unique learning style. Specifically, Economist Education offers built-in access to trained GMAT tutors, which is something that most self-paced online courses can’t afford to do. For an overview of how Economist Education stacks up in other areas like pricing, course options and more, check out our GMAT Prep Course comparison chart.

I don’t have much time until my GMAT. Can I still use The Economist?

The Economist is one of the better options for test-takers on a time crunch. Their packages range from 2-6 months of access, compared to 4-12 months offered by their competitors.

The Economist is more customizable than the other options, which makes it ideal for someone who doesn’t have 6 months to devote to GMAT prep. Their system allows you to put your resources into preparing for the areas that you need the most help, whether it’s asking a tutor or doing extra practice questions. Plus, if you find that you need more help in certain areas, you can purchase additional credits and add-ons to make the program meet your needs better than most others.

However, when your time is limited, that’s when you’ll truly need to compare the options to make the best selection for your needs and learning style. Use our GMAT online course comparison chart to see how each option weighs in against the others.


Economist Education GMAT Tutor – Course Pricing & Features

Course Plan Price Format Features
Essential $449 Self-Paced Online

4 GMAC practice tests

1 private tutoring session

1375 credits

Premium $699 Self-Paced Online

Verbal + AWA content

70 point improvement guarantee

4 essay reviews

2 private tutoring sessions

1,785 credits

Genius $989 Self-Paced Online

All Premium features

6 GMAC practice tests

6 essay reviews

4 private tutoring sessions

3,315 credits