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Best TOEFL Prep Courses of 2020

Updated March 16, 2020

While getting a good GRE score is one of the main criteria for graduate school admissions, for international students, getting a high TOEFL iBT score is equally as important. This demonstrates to the universities you’re applying to that you’re proficient in English and can handle the rigorous work that grad schools will put you through. That’s why you’re here.

I’ve gone through each of the top TOEFL online review courses to help you find the perfect companion to your studying and ensure you score as high as possible on the exam. My goal is to help you maximize your scoring-potential by using these top online TOEFL preparation resources. By doing so, you’ll be able to excel on the TOEFL iBT exam and make a statement to your target schools that you’re a top performer. Let’s get started!

Best TOEFL iBT Prep Courses of 2020

TOEFL Prep Courses magoosh toefl prep course bestmytest toefl review course english success academy toefl course testden toefl course edx toefl prep course review Kaplan TOEFL prep course
RANKINGS #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Company Magoosh BestMyTest English Success Academy testden edX Kaplan
PRICE RANGE $294 $39-$89 $156 $39-$169 $47+ $129 FREE $349 – $1,299
PRACTICE QUESTIONS 420+ 1,000+ NA 2,400 1,000+ 100-400
PRACTICE EXAMS 1 20 1 4 1 4-8
GUARANTEE 4+ Score Increase 7-15 Score Increase Higher Score 30 Day Money back N/A Higher Score
Email Support
Email Support Email Support, Personal Tutoring Email Support Email, Discussion Board Email Support
ONLINE ACCESS 1 Week – 6 Months 1 Week – 6 Months Lifetime 180 Days 13 Weeks 3 Months
MORE DETAILS Read Full Review Read Full Review Read Overview Read Overview Read Overview Read Overview
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#1: Magoosh TOEFL Review

Magoosh Online TOEFL Prep CourseOVERALL RATING:

Magoosh TOEFL Pros

Simple Navigation
The Magoosh TOEFL review course is really easy to navigate! The course’s clean and simple design makes the Magoosh TOEFL course super user-friendly, on both desktop and their mobile app.
Great Student Support
Contacting student support is a friendly and efficient process! The Magoosh TOEFL prep course student support team is knowledgeable and cordial as they answer your questions.
+4 Score Guarantee!
The Magoosh TOEFL is the best study-approach for your money! Go into the test confidently knowing Magoosh offers a +4 point score guarantee!
Affordable Pricing
Magoosh TOEFL also offers incredibly competitive pricing starting at $39 for one week of access and $89 for up to 6 months! I recommend getting the 6-month package.

Magoosh TOEFL Cons

Limited Time
Magoosh TOEFL also offers incredibly competitive pricing starting at $39 for one week of access and $89 for up to 6 months! I recommend getting the 6-month package.

Magoosh TOEFL Course Features

  • 330+ Practice questions
  • 330+ Explanation videos
  • 100+ Lesson videos
  • Student support messaging with Magoosh expert tutors

Who is This Course Best Suited For?

The Magoosh TOEFL prep course really does a great job at improving your score one step at a time. If you are a student looking for a course with lots of study-features that can help you with the most difficult concepts, Magoosh TOEFL is the course for you! The 1-week option is also great for those that want a quick study option before taking the TOEFL Exam.


#2: BestMyTest TOEFL Review

OVERALL RATING:Best My Test TOEFL Course review

BestMyTest Pros

Extremely Affordable:
The Best MyTest TOEFL review course is extremely affordable for even the most modest budget!
Flexible pricing options:
Users who study using this prep course will get flexible pricing options that are built to fit all timelines.
Learning tools:
Using the BestMyTest prep course also gives you access to the largest variety of learning tools and course materials.
+7 Point Score Guarantee
BestMyTest has the best score improvement guarantee of any TOEFL course on the market
BestMyTest Cons Poor Time Structure:
Studying with the week-to-week pricing structure isn’t worth it! Get the Best My Test review course with the 1 month or 6-month package for the most cost-efficient study approach. Depending on language proficiency, most test-takers will need to study for much longer than a single week.

BestMyTest Course Features

  • 4 reserved simulated TOEFL tests help
  • 15 practice tests
  • 40+ lessons
  • 400+ interactive exercises
  • 800+ practice questions
  • 1300+ vocabularies
  • Ask-an-Instructor help
  • Speaking reviews help
  • Writing reviews help

Who is This Course Best Suited For?

BestMyTest is really designed for those that need help with all four sections and vocabulary. If you are on a tight budget, looking for TOEFL review course with all the perks, but not wanting to break your bank, BestMyTest is the best option for you!


#3: English Success Academy TOEFL Review
english success academy toefl course


English Success Academy Pros

Section Flexibility
When it comes to TOEFL test preparation, you’ll want to have the flexibility that comes with the English Success Academy course! You can purchase sections for the entire TOEFL exam or buy specific TOEFL sections.
Unlimited Access!
Users get unlimited access! This is really important when you buy TOEFL study material.
Online Tutoring
The prep course comes with online tutoring (for an additional cost). TOEFL online practice might not be enough. If you need a hands-on approach with a live tutor, English Success Academy can support your learning!
Online Tutoring
The prep course comes with online tutoring (for an additional cost). TOEFL online practice might not be enough. If you need a hands-on approach with a live tutor, English Success Academy can support your learning!

English Success Academy Cons

No Guarantee
Go with your instinct with this TOEFL exam preparation, because unfortunately English Success Academy’s course does not come with a guarantee or refund.
No Free Trial
There is no free trial, so users have to stick with their decision!
No Instructor Feedback
Unless you pay extra for online tutoring, you won’t have access to instructor feedback. This can a roadblock for test-takers who need real-time feedback.

English Success Academy Prep Course Features:

  • Right Notes: 21 days to better note-taking at the TOEFL
  • The Advanced Speaking Guide for Scores of 26+
  • 24+ Writing Tutorial
  • Delta’s Key to the TOEFL Complete Skill Practice
  • Unlimited Access
  • Online tutoring options (for an additional cost)

Who is This Course Best Suited For?

The ESA is best for you if you need help with only one or two sections of the TOEFL. Because of English Success Academy’s flexibility, you can choose from four different mini-courses that focus on unique skills and sections of the test. Sections range from $47-117 each, so if you need help on all 4 sections, there are more budget-friendly options out there.

#4: TestDen TOEFL Review
testden toefl course


TestDen TOEFL Pros

Largest Number of Practice Questions
The TestDen TOEFL prep course has the most practice questions of all TOEFL sample tests! Walking into the TOEFL exam will feel more familiar after some rigorous study in the Test Den. You’ll have access to over 2,480 practice questions!
Great Refund Policy
The TestDen review course comes with a 30-day non-satisfaction refund policy!

TestDen TOEFL Cons

No Student Support
The Test Den TOEFL course has no student support options so if you’re not so great with IT this might not be the review course for you.
Limited Vocabulary Access
Users also will have limited assistance with vocabulary. So, brushing up on English diction with the Test Den TOEFL course might be challenging.
Outdated Software
Test Den’s TOEFL exam practice course has some outdated software issues.

Course Features

  • 6 months of access
  • 2,480 practice questions


Who is This Course Best Suited For?

If you have 3-6 months of time to prepare and want access to a large number of practice questions, Test Den is a good option. Even though the $129 price tag is slightly higher than other courses available, you will have access to 2,480 practice question, the most of any TOEFL exam prep course.

#5: edX TOEFL Review
edx toefl course


edX TOEFL Pros

100% Free!
The edX TOEFL course is 100% free! If you’re attempting to take the TOEFL test with a super small budget, edX is definitely a good way to go!
Step-by-step Instruction
If you need step-by-step instruction, you’ll get that with the edX prep course. This is especially important for pre-production English speakers who need intensive TOEFL preparation.
Discussion Boards
You can engage with the community through the edX discussion boards. You’ll find the rich information provided by real TOEFL test-takers who are using the same prep course as you are!

edX TOEFL Cons

Limited Features & Materials
Unfortunately, the edX TOEFL review course is limited in both features and materials. You might need to get creative with your study approach using this exam review.
No Time Flexibility
You will need to dedicate yourself to the full 13-week program. There is no flexibility so if you’re under a time-crunch you might want to opt for other TOEFL online courses.

edX TOEFL Prep Course Features

  • Archived test questions for you to practice with
  • Video lessons taught by expert instructors
  • Advice for all aspects of the TOEFL exam
  • Short quizzes
  • Collaborative discussion boards


Who is This Course Best Suited For?

This is a great course for those that are just beginning the TOEFL exam process. Since EdX is free, you can have access to study material for each section of the exam. The instructors will help you with old test questions and explanations that you will be able to understand. You will also get lots of advice like how to register for the exam and how to prepare for test day. However, if the 13-week course timeline isn’t a perfect fit, you’re better off with more flexible options like BestMyTest and Magoosh.

#6: Kaplan TOEFL Review
Kaplan TOEFL Test Prep


Kaplan TOEFL Pros

Adaptive Courses
This is one way to study smarter and not harder. Using a TOEFL online test with adaptive course features gives you unique guidance and ensures your studying the material you need to study. The material you have already mastered won’t be as prevalent as you make your way through the course.
Mobile-Enabled Videos
For users who like to study on the go during their daily commute or even on the couch will love using the Kaplan TOEFL review course. You can access material on mobile devices from a smartphone to a tablet!
High Score Guarantee
If you meet the criteria, test-takers will be eligible for Kaplan’s higher score guarantee! This gives English as Second Language test-takers more confidence taking and studying for the TOEFL IBT

Kaplan TOEFL Cons

Going with the Kaplan TOEFL prep course, you’re going to pay a considerable amount compared with other TOEFL online courses. This can be a drawback when you’re studying on a budget.

Kaplan TOEFL Prep Course Features

  • 194 instructor-led videos, self- paced for maximum flexibility
  • 4 full-length practice exams, made to simulate the actual test experience
  • Writing samples evaluated by Kaplan experts
  • 12+ hours of instructor-led video sessions with strategies for each section of the exam
  • Video explanations of 90+ practice problems and tasks
  • Course book with 100+ practice problems and tasks

Who is This Course Best Suited For?

If you’re willing to pay for Kaplan’s expensive TOEFL prep course, you will have plenty of videos, practice questions, and explanation to help you get a higher score. Kaplan ’s score guarantee states you will receive a refund if you don’t improve your score. However, other courses have similar features for a lower price and their guarantees have less fine print. You should choose Kaplan if money isn’t a factor for you and you want the highest quality course on the market.

What is the Best Online TOEFL iBT Course?

BestMyTest and Magoosh clearly offer the best combination of features and value when compared to other TOEFL iBT courses. Check out both and see which one best fits your needs.


Top 7 Best TOEFL iBT Prep Courses of 2020

Prep Courses
Course Feature Price Range
BestMyTest Most Comprehensive $35-$115
Magoosh Best Value $39-$89
English Success Academy Can Purchase
Individual Sections
Testden Most Practice Questions $129
EDX 13-Week Course FREE
Kaplan High Quality
Instructor-Led Videos
Testmasters Best Course Guarantee (+20 Points) $599
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